1. How else could they choose besides finding something that makes sense to them and aligns with their values?

  2. Perhaps OP is asking why people let their political beliefs shape their denomination rather than letting their denomination shape their political views.

  3. The first 2 examples you gave was someone picking their denomination because it lines with their theological understanding not politics

  4. My church is more left of me for sure and I think that is very healthy. Not that politics is ever preached but in terms of when we pray globally.

  5. I keep my political and religious views as separate as possible. I chose the churches I attend because i believe they best align with the gospel of Christ and I’m comfortable with the congregations there.

  6. There is one and only one reason for a person to choose a church. That is, does its teachings align with the Bible. Politics should have absolutely nothing to do with it. A church that preaches politics instead of Christ cannot really be said to be Christian.

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