1. Sometimes its so hard to guess what weight is low enough, right! I'm 6.4 used to weight 250 dropped down to 190, still no abs (and maybe some lose skin) Dicided to drop down to 180 this last cut.

  2. Lots of inappropriate comments - not innuendos but fully mentioning his genitals - and they're the only ones OP hasn't responded to.

  3. I was thinking the exact same thing as I was scrolling. If the genders were reversed, it'd be labeled as creepy as fuck.

  4. Honestly bro, lighting is everything. If you're really looking for abs just go for a hard ab day and abuse the pump for the pics. I personally don't have abs since I'm more into power than being lean but as long as you know how to flex then scoop you'll probably look amazing bro! Don't forget, overhead lighting is king

  5. Amazing progress! Do you know what your body fat % was at 198? I’m trending in a similar weight path and am looking forward to these gains!!

  6. Congrats! I lost all my motivation after 2 months of cico and 7 kg weightloss.. trying to get back on track, and you people inspire me to try again!

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