1. They will TEAR YOU APART if you post something this naive here though!!! You HAVE TO RESEARCH. This is a great sub but for SEARCHING not for asking day 1 questions ❣️

  2. You have to add a bank account (or other payment method) and decide if you want your page to be subscription or free. Once you do that it will let you Make your account 18+. With subscription fans will have to pay at least 4.99 for access to any of your page. With free you can still do extras and sell items but fans can scroll your page for free.

  3. I did about 6 months of research before starting my SW page. From the wording of your post due a lot more research before you start posting! Figure out rules for everything, advertising styles, dangers, and kinks that you can sell that you are comfortable with. I’ve reached out to many SWs on Reddit that have helped me with starting this journey. Please be safe and don’t get taken advantage of though

  4. Yes so much this. I did soo much research before making an account. Through my research I actually decided to use Fansly instead of OF lol

  5. Once you add a bank account you can accept payment and there is no traffic getting fans is up to you. You have to advertise your onlyfans in order to get subs :)

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