1. I agree. I was thinking about putting an asterisk on this post to make that clear, but it muddied the humor. May this reply show that I wish death upon nobody. But if death befalls someone because of an untested unproven mRNA "vaccine" they received and they advocated for vaccine mandates, vaccine passports, or alienation of myself and others who decided not to take the experimental covid jab...well I'd just say- excuse me if I seem glib...

  2. It’s “nasty” when it’s the vaxxed dying suddenly but it’s not “nasty” when it’s the unvaccinated not dying but they hope will die anyway.

  3. They'll find out, whether they die or not. Their friends will start dropping, or going to the hospital with heart problems, clotting problems, chronic breathing problems, child rearing problems, thyroid problems. These are all things that have popped up in my small group of friends/family in the past 6 MONTHS. Then open the obits and see young people dying suddenly or of a short battle with cancer.

  4. I just replied to someone that I don't really wish death upon the pro-vax people, but I can't say I'm gonna miss the zealots that wanted to force it on me if it turns out the jab is what did them in. It saddens me too when I see these stories about young athletes suddenly dying. So many of them too as of late. I've been a news junkie a long time and l swear that wasn't a thing until just recently.

  5. Most of them already regret their decision. They just won't admit it because they feel dumb. The sharp decline in the rate of vaccination for every new booster is the evidence.

  6. I wouldn't worry too much about the opinions of people that thought taking an untested unproven experimental mRNA "vaccine" was a great idea. Hopefully the experimental hastily rushed to market first of its kind mRNA non-immunity producing "vaccine" is perfectly safe. Only time will tell, and like it or not, we are all involved in a huge medical experiment now. Cause of death and health issues will be studied between two groups- the vaccinated and unvaccinated.

  7. I've been called antivaxer several times for speaking against just mandates. Fuck those people

  8. Read about a beautiful 19 year old swimming teacher dying of cardiac arrest. It's the young innocent ones who get me upset. And I wonder if this is really happening and going to happen to everyone I know who took it and it looks pretty grim. I have lost a lot in the past two years work and opportunity wise that people who took the jabs haven't. Stuff like this makes me pretty sure I made the right decision. But waiting is getting very old.

  9. Me: Hi vaccine is bad, and i say this because i care about you. Them: "Youre not a doctor" tirade. Where is the evidence, the source you provide is bad, and i dont like the evidence in the source! To many involved to be that bad! Me: Ive planted the seed, now it must be left alone to grow.

  10. Unironically this. They probably aren't going to get sick and die... probably. But as the pandemic and its draconian covid policies/mandates get further and further in the rearview mirror the vaxxer hysteria becomes less and less appropriate.

  11. Because if you don’t push back now and always they’ll take full advantage of your complacency to cheer on more authoritarianism

  12. Very true. I always wondered when someone has all of the money and power they could ever ask for why aren't they sipping margaritas on a beach somewhere? I think for many it is because of Ideas. Ideas bigger than themselves. So big they have multi generational timelines. The Ideas of these ultra rich and powerful people are not secret, and many of them are criminal, or not legally viable with the law as written today. Like a vampire entering a home, these ideas must be invited in, or in other words, have the complacency of the People. It's easier to have the citizenry beg to have laws changed and their rights taken away, rather than have their rights taken by force. What are some of these ideas? One of them is "not owning anything...and being happy", as a World Economic Forum protégé envisioned. You'll have access to a car and a place to live. Of course, WEF members will own very nice, and large homes. The WEF removed that article from their website. Another gem from the WEF is the Carbon Credit Card. They already exist. They allow you to keep track of your carbon footprint and choose a limit. So if you hit your monthly limit there will be no more purchasing shoes or food for you because they both have carbon footprints. Oh yea, EVERYTHING has a carbon footprint. So if the WEF is lucky the People will beg their governments to mandate carbon footprint limits on their citizens. Will members of the WEF have carbon footprint limits? Of course not! They all have private jets. How else would they get to the meeting where they decide what kind of future you will have? When a criminal plot is exposed do they just give up and say, "ok you got us. We'll stop it."? Or when actual crimes are proven and exposed do they admit guilt? No. Professional criminals never admit guilt and if you have something they want they will keep on trying to steal it. There may be setbacks, but you can't kill an Idea.

  13. They’ve literally put arsenic in baby formula. So long as the actuarial tables suggest a net profit they don’t care, and legal immunity makes that an easy bar to clear.

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