1. It's not dead, we just have an identity split going on, and I'm not sure exactly what the sides are but it feels like we are being factionized against each other.

  2. This same type of article was posted in 2016 before the election when Clinton was expected to crush Trump. The thinking if I recall was the party was split due to the tea party pushing it right but we know how that ended.

  3. We are… The establishment has decided that they’re going to pit Trump supporters against DeSantis supporters

  4. I mean you have Conservatives and Maga Populists who keep losing, the GOP bet poorly, if you can't see that you need to open your eyes.

  5. I’m fairly certain we’ll get the house. Just California, Colorado, Nevada, and Arizona all taking their sweet time counting ballots.

  6. Ultimately, it would be best for both parties AND the American People to implement term limits on senators and members of Congress. That, however, is unlikely to happen because the only individuals who could do this are the same people who would be limited. Next to this, the People would have to impose limits on those they send to Washington by refusing to support career, self-interested politicians who care more about their own fortunes than ours. That's not about to happen either, but it would be wise for the People to understand what's happening, why, and move on from McConnell and this blind obsession with Trump. Times change. Adapt.

  7. It wouldn't be good for the parties. They enrich themselves off the fighting; it's how they promote fundraising. Opening up the playing field would shift that money to third-party candidates and lessen the pool of RNC/DNC funds to funnel around in different races. Each party would lose power and money, which is the opposite of what they want.

  8. I think a better thing for America would be ranked-choice voting so parties can stop infighting and actually specialize their positions, and negotiate coalitions to legislate. Right now our best case is making a compromise inside your own party on who you want to make compromises with the other party, and it sucks so hard.

  9. There’s a reason Washington didn’t like the idea of parties, hell, he’s gotten a few things right before he left office in his message, dude was a literal psychic.

  10. The biggest danger is that everyone (I guess me including) starts to do post mortem on elections and some get it completely wrong. And those who get it wrong might have very loud voices only confusing us further.

  11. Yeah, most powerful nation in history can’t even determine who holds power in the House. Mail in voting needs to be abolished except for very specific reasons, like active duty military.

  12. Dems were literally pouring money into MAGA primary candidates, because they gambled (correctly) that they'd be easier to beat in the general.

  13. This was a failure but to call the party dead us a farce. The party needs to re-examine the states they lost and why and get better candidates with better messaging. Trump and the GOPs love/hate is now over so that should free up the candidates. Plus two more years of Dems wrecking the country will help

  14. How is it dead? Especially in Nevada didn't the republicans win the governorship in that state? Weird way to say the winners lost.

  15. This isn't true. Democrats didn't win either. This country is just split down the middle with a bunch of tribalists that elect dead people and some mixed bag conservatives.

  16. Roe was a major loss for us. There is only a small faction that believes that should have been reversed.

  17. Unless we also get in on the early ballot game to compete for those early votes. Yeah Republicans tend to vote more on the actual day; this is what makes more sense. But if we lost a place like PA, where their early voting actual got a dead state rep elected, we got to compete as well; why should all the dead officials being elected only be Dems?

  18. In Kansas, Dennis Pyle ran as an Independent but is really Republican and had zero chance of winning. He pulled just enough votes away from Derek Schmidt that we ended up with Democrat Kelly winning a second term. Fucking pisses me off. Pyle ran on a very conservative ballot and ran negative ads against Schmidt, but nothing against Kelly. It’s almost like Pyle was planted by the Dems, but history shows Pyle has been a life-long far right Republican.

  19. I agree, mail in ballots are here to stay, the democrats will sweep from this point forward. It’s unlikely republicans will be able to re-brand themselves anytime soon to appeal to younger voters.

  20. With the ongoing fraud allegations and constant issues in these states, plus GA, the GOP leaders should be all over this and vocally showing their disapproval towards the broken processes we continue to see.

  21. It’s better if we lose now. Things aren’t about to get better. And in two years, any hope of winning the white house are going to come from not being blamed for the next two years of things going wrong. Though, we’ve been near a fine line of not being able to win again for a while. Permanent democrats outnumber permanent republicans almost two to one and have for my entire life. And the country/media is only getting more blue.

  22. Nope, the establishment Republicans like McConnell and Graham need to go though. They lost due to mass mail in and drop box voting again. Republicans need to push hard against it to get it removed. Until then, the democrats will always get the advantage due to the fraud that can occur...

  23. The republican party is split. The vast majority wants conservative America first candidates. A small minority wants to continue being ashamed of the base, lying about being conservative to get elected, then governing as democrat lite.

  24. I have zero doubt fraud absolutely okayed a part in those states. But hawley is right. The old GOP leadership is no better than democrat leadership at this point. These snakes in the grass may be worse.

  25. Both the RNC and DNC are some of the most nefarious corporations imo. I often prefer candidates who they don’t back, with the major exception of the socialists successfully infiltrating the dems

  26. Millennials and Gen Z were underestimated. These two groups have been educated with a progressive agenda in public schools. They're willing to accept a poor economy and inflation to meet their goals. They will have to live with their decision. If times get hard enough they'll want to make a change. How long will that take? They are used to instant gratification.

  27. Honestly I’m at the point where this is slightly necessary to reset for a big push in 2024. The dems are getting what they want, and we here know it’ll be another two years of fucking nothing positive. 2024 will be the real red wave as people realize they can’t blame republicans for everything. That’s part of what happened in 2016

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