1. I worked as a math grader for the past couple of semesters and really enjoyed it. I got to work on my own schedule really and grading itself is not bad at all. However they do prefer math majors but I was not one and still got a job.

  2. Math faculty here! If math is a subject that interests you and you earned an A in a specific math course, then I’d definitely encourage you to apply, even if you’re not a math major! Even though majors get first preference, there is often still a need for extra course support. In fact, all of my TAs/graders this semester were non-math majors.

  3. I worked as a mentor with the PEER/WISE program and it was super fun and rewarding. They also hire tutors for various STEM subjects.

  4. I worked for four years at the library on the 3rd floor. Bosses were great and super flexible! I was a work study though, so not sure of their hiring process.

  5. If you are able to do work study, the botanical gardens are a great place to work the boss is amazing and always understanding. You basically just have to run the gift shop.

  6. I worked in operations for Campus Reservations and Events. It’s a great job with flexible hours. The people are great to work with and there’s a lot of down time that you can use to get homework done.

  7. The Brooks Center was my favorite on campus job! The downside is it isn't a ton of hours, going one to two days a week for a couple of hours and then picking up show shifts. The pluses though are the people are the best on campus, you can work on homework during the day shifts, and it is really just a chill place to work.

  8. If you're eligible for Federal Work Study, I'm currently hiring a student employee to help me over in Records Management doing record pickups among other things. DM me if you'd like more info!

  9. Look into the UPIC program, they have lots of on campus jobs that would also be good resume boosters depending on your field.

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