1. We still have something like 45,000 cases a week here. It's why I kept refreshing the CVS page starting Thursday night to find an appointment for the new booster. My wife and I are going in an hour to get them.

  2. You may feel like shit. Still worth it, as someone who had covid prior to there being a vaccine (before they even knew it was community spread), and being triple-vaxxed. Only got my sense of smell and taste mostly back maybe 6 months ago.

  3. I got three Pfizer. No issues. Recently got the old Moderna bc errbody was saying to switch em up. Moderna kicked my ass. Exactly 12 hours in almost to the minute, I was achy and sore. Had chills. You were smart to vax on the weekend just in case. I hope the new vax is less brutal. But tbf, I have friends who got Moderna and had no issues only to get Pfizer and go down for 24 hours. I think it should be expected. Hell, even my tetanus shot this year made me a bit achy for a few hours. Worth it, though. Would gladly do it again. If you don't mind, let us know how you feel in a bit. Good luck!! 👍

  4. I've all 4 Moderna shots, and each one made me feel like shit. So...good luck. However, as far as I know I also have never caught COVID, so I guess the suffering was worth it?

  5. There was a gap when they took the old booster off the website, before they put the new one up. There was no booster option listed.

  6. Just got over my first case of Covid August 6th. I have to wait (recommended 3 months) plus I’m swimming in antibodies right now as I had BA.5 and I’m already double boosted with my second booster about 4 month’s earlier. I’m good for now but will be getting the new booster at the end of October.

  7. Do I need 4 shots to get this one? I only had 3 so far, so you were supposed to be up-to-date to get them but a 4th wasn't available to my age group yet.

  8. My son and I got Covid around July 4, so we will wait the three month window and then get the new boosters. We were both vaxed and boosted, he did ok with it but it hit my old 45 year old ass hard.

  9. I was surprised my Moderna booster didn't give me even the slightest discomfort. Did you have any side-effects to Moderna?

  10. Not at all. It's as if covid doesn't and never did exist here. No precautions or measures at all. People sick and coughing openly like back in the day when colds were all there was.

  11. Florida brushing everything under the rug was one of the top examples of lack of rules "working." So yeah confirmation is worthwhile.

  12. I'd just like to say, right above this post I got a Ron DeSantis ad. Real divine coincidence type deal.

  13. Here in Florida the doctors and nurses at a major health network do not wear masks. Our family member went to the otolaryngologist, who is part of HealthFirst Florida, and the nurse practitioner who was within inches of the patient did not wear a mask. The other specialists in Brevard County (where NASA, Blue Origin, and SpaceX launch rockets) also are not wearing masks. Need to see a ophthalmologist specialist at the Eye Institute about possible eye surgery? The jam packed waiting room full of patients without masks ( and coughing) plus the entire staff including the doctors will not wear masks to mitigate Covid19 spread. I asked them to wear a mask and they said they were “following cdc guidelines.”

  14. I know multiple people who, in reaction to the pandemic, moved to Florida… and more than one has bragged about how great it is that the medical staff down there doesn’t fuss about PPE.

  15. In Illinois, at least where I live, masks are required in the waiting room, and nurses and doctors wear masks during the examination. I went to the chiropractor a couple weeks ago, and although masks were not worn in the waiting room, the chiropractor wore a mask.

  16. Yes. We are terrified of going to the dentist. No masks anywhere. I called all over. I mean they will wear a mask when they clean your teeth or do a procedure, but otherwise they walk around with no mask meaning you are exposed to everyone‘s germs from them not wearing masks when you have to take yours off for your cleaning. Or dental work. Absolutely insane. At least at a regular doctor‘s office, you can wear your mask, except like you said, at the Ent etc. there will be no end of the variants and the end of this virus with people out here wilding and partying like it’s 1999.

  17. Ive got next weekend to spend in Brevard and i am flying in. trip number 9 or so and so far i've dodged the bullets but this trip may be the one that gets me. Florida is wild af about covid. Glad i moved.

  18. Correct me if I'm misunderstanding the cdc guidelines but I thought that masks are optional (as in personal choice) IF FULLY VACCINATED and BOOSTERED (caps for emphasis only). Personally doubt the waiting room had a single vaxed patient but I'm spooked with the medical staff's almost flippant response.

  19. surgical masks dont protect you, if you want to protect yourself then wear an N95 and ignore everyone elses stupidity

  20. The weird thing is that he only won by like 30k votes or something and almost triple that many people have died from covid. Meanwhile he's telling college students to "stop wearing masks for COVID theater"

  21. Haven’t really paid attention to the Desantis ads on YouTube I sometimes see but I sure get the impression that Desantis has a family and I think it’s telling something might happen to them if I don’t vote for him.

  22. As much as this headline (and the part of the article I read) agrees with my strongly-held ideological priors... why in the fuck are they using raw death counts, instead of adjusting those figures per capita?

  23. Because it’s clickbait. Obviously the state with the largest elderly population in the country has the most deaths. Once adjusted for age and per capita all states look similar.

  24. I wish they'd give more data here, such as what age group is dying at higher rates, etc. Still, according to data on NYT website, we're losing about 500 people per day, which adds up to a rather steep number per month. That's held for several months as far as I've seen.

  25. My wife went to FL for work and i told her before she went she was coming back with Covid. Sure enough, she tested positive two days later and now i have it. 🤒

  26. They can solve this problem the same way they solved the global warming issue- make it illegal to discuss in the media or government documents.

  27. 1 out of every 275 people have died..compared to the whole US which is closer to 1 out of 800. Edit sorry 1 out of 400 for the US. The stat I used was from deaths in the last year.

  28. Florida also has a huge population of old people. So, it makes sense, as it hits the older population harder.

  29. Before you get all political, remember that something like 80% of the deaths have been from the elderly. And what state is retirement-central?

  30. It would be interesting to know the age statistics of deaths. Florida is also known as a retirement place.

  31. COVID isn’t allowed in Florida. It doesn’t sit well with the image and can’t be included in the brochures as a major attraction…

  32. Florida is leading in number of deaths for the past few months but not overall since the start of that pandemic. Overall deaths since the beginning are in the exact order of population for the top 3 states- California, Texas, and then Florida.

  33. Right but with that in mind, the state and most of its population are not doing anything to protect that larger than average percentage of elderly living here. Those other states are still acknowledging that COVID exists. Here, business were threatened if they enforced a mask policy or vaccine requirement by the state government.

  34. Third, and maybe not for long at this rate. At what point are they far enough down the list that leading in deaths, despite not leading in population, becomes meaningful for you? As far as I'm concerned, there's no excuse other than poor decision making for it to be anything other than a one to one relationship. We're all in the same country with access to the same medical technology.

  35. Just look at the counties where Marjorie Taylor Green represents. Everything around use is mid to low transmission but not us. Education matters folks.

  36. So if you live in Florida, are you ok with this? Have you invented some sort of explanation that lets you sleep ok? Or are you doing whatever you can to change the leadership in your state and vote in some sanity?

  37. You should see the redistricting, pulling up drop off ballot boxes, a new militia to monitor D precincts for “fraud”. The fix is in. Maybe if tons of people who didn’t vote before get out there. Maybe

  38. The explanation is the demographics of the state... Have you invented a new type of data analysis where risk factors don't matter?

  39. At this point leadership doesn't even matter. The whole country is open and without restrictions (rightfully). Covid isn't going away. People aren't masking and social distancing forever. It is what it is.

  40. They lead the nation in old people too. It isn’t really a surprise. They likely lead the country in flu deaths every year to.

  41. So we're not taking the old population onto consideration at all? Also covid isn't the main cause of death even... Its a co-morbidity

  42. Every time I read a headline like this concerning Florida, I hear the Curb your enthusiasm them song in my head .

  43. DeSantis IS just like Trump.....killing his citizens instead of leading them with smart , informed , science-based proof that would help everyone.....!

  44. It’s sad to think the real numbers are almost certainly higher as a result of political pressure to downplay the pandemic.

  45. That’s a stupid assertion. We moved to Florida a year ago and everyone around me is a super spreader. It was not like this in Arkansas. I sit next to two anti-vaxxers at work and in 3 months, they’ve brought Covid into the office 3 times. They’re both under the age of 40. No one distances in public. I can’t get through a checkout line without someone standing less than a foot behind me. No one stopped going to big, populated events. The governor berated school children for wearing a mask to prevent infection from HIM. People are more concerned with their feelings than the death toll here in Florida. That’s what I have witnessed through the actions I’ve seen non-elderly Floridians take.

  46. Shouldn't really come as a surprise when they have the highest amount of old people in any state. More than like 80% of all deaths are aged 65+

  47. This is the third year in a row with headlines about Florida in September. Coming up soon is no headlines in December when Florida has the lowest rate and new York has the highest rate.

  48. Well, that's one way for the Dems to get the majority of votes. By republicans without vaccine dying out. No, I don't wish anyone to die or harm. It's just a satirical joke of life.

  49. no you're right from a statistical point of view I can't wait for the elections. The votes don't lie so it's going to give us a really good picture of what's going on. 2024 more so as its a very big election.

  50. Disney is a cesspool, I went there and it was unclean and everyone coughing literally in your face, everyone breathing so close to you they might as well kiss you ewww im not going again, hate myself for even going in the first place and I got covid after avoiding all this time, im so stupid.

  51. Makes the stupid ads I get on youtube about fucks thanking DeSantis for the “freedom” gained even more stupid and irritating

  52. In their infinite intelligence, Washington state's movie theaters just had a $3 movie weekend. I went. I know. Masked and boosted and such. Unfortunately almost everyone else was unmasked and the whole Mall's parking lot was jam packed. Also, some grade A person was auditably sick and on his last breath during the movie I watched. So 7 days... let's see how many of us movie goers survive this one.

  53. This wasn’t specific to WA state. This was a nation wide promotion for National Cinema Day. To your point we’ll see how many movie goers nationwide get sick.

  54. Florida is not the worst. Do the math deaths per million. Florida about 14 behind NJ and not far from NY. Blame Desantis make it political when it doesn’t make a difference. it’s a worldwide problem. Why should I let a politician give me medical advise. I listen to my doctor. Besides I had Covid twice. Vaxed and boosted did not make a difference.

  55. The first part of this title has nothing to do with the last. I understand the sentiment but it’s a weird way to say that. They could have the highest deaths even during a surge, why would it be different when total cases go down….?

  56. COVID is running rampant through my work right now. I had it at the beginning of August, and now we are up to 17 others catching since me. We have around 120 employees total.

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