1. That was legal drinking age in the state I lived at the time. I went to the bar next to my apartment, where I had been a regular for a little more than 2 years. They were PISSED; not my fault they didn't check my ID. Owner let me and a couple friends drink as much as we wanted that night but could NEVER tell anyone my real age.

  2. Just another day. Just remember it because my brother was late picking me up from the mall and instead of asking me why I was on the bench so long, security called 911 on me and they pulled up guns drawn and pointed at me

  3. I worked on my 21st birthday. My boss was really cool and had someone drive me to a bar nearby under the guise of getting change that we needed. I believed him because we had done this previously. Well, when I got there, the bartender poured a shot and brought it over to me. My boss had paid for me to have a couple of beverages to finish off my shift.

  4. I wanted to celebrate it with friends, but alas I literally had (and still have) no friends at all. So on the day, I just went out to eat with family.

  5. Took ecstasy for the first time and watched a guy high on dilaudid drive his car into the house we were partying in. I don't miss that life. It was 25 years ago.

  6. Back in the day, it was kind of inconsequential. We could drink and go to war by 18 then, so it was just another birthday. Just be safe and know your limits.

  7. Yeah, based on the comments here, that seems to be the case still. I'm surprised that more people don't make a huge deal out of it, based on common expectations established in U.S. culture and the media.

  8. I was on vacation with family. They wanted to get me some drinks cause it was the legal age for me, went to Dave and Busters and had fun, learned a bit about Pool.

  9. Pretty sure it was just another normal day of college classes. I think I did any "celebrating" the weekend prior, which was just me leaving campus for home and relaxing. I was pretty low maintenance back then.

  10. It was just a normal work day for me. I had morning tea at a cafe near where i worked at the time with some coworkers and didn't really do much to celebrate after work. But to be fair where I live it's turning 18 that's the big deal not 21

  11. My 21st birthday was not very exciting; I was at college with my under-21 gf. We went to our favorite dinner place and I had a couple drinks. Pretty bland.

  12. My high school Lacrosse coach was a bartender on the weekends. We always had a good relationship, my mom had been the head of the founding booster club, and I had agreed to coach the youth feeder team for this guy in college so he had become a family friend by the time I turned 21. We - my mom and stepdad, some family friends, and I - went to his bar in downtown Atlanta. I asked him to make me something good and he made me something he called "swamp juice". Looked nasty as heck but tasted pretty good!

  13. I had my results on my birthday so decided to go off the grid. Breakfast with parents then linch with college friends and then dinner with school friends and then checked my results at 11pm and fortunately i had passed. Indeed a good day

  14. I went to dinner with family. My mother and aunt LOVED getting me drunk. Later that week, my brother took me out drinking and I wound up puking on his now ex wife’s door.

  15. My 21st birthday was on 9/11... I don't live in the US, but it put a damper on my celebrations. I did, however, drink vodka from a bottle with my friends, while playing volley ball with a skirt and no panties or bra.... fun, drunk times

  16. Three Mile Island Incident occurred on my 21st. I lived less than 21 miles away so all plans were moot. Mostly listened to the radio and talked about leaving as I recall.

  17. Wanted to make it “memorable” .Hosted a party at my apartment, took 21 shots of tequila back to back . I blacked out 30 mins later and party was over .. woke up not remembering anything at all and confused . So much to wanting to remember haha

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