1. Yes! I was super active before but I’m now 6 weeks out and slowly building muscle back with long walks and yoga. Being sedentary zaps muscle SO fast.

  2. I’ve been completely debilitated from long covid for over a year now. So yes I get it. Don’t do ANYYYU form of strenuous exercise. Covid is a vascular disease. I was in the best shape of my life when I caught covid, now I can’t do much of anything at all. So I recommend rest and healthy eating.

  3. I would recommend backing off from the HIIT and taking it easy for a month. Listen to your body. In the long run, it's better to be delayed on your workouts for a month than to end up getting long covid for a year. And apparently everyone on this thread is suggesting that strenuous activity is a trigger for long covid. Let your body heal, eat super healthy, and slowly increase the intensity of your workouts. good luck.

  4. I’m 25, and it’s been about two weeks since I started testing negative and feeling better, and I can’t play or practice on my drums for more than a few minutes before getting tired, and it’s causing me breathing troubles at night when I exert myself too much. COVID sucks.

  5. I’ve heard anecdotally that you shouldn’t do any intense exercise for 6 weeks after getting COVID. Even if you no longer have symptoms, your body is still dealing with having the disease

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