1. Only lost 2m of his 7.5m small intestine? What a wimp! He's lucky to not have died from C19! It would've been so much worse without the vaxxes! The benefits outweigh the risks and seeking compensation for damage from safe-and-effective elixirs, is a danger to our democracy that encourages vaccine hesitancy and fuels harmful, Russian-funded, Trump-endorsed conspiracy theories!

  2. This must be for show. One of the worst cases I've seen is local to me in Canada. This person was denied their claim within a week of submitting. This person also documents their brain injury daily and has a proven track record of being a well known business owner in our area for years before covid. They were very active in the community and 100% fine before their first jab and now they can barely walk. The damage happened within a day of their shot in early 2021. I follow them on FB and it's absolutely upsetting to see how their life has been ruined, and no one cares except their friends, family and FB followers. They even get anonymous death threats and told they're faking regularly from NPCs. I can't even imagine...

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