1. The movement buff was the icing on the cake. Really pushed vanguard weapons into a tier of its own. I agree that the way weapons are blocked off and difficult to level makes people less likely to return.

  2. WW2 weapons are just objectively better than newer ones. There’s a reason we beat the Germans. Just wait until CoD: Civil War.

  3. Don't forget the movement becoming apex legends x2, noone I've played with that's came back has stuck around because of it, noone wants to see milsim skins on ice skates jumping 300ft after a slide. Games going to bleed players until it's niche like TitanFall 2 if they aren't careful.

  4. So, I actually used to despise Fortnite, but I recently installed it because of the no build mode, and I can say truthfully I enjoy it more than I enjoy the current state of cod. Which, are words I honestly never thought I’d say.

  5. i dont like the skins but they haven't made anyone i know stop playing - our experiences can be different though

  6. 50mil people bought the game , online players are around 1.5-2.5 million depending on the time you play ...

  7. Wait at some point was warzone slower paced movement wise? Asking because I only started playing about 4 months ago

  8. The skins and operators are not a problem... It's cod. CODWW2 (Wich by the way is in the same universe as vanguard, so it's in the same as warzone) also has unrealistic skins.

  9. I cannot believe they're still doing this so blatantly, I'm in complete agreement. It's so painful how they just keep doubling down on these horribly predatory tactics. I'm saying this as a completionist - I already have the Marco 5 and Blixen atomic but all I want to do is be able to use different guns every few games.

  10. TBH I don’t care that much about these tactics because it’s a free to play game and they’re trying to make money. But the Vanguard weapons feel like a slap in the face because they’re all so samey and boring. With MW I could fuck around with a thermal scope or an under barrel grenade launcher to spice things up a bit. Because of the era every Vanguard weapon has the same (lack of) customisation and grinding a new one just because the devs decided to tweak some stats around is just a dull way to spend my time.

  11. It’s been close to a year since I last played this game, and I don’t really miss it. It’s Fortnite light, and how the hell are WWII weapons better than all the current modern weaponry? I can’t support such irrational cash-grab logic.

  12. This. My connection is really bad, and I’m like a legit second behind everyone else. It’s super annoying, I can only use the meta weapons or sniper rifles or it’s impossible to outgun. Literally even shooting first and not missing, I hardly win the gunfights. It’s not my lobbies. Most people don’t put maneuver me or anything. 100% connection, hit reg, and time to kill.. zero competition in that :/.

  13. I don't mind leveling that much but it takes WAY TOO LONG unlocking 83 scopes where I would be using max 2 of them...so clueless.

  14. I think I counted 18 scopes for the Marco last night... so dumb. Also max level on MW guns were in the 50's, now everything is 70. Gave up on trying to unlock the Blixen too, will be nerfed by the time I finish the challenge.

  15. I remember way back during MW there were only challenges to unlock weapons if you didn't get them by unlocking through the battlepass the season they dropped. I dont know if they did that throughout MW or if they started the challenges sooner, but at least before season 4 this was the case.

  16. I can’t wait for Warzone 2. This game needs to be about playing smart positions, winning gunfights by angles, firepower and accuracy, and managing your resources.

  17. Yeah my buddy wanted to play the other night. I hopped in for 1 night. But what turned me off is the over saturation of everything. There are hundreds of weapon choices. And the attachments are insane now. It just turns me off. I can’t use the guns I have leveled up from MW and Comd War and expect to compete with TTV idiot who never stopped playing.

  18. I’ve returned to Warzone the last few days after playing Apex Legends the past six months and I have to admit the new map is a lot of fun. Resurgence is really the most fun version of Warzone. Not sure how long it will last because I feel Apex Legends is still a more polished game.

  19. I wouldn't use those man. Pick up pretty much any other ground loot AR like the NZ, and ground loot SMG like the blixen. STG and MP40 are pretty awful now.

  20. Resurgence mode has been around for awhile now and it is hands down the most fun. Maybe wins don’t feel quite as earned but it’s great for all skill levels because as long as you aren’t completely inept, you have a good chance to come back at least once.

  21. Yeah I'd love to start playing warzone again, but the vanguard weapons are the barrier for entry for me. I'm an adult with a career and other hobbies. I don't have time to level up vanguard guns AND play warzone

  22. Trying to become apex legends but with less balance, less optimization, more bugs and more hackers lol. Bad look currently

  23. I agree with this. I don’t play anymore because I don’t have time to level vanguard weapons and play Warzone. When I do play Warzone I have no chance against the best vanguard guns. So I don’t play.

  24. If everyone's on controller then at least the input is a level playing field, just cannot compete with controller on PC due to the fov and frame difference. Console only crossplay really needs to be a thing for WZ2 and let PC be PC like every other fps

  25. It's going to lose current players too. My team was having more fun than ever since the caldera launch right prior to this patch. The movement plus the nerfing of all ARs not the NZ killed it. We didn't even play a full night last night... Here's hoping they fix it quickly.

  26. this is why I only stick to my MP40 and XM4 load out. There the guns im best with and metas change every single week!! So Why spend a few days leveling and maxing out lets say the NZ41 By the time I get all the need Attachements The meta has shifted and the NZ41 is no longer king. So stupid.

  27. so many complaints but at the same time i see so many store skins across all the game modes.😂

  28. Returning OG player here. I uninstalled the game 2 months ago and reinstalled for Fortunes Keep. I agree the meta is terrible rn and in dire need of a re-balancing. Having said that, I think I can put up with it until October (only because of FK).

  29. I'm a casual player. I tried Fortune's Keep when it first dropped. I got shat on so hard by bought VG guns that it visibly frustrated me.

  30. Every new season since CW integration they have super OP busted weapons. Then after a month, they shyly acknowledge there's a problem, then take another month to half fix it. A couple of weeks later, some other BS weapon comes up as ultra busted.

  31. For me the biggest issue is that the game is literally almost unplayable. My performance had been getting noticeably worse around the time of the Cold War integration season after season until eventually it got to the state where I literally can't get more than 15 fps on my 1080ti and my ping is always over 100 and ever 30-60 seconds jumps to over 400 and my frames drops to maybe 5 at best. This is only in Warzone regardless of map and game mode, multiplayer, campaign and spec ops all play fine with 60+ fps and ~30 ping. Other games like Destiny also run just fine.

  32. Your casual-gaming-friends aren't bringing money to the game. They need to be served to people that actually bring money to the game, so they can have fun and stay.

  33. I honestly think they should create a new BR with every game and let us last for 2 years. If you wanna move into the next games BR you do it, if not you stay.

  34. I played with a bunch of people last two days who came back after a long hiatus, many of them were not having a good time if they didn’t have the NZ leveled up or meta SMG with taped grip.

  35. I’m sure they do it so they can get people to buy the latest cod to level up guns faster. I voiced my opinion by not giving them money, the only thing they care about.

  36. they're clearly trying to squeeze as much money as they can out of VG/WZ - much to the detriment of the players

  37. the point is many people want to continue using the 50+ weapons that they already have unlocked, levelled up and gotten camos for without being punished for using them

  38. Nobody wants to chase contracts around in plunder for three hours just to level up a weapon that will be nerfed in two weeks.

  39. Warzone is its own thing... I agree. But that doesn't mean there can't be the same format of when seasons change old guns/perks go away and a new sets are introduced. Remember when it was two TOTALLY different games (MW and BO) and they would alternate release??? That was actually awesome and super fun. Always something new and challenging. Its just my opinion, I'm old school like that. My personal opinion only but... game would have less glitches, and people would still keep playing.

  40. as a f2p game and for how much they try to cater to the casual and level the playing field, there is zero reason for weapon levels in warzone imo. every attachment should be automatically unlocked for everyone vs giving the people with extra time/desire to go through the leveling process and then give them a very obvious advantage over everyone who doesnt. this post is a good example for why new people are deterred from getting into or back into warzone

  41. I think continuing to reward people who plunk down $20 - $100 for automatic upgrades, skins, and better weapons without doing anything will always cause a drop in a game's user base. I've prestiged to hell and back in each season, but I can't unlock the perks I "unlocked" by leveling up unless I pay.

  42. The weapon leveling is the biggest problem. I got vanguard for free and I still just couldn’t bring myself to level anymore guns. Sorry, but I’m not getting 4,000 kills with one gun just so I can get the best attachments, just not gonna do it, way too time consuming. With MWII, they need to adjust weapon leveling: keep weapon max levels low, give us higher weapon XP per kill, and just don’t make it a fucking 9-5 job to level weapons. Shit is just too much.

  43. I think they have given up on that now. They only want people who are playing all the time being good at this game and they want all you to buy vangaurd sooo you can level up their shitty guns faster. Pathetic really isn't it?

  44. It’s faster to upgrade guns on plunder than vanguard lol. Only reason to buy vanguard is if you want cammos. Which I never cared much about.

  45. Upvoted. My friends and I play a variety of games. We laugh about how badly Activision studios treat their player base. Horrible glitches stay for months, trash battle pass items, greed store, menu issues, lag spikes, and rampant cheating in every single game. Some cheaters have ties to Activision 😆 RIP Warzone 2042. Bro even Fortnite has Darth Vader as a free BP skin. Warzone gives you a gold 1960's hockey goalie.LOL

  46. This is definitely my 3 friends and I, we played the original WZ religiously, but really can’t be motivated to get back into it since Vanguard, none of us have the time to grind out all new weapons. I’m fine with MW / CW weapons not being top tier, but they should be usable, not totally boxed out by VG

  47. Let’s not forget they put snipers into the ground for no reason. So now you can run smg and ar most of the time. With that being said I feel like sniper support is out the window cause you need a gun that melts with 7 meters. At least the Mw and CW guns you had like the Aug and Milano were viable close to mid range.

  48. I agree with you from someone who stopped playing a few months ago, I came back for fortunes keep and I really like the map but came to the conclusion that I hate using vangaurd guns. Thay don't feel like the cw and mw guns which to me look and feel superior in comparison but shoot peas Instead of bullets now.

  49. I’ve given up on grinding to level up new guns. I have no interest in vanguard or it’s guns. Quite enjoying MW m13 and crossbow just now. ☺️

  50. Giving "wallhack" abilities (snapshot/combat scout), giving huge motion boosts (stims, boosts and now this new attachment that makes you like Sonic), no recoil/laser-beam guns and specifically making VG weapons OP in all categories has turned this game into a joke.

  51. Been on apex, halo. When I came back to see the new map I logged off after 2 games. The 80 fov mde me want to vomit.

  52. I haven't played in a few weeks and I kinda don't want to go back. Every fucking patch I have to stop using the gun I have been using because it's now obsolete. But don't worry, in a month it will get a buff and be broken again. Then it will get nerfed into oblivion for ever.

  53. be careful you might get a die hard activision fan telling you that you aren't putting enough effort into the game, all you have to do is spend 2 hours playing 15 games to unlock a new weapon then spend 3 hours playing plunder to level each weapon up

  54. As someone who really fell off the hype train and stopped playing a couple months after Rebirth Island dropped, this is accurate.

  55. Facts dude. I play the most and grind out of my group. My 2 buds feel the exact way you describe.

  56. Yes! This is the reason why I am avoiding playing, although my squad is playing more often than me.. they started late, so they haven’t invested the time to level up all MW weapons.. they still have some energy in them to level up Vanguard weapons.. I simply don’t have the energy nor do I want to invest the time. I am only willing to come back if MW weapons are competitive again. I imagine many people are like me.

  57. LONGTIME AK USER despite the repeated nerfs. This last patch has made the NZ absolutely unstoppable and has essentially voided the usability of other ARs. Especially outside of Vanguard.

  58. You articulated this point so well. I didn't even realize why I was dreading going back to Warzone, but this makes total sense. I like the MW guns, I have them leveled, but they aren't good anymore. Leveling is too much of a grind and I don't want to play with a disadvantage.

  59. Raven knows one thing , and that thing is Fuck shit up. a few seasons ago there was the closest balance between all the 3 games in warzone. the diversity was amazing. but raven cant stop being themselves and fucked everything up.

  60. Need new servers abs re split console and pc players the cod series is getting worse and worse and they aren’t listening to the real players, all they do it’s aid the pc cheats that sit on YouTube boring other losers

  61. Even when they do positove things like the new map, the forced integrations along with the business model where they keep adding guns to an already unbalanced game mean that there will never be a state where the game will be balanced. Hopefully they've learned some lessons from Warzone and won't repeat these mistakes in WZ 2.

  62. The game is so stale since they nerferd sniping and all the other guns into the ground. I use the same guns and loadouts for rebirth and Caldera pretty much. Havent been killed by in a sniper for forever and the game just has no variety anymore. Its ar vs ar and smg vs smg. The off riot shielder thrown into the mix but over all boring team games everyone running the same shit

  63. Yeah I got Damascus in MW and once Cold War came out and they started needing everything form Mw I stopped playing warzone especially cuz I didn’t want to get the master camo in CW, I didn’t even get vanguard

  64. Of course the latest game out (vanguard) will have the best warzone weapons. Activision are scum and trying to promote their newest game. When CW was out Mw guns weren’t as good. Then VG came out and those guns were better. It’s a clear pattern

  65. Yo, it's always hard to return to a game which constantly progresses trough seasons.I myself had to take a little break mid Cold War so i wasn't caught up on all the meta weapons, had to level them or didn't level, some i had not yet unlocked back then.

  66. Yeah the newer game stuff is always going to be more favourable than older game stuff when it comes to balancing. It's an incentive for players to go buy the other game to level them up which means more $$$ for Activision. Most people play Warzone than any of the standalone titles, and making it so you have to go level the guns up on the newest game means all those Warzone players have to have the base game bought. It's always been this way, even in Cold War they started making the MW guns useless.

  67. It honestly makes no sense to me how mw and cw guns are worse than vg guns, you're telling me almost 70 years of technological progress and old ass guns are better than them?

  68. I don't know what they honestly think will change negatively by equalling MW,VG and CW guns, they obviously know VG is a failure, why have the map be in the 1970's instead of WW2?

  69. The problem is, the VG weapons are TOO strong. Almost all of them have little to no draw back. Even with 0 attachments, they mostly have higher base damage profile than both MW & CW weapons. Then you add 10 attachments & now you’ve got an AR that has dead accuracy, range & damage. Light weight despite having 10 fucking attachments, quick aim down sight time as well as max starting ammo because every primary weapon has fully loaded as it’s perk. Then you get to the SMG’s ALL of them has a recoil booster which ridiculously boosts the fire rate & can still keep you off the map because of subsonic. Another example is; We finish from the STG, yet the NZ which was always stronger gets buffed for no reason. The blixen which was already the best SMG in the game has it’s damage increasing barrel buffed. I swear it’s like this stupid dev studio pulls shit out of a hat & call it a day

  70. That vanguard game killed warzone, everyone now kills you with the same weapons, and your weapons are too weak. Previously it was balanced and fun, each teammate had their preferences. Its disproportionate.

  71. I’m one like your friends. I keep tabs on this subreddit and have friends who still play often but with each bit update, I log back in to give it a go and quickly get reminded why I stopped playing. Patiently waiting for WZ2.

  72. I think everyone already knows this. Like this was happening in mw (everytime a new gun came out) and then black ops. Everyone knows it’s to maximise profits. They have no problem releasing new skins but can’t even fix main menu bugs.

  73. People need to stop thinking WZ2 is without the doubt going to be the saviour. From what I can gather it's only going to be a slight upgrade and is more used as a reason to reset everyones progress to 0 so u have to pay/grind again which apparently everyone is fine with even though this was supposed to be a 5-10 year long run F2P game like other similar games.

  74. Am I the only one thats enjoys unlocking and leveling up Guns solo in Plunder when no friends are online to play?

  75. It's a dead game, the only way to earn money on it is skins and hoping someone buys Vanguard to level the weapons (eventhough it's not the fastest way necessarily they won't know that). Why do you think they do it?

  76. Yup, this has killed the game for me as well. I bought Vanguard to level up those guns too, but it’s just beyond insane how tedious it is there.

  77. Noted but you have to understand that warzone is free to play . Vanguard is where they make their money . They’re a business . They make games to make money . You can’t fault a business trying to make money

  78. they make their money from selling cosmetics - why can't various weapons from all 3 games be equal? that doesn't stop them from selling cosmetics

  79. Well.... they haven't figured it out yet so.... must be harder to do than you think. And like I said... new guns/perks has always been the way it has been done. Not stupid, just the way it was. We will keep playing, its just a fact.

  80. Maybe you will get to kill me or my wife in fortunes keep one day! Always remember to have fun, and occasionally tea bag those who deserve it!

  81. No offense, but it's not about you and your friends. It's a free to play game that's in the final part of its life cycle, so it's about squeezing streamers and spenders for all they've got before MWII drops.

  82. This is my fear with Warzone 2. If the plan is to make money via gun skins again, I dont want to grind to level guns anymore tbh unless its shoot the ship mode. I would prefer to have lock of guns by gamemode or a vault and return method used by Fortnite.

  83. It’s half to sell Vanguard/Bundles and half to keep the game refreshing. This game would be super boring if the MW MP5 and Grau were still top tier.

  84. They are understrict instructions to maximise profits from every season of every franchise... What is hard to understand here? It’s called capitalism.

  85. what's hard to understand for you that they want a healthy player base, and what they're doing with the weapons doesn't contribute to that

  86. Honestly at this point who cares. The game will be forgotten once MW2 and warzone 2 come out. All we gotta do is wait a few more months

  87. If you’ve played cod for more than maybe 2 years you know Activision stops caring about the previous Cods entirely once a new on comes out it just became more exasperated recently due to Warzone integrating all the guns

  88. Just buy the meta blueprints. It’s only like 20 Euro’s per gun blueprint and you can enjoy them for over 3 months. Then you can switch over to Warzone 2 and do it all over again!

  89. See, the thing is, they know what players want, they just don't care because they want to do what makes them money. Welcome to a free-to-play game

  90. I really don’t know there has been a huge uptick in these types of post lately. Everyone is shocked that raven/Activision is pushing Vg guns. They did the exact same thing with rebirth and cw when that stuff came out. This business model isn’t going to change and I doubt it will in WZ2 lol it’s shitty but it’s not a shocker

  91. probably because they nerfed many of the best CW guns in season 3 and nerfed some MW guns which weren't even that good like the AMAX

  92. I’ve had luck with the Cooper Carbine and the Cold War PPSH as a combo that’s viable in the game for people who aren’t into the vanguard SMG grind. You may just have to play a bit slower

  93. M4A1 with Corvus custom marksman barrel, mono silencer, merc foregrip, 60 rnd mag, vlk 3.0 optic works pretty well for me. Fun to use. Kilo as well with the same/equivalent attachments.

  94. Yes. It helps sell the new game and it sells blue prints. It also artificially inflates the player count of vanguard since people will level their guns there. It’s all about money and numbers, always has been.

  95. I played a couple games of plunder with my old m4a1 build that I used in mid 2020, and even if I started shooting first, around 70% of the time, they would win with their nz, it’s just impossible to compete

  96. Levelling up new weapons is always going to be part of the game. This is done to encourage people to get blueprints and buy the yearly release where it’s faster to lv up weapons.

  97. Takes an hour your friends should invest time if they want to keep up. My friend and I did the new Marco in resurgence just doing contracts with a double token on. Took no time at all

  98. 2 hours of in-game time and i'm only tier 5, you're smoking crack if you think any casual players will have unlocked that by now

  99. The movement and TTK has become way too high/fast and it feels like multiplayer. I miss the first few months of WZ where you don't get blanked seemingly instantly, shredding thru your plates before you can even blink.

  100. I wouldn't even mind it that much if vanguard guns didn't have ~70 levels. I never owned cold war but was easily able to level up cold war guns in a few games of plunder, doing supply runs or at storage town. It feels like vanguard guns take twice as long to level, maybe even more.

  101. This is why I am VERY hopeful that with WZ2, they will make the decision to do hard resets with every main game release. Whether they do a 2 year cycle like they will be doing between MW2 and the next one, or if they eventually return to a yearly release, I think they should wipe the slate clean every year with Warzone. May hurt sales of store packs late in the cycle of the game, but it’s absurd that there are people upset that they can’t use 3 year old weapons at this point, and they should just be gone altogether.

  102. I think whoever is in charge of weapon balancing has some sort of drug problem or is just mentally handicapped, like this just isn’t it. The guns in this game used to be so elaborate, beefy and crispy, but now it’s just duf duf duf duf duf ww2 weapons that outplay modern guns by a mile. I understand the game isn’t supposed to be retaliating but still, the fuck man?

  103. Are you sure about VG AR/SMG’s being better than CW and MW? I just finished atomic and stepped back into WZ and I am not sure this is correct.

  104. They're in the money making business. It's expected when you have a free to play alongside a pay title. Not to say it's right, but something something capitalism

  105. They may not care about retention with MWII and WZ2 on the horizon. Buffs and nerfs could very well be experiments with the sandbox for play test or maybe even designed to put you off so MWII feels better in comparison. I doubt this game gets much better until October.

  106. Just accept that Activision sees this game as a side-business. They treat it as a game you shouldn’t play longer than 30 minutes every day. Maybe they a re focussing all efforts on warzone 2 instead of fixing this bullshit balancing.

  107. Why not just use ground loot weapons then? It’s fairly easy to find gold level anything in the first few minutes of looting. Sorry the game isn’t catering to folks who bailed for years and want to come back and dominate with long-since killed off guns.

  108. BRO FUCK THE GUNS THAT MAP IS A PIECE OF SHIT !!!!! way to much space to HIDE everyone’s on a fucking building ready to snipe like you can’t do shit….. I’ve got dubs on this new season already but this shit is still ass worst map every I don’t know who said hey make hella buildings and then make it to where every last building is Climbable. Can’t even run across the street without being shot from an unknown target !!! @CALLOFDUTY re DO THE MAP WTF IS THIS

  109. umm what? there are multiple websites and YouTubers who careers are literally working this all out - they all agree guns like the NZ, Blixen and other VG SMGs are busted

  110. They don't care, they care about making money and they do that by incentivizing players to buy skins. This is owned by the same company who just released the most egregious, exploitative, p2w game to date in diablo immortal. They care about money and only money and are willing to sacrifice the quality of the game if it makes more money.

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