1. Let's hope he does it again, next year, and the following, and the one after....and so on.

  2. OP is right. #5 Ohio State should be ashamed to get in that way. The committee should skip to #8 just to make a point.

  3. I think the actual point is playing an extra game because you’re good shouldn’t hurt your rank. Maybe an argument could be made you can go up a rank but going down just seems like ‘well why did we even bother playing the game’

  4. The reward for whatever team gets in 4th is getting dominated by Bama-err- I mean Georgia like always regardless

  5. Aren’t you guys the only team outside the new top 3 to not lose to a non-playoff team? Obviously you won’t make the playoff but I feel like you deserve it more than say USC

  6. I think they should admit the real PAC-12 champions, which is the University of Florida Gators, who beat the Utah Utes on week 1.

  7. Kanell is mad about Saban making a case for his team too, I don't think Bama should get in but what else is Saban supposed to do? "Nah, Mike, my team isn't really that good and we're fine with the Peach Bowl"

  8. Yeah I saw that too lol. I dont think a 2 loss Bama should get in but of course a coach is going to support his own team, as he should.

  9. Despite our current success I think the 12 (or at least 8) is absolutely necessary also. Hard to argue bias if you can't break into the top 12.

  10. ehh it's nice to have an expanded playoff but 12 seems like too much and just a money grab. would prefer 8

  11. blame the morons who designed the Big 10 divisions. The divisions have been completely fucked for a decade, OSU/UM/PSU/MSU in the same division is going to cause this every year.

  12. This is why Maryland and Rutgers always have the toughest schedules every year. Best finishes they can hope for is maybe 4th. On top of that playing Wisconsin or Iowa every other year.

  13. I don't know about that this year. If you had Ohio State and Michigan in opposite divisions, they would just meet for the conference championship game. If Michigan won the rematch, who would take Ohio State's spot? I guess Penn State would probably be 11-1 with a loss to one of them.

  14. The way I say it should work is that the CCG should be able to get you in, but not out. That being said, I think USC should’ve been behind OSU when they were both at 11-1. USC could’ve jumped them with a CCG win, but lost so they stay behind.

  15. Wouldn’t a proper night before the final cfp ranking without the entire country arguing about Ohio State. I think 2019 is the only year our ranking wasn’t controversial, whether in or out

  16. Heck, this time shouldn't be controversial either. Committee has been consistent in picking one loss or undefeated P5 teams over two loss teams regardless of a conference title for a while, and you can't argue USC should be in over Ohio State after last night. Like I get Ohio State isn't the most well liked team to say the least, but that's literally been the standard since this thing started lmao.

  17. 2015 might count. The loss to a 9-1 Michigan State late in the season caused you both to be Big Ten East Division co-champions with a 7-1 conference record. Due to tiebreakers, MSU went on to win the Big Ten Championship Game against an undefeated Iowa and made it into the CFP.

  18. It’s partially the logo. People get irate when they see that block O have any success which is…. basically every season. If it was anyone else (ok, maybe not Bama), they’d be at peace with the situation.

  19. In all seriousness, I think if you gave a top 5 team the choice between "win this game against a lower-ranked opponent to make the playoff" and "wait and see if a current top 4 team loses to a lower-ranked team to make the playoff" 100 out of 100 teams would choose the first scenario.

  20. Yeah its not really their fault TN and USC also shit their pants lol. TCU was fine either way but unless ryan day called sonny dykes and told him not to qb sneak, also not their fault

  21. Not an Ohio state fan but the CFP made their bed when Bama made the playoffs twice without making the SEC championship game. So make sure you point that finger at the committee

  22. Technically OSU got put in first without making their title game in 2016. We only have once. 2011 was BCS and that was done by a computer not a committee

  23. We should decline the bid out of honor for this completely arbitrary process with no objective criteria. Every Ohio State player should turn their jerseys over as a testament to our worthlessness Rudy style. We committed the mortal sin of losing less football games than other teams. And for that we are truly and sincerely sorry.

  24. How on Earth are you supposedly backing your way in? You didn't make USC get smoked by Utah. You didn't make Alabama lose twice. You're just playing the cards dealt you.

  25. Believe it or not, a CFB season is not about a team's ability to win one or two big games against elite competition. It's about what they did over the course of an entire season. Ohio State won 11 games in pretty dominant fashion winning every game by double figures before they ran into Michigan. Their overall performance this season was much better than USC. Nobody should have any gripe about them getting in.

  26. I'm pretty sure Ohio State emerged into existence in late November as the #2 team in the country. They have a 0-1 record this season. How could we let a winless team into the playoff?

  27. It’s really remarkable how much a single game changes everyone’s perspective. Ohio State is a deeply flawed team but it still has the talent to potentially beat anyone.

  28. Counterpoint.... Ohio bad. So there! Honestly I don't get the hostility, it isn't like you guys assaulted Williams or made TCUs coaches take the ball out of Duggan's hands in a pivotal moment. Those losers lost leading to you guys being the next team up.

  29. Pretty reasonable take. And are people really forgetting how you guys took uga down pretty thoroughly last year before losing to them in the natty? Teams sometimes slip and we’re not all-time great osu team this year.

  30. It really sucks when the majority of talking heads in this sport are either incapable of nuance or consciously choose to not use it.

  31. Kanell is such a big ten hater in general, dudes just mad that the ACC has been the worst p5 conference this year.

  32. Why is anybody surprised by this? USC controlled their own fate and blew it. OSU is the next team up. I don't understand the controversy.

  33. Yeah I don’t get the guilt trip from Kanell here. You guys were out unless certain results fell your way, and they did. If anything the country at large should be annoyed at USC for creating this situation

  34. Not at all. The top 4 teams going into this weekend were correctly ranked. It was on them to win and get in. They didn't. That opens the door for those who only lose 1 game and still don't get a shot at the CCG. You guys should be playing UM today, not Purdue.

  35. Wait, they also beat the over-rated for the entire season for having done exactly nothing, Ole Miss.

  36. b-b-but quality loss! they lost to an LSU squad that was overhyped and overranked all season long! that counts for something!

  37. I like how Danny will say stuff like this but then is the biggest expansionist in the media, a system that will allow this thing he’s complaining about to happen

  38. It wasn't that long ago that a team got beat by 3 scores in a conference championship game and still made the playoffs. I don't know who this dude wants to be in instead of Ohio State, but there aren't exactly an abundance of conference champs with resumes as good as what Georgia, Michigan, Ohio State and TCU have at the moment.

  39. I mean that’s the biggest thing. I’m a Michigan fan - I’m pissed OSU is getting in, but i can admit that there’s literally no one else to put in instead at this point. USC had its chance and shit the bed, annoyingly

  40. It is what it is. More embarrassing is Saban crying for a playoff spot despite Alabama not having any resume pieces that suggests playoff caliber.

  41. I'm fine with it. We had two shots at Utah and messed up both. Ohio State had a good season. If they get a second chance against Michigan, good for them.

  42. Why couldn’t we keep this same energy with Notre Dame in 2020? Gets absolutely blown out last game of the year and still get in. I’m especially salty because A&M was the first one out that year.

  43. The scene is set. JR pulls Lawler away from Georgia puppies just in time to present Georgia and Michigan their Undefeated Conference Champions and Playoff contender title belts.

  44. Things are getting heated. It's kind of fun. Tbh with records being what they are, there's no good argument against OSU besides people not wanting to see the same team. None of these two loss teams deserve it, and if one does it's Tennessee and hardly anybody is even bringing them up. If a one loss p5 team is snubbed there's definitely a better candidate by pretty much every metric

  45. I think it's pretty straight forward from here regardless of the outcomes of the rest of the games. . #1UGA #2 UM #3TCU #4 OSU. You can't penalize any of the top three for losing in a conference championship (read extra) game, when the next best team has a loss in the regular season and basically lost their way to a bye. To win a national championship you've gotta beat the team across the field from you. The playoff field is set, bring 'em on.

  46. I genuinely wonder if reactions would be as visceral if UT were the ones in this situation. Like we're we clearly the fourth team until the SCar loss, so would people be shitting this hard because there's not much difference between tOSU and UT's losses to Mich and UGA respectively

  47. I mean I get his point, but at the same time what's the solution? Give it to USC anyway despite them losing twice to the same team and not winning their own conference? Give it to Alabama or Tennessee for doing the same? Give it to the ACC champ?

  48. Lmao this guy is whining about it like it's OSU's fault that this is the hand that got dealt. What are they supposed to say, no thank you to a CFP bid?

  49. I hate both teams but Michigan beating OSU in the regular season just to get smacked by them in an infinitely more meaningful playoff game after they fell ass backwards into a playoff spot will be fucking hilarious

  50. i do think it’s dumb that a team can be “in” the playoff and then play in an extra game and lose it and get out but idk how you can look at USCs loss last night and say they’re better than OSU

  51. Basically, they lost to the team that lost to Florida, and they lost twice. If they were a 1 loss team with Williams injury(assuming he will heal), I'd keep them at 4, but second loss in a blowout.

  52. With the Big 10 getting two in, one better make it to the championship, if they both lose, what an absolutely awful look that would be.

  53. At this point, you kind of have to accept it as a Buckeye alum or fan. They win a lot of games, sometimes hurting other teams' seasons in the process, and people hate seeing the same teams succeed year-after-year.

  54. I love how it's somehow our fault that other people not affiliated with tOSU are saying we should be in the playoff.

  55. Why doesn’t Danny personally ask every OSU alum and fan how easy it is to get blown out at home by Michigan. That’s the “easy way” he’s referring to, btw.

  56. I'd rather beat UM and ruin their season then go to the playoffs..,.so I would like the hard way of playing an unranked Purdue to get in.

  57. Ohio State passed a 2 loss USC team. No need to be salty about it. One loss teams ahead of them are still ahead of them.

  58. Honestly no team has really shown that they deserve the fourth spot this season. I would be fine if they left the rankings alone and these were the playoff teams.

  59. Often, there are not four legitimate national championship contenders. Sometimes more, sometimes less. But we don't use a system flexible enough to accommodate that reality. Presuming Michigan wins, this year would ideally be just Georgia vs Michigan.

  60. Why are people upset at OSU? Be upset at whoever put OSU and UM in the same division. Or be upset at the committee who made the rules.

  61. Not sure why he went after the team instead of the committee, which is the problem. But with their subjective system, who deserves it more? Without more objective rules, this nonsense is going to happen every time.

  62. My only argument vs OSU getting in is spite and hatred. There’s no one else besides us, UGA, and TCU who deserves a spot over them if we’re being objectiv.

  63. Just remember he is a major talking head in this sport and this is his top level analysis. Basically attacking 18 year olds because a committee is going to decide they are a top 4 team

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