1. yep. really nice floor tile for a playroom, huge space and tall ass ceilings and double french doors that go out to grass and a bougainvillea garden..definitely in the millions.

  2. I remember when my niece was still young, we all (her mom, my other sister & I) played hide and seek in the dark after she asked if we would play with her. In anticipation, I proceeded to change into my black hoodie & black sweatpants for camouflage. When it was her turn to seek, I stood in the kitchen next to the dark black cabinets. My niece proceeded to find both my sisters, and they helped her look for me. They kept walking by me none the wiser. Eventually they gave up and called out for me while still wandering the house. I only answered them when they were all next to me in the kitchen.

  3. As a kid, during a game of outdoor hide and seek, I hid facedown in an empty field and literally no one found me. They stopped the game to find me after it got dark and they had to start using flashlights. I just didn't move and I was just wearing a drab color to match the dehydrated grass. Still one of my favorite memories to this day.

  4. Yep, the eyes of most living things are designed to track movement, as things that move are things that either want to kill you, or things that you want to kill

  5. When I used to play hide and go seek in the dark with my sisters I would literally just go into a corner and curl up like I was a pile of clothes. Worked 9 times out of 20. Would be 10 out of 10 if the one percent I didn't get stepped on

  6. Came here to comment this. When the kids' playroom is giant and looks lavish even with toys all over the place...

  7. Yeahhh. I’m a mom too and those ball pits alone are super expensive. Everything about this room is 💰💰💰

  8. Yeah there are a lot of rural areas in France where you can get nice houses with a garden and swimming pool for barely 200-300k. And they would look just like this one. Not saying this is cheap but a couple with a 30-40k salary can easily pay for that.

  9. That's French top 20%, living outside Paris. House is real lavish indeed, but nothing mind-blowing. Welfare state at its prime

  10. Not insanely rich. This is Europe so the architecture isn't uncommon and there's and unfinished light switch by the entrance. Based on this, the toys, and the yard I'd guess a six-figure yearly household income. Maybe 200k?

  11. colors suggest it's some insta mom. all their houses are painted in these vibrant off-white and beige colors. at least they allowed the kids some pops of color but it all reminds me of

  12. She has mastered the ability of standing so incredibly still, that she become invisible to the eye

  13. That’s a fuckin’ big-ass room. When we played hide-and-seek, we had the good ole cupboard underneath the sink or some damn curtains that didnt even cover our feet that we’re sticking out. Smh

  14. Best time for hide and seek was every time we moved (which was about every year) because me and my siblings would have never seen the place before, so those first games of hide and seek were as real as they’d ever get.

  15. Apparently I’ve grown cynical because I watch a video like this and all I can think is “damn these people are rich”.

  16. My mom was putting away sheets in the linen closet once and she let me climb underneath them while she took an unusually long time to finish the chore. No one found me, I was so proud of that secret team up bc they asked her many many times if she had seen where I went and she stood true. One of only a few really connected moments with mom, a really good one.

  17. Right? Was looking for this comment, every one is talking about how rich they must be and all I saw was her hair.

  18. Soooo we not gonna talk about this nice fucking kids play room and the outside view???? Imagine the rest of the house.

  19. I can get the gist of what they’re saying through context, but I fully understand that laugh. Laughter is universal and I love it

  20. They're pretty common and have been for many years. I had one from IKEA when I was a kid similar to this. Kids enjoy pretending they're doing household chores.

  21. I was always skinny growing up, and I was able to hide on the top shelf of our hallway closet behind all the bottles and stuff we put up there. Also behind my drawers that were part of my bed frame (twin size), there was a lot of extra space in there.

  22. I wish I could watch this post but Reddit’s video player sucks and has decided I am done watching things for now

  23. When my siblings and I were kids we played hide and seek tag with our neighbor at night. I was wearing all black. Since I was "It" I straight up just laid down spread eagle on the ground and waited till someone got impatient and started moving. The neighbor kid walked past me and I grabbed his leg yelling "You're it!" He ended up peeing his pants I scared him so.

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