1. TCU doing their part of the equation with that beatdown on OU. Might be the only ranked vs. ranked matchup next week since Texas A&M is down big

  2. The winner of LSU-Auburn will likely be ranked, especially if LSU win. Both play top ten teams next week. Auburn @ Georgia could be a big problem for Kansas if Auburn beat LSU.

  3. ESPN should just go FULL evil empire. Send College GameDay to Tuscaloosa next week and do the whole show in a two-box with every Aaron Judge at bat from this season.

  4. Two most likely ranks undefeated teams meeting in America's football hotspot where Game Day has never been? Do it, cowards.

  5. Lawrence has been absolutely buzzing lately. Everyone is so excited. I know my flair betrays me, but as a resident it's hard not to be happy for the city. There's electricity in the air, you can just feel it everywhere.

  6. Almost every result, from a Gameday to Lawrence standpoint, went the right way. FSU lost, TCU won big, A&M lost big, and of course KU won.

  7. ESPN: "Well, you see, we booked this week for A&M vs. Alabama before the season even started, but the Aggies just lost to Mississippi State and their only loss was to LSU who just got crushed by Auburn, and Auburn's only loss was to undefeated Penn State, so we're going to the Georgia-Auburn game. It's a battle of two ranked teams."

  8. It’s going to be a mega blow out anyway. I don’t know why it’s been hyped up this year. Bama revenge games are ugly

  9. If you don't get GameDay, you can always crowdsource a nationwide campaign to put a Kansas flag at every GameDay in perpetuity

  10. Really should be game day next week a top 25 matchup with Kansas. But we all know it’s gonna be Bama v Texas A&M

  11. Please use the stadium port a poties as a prop. Like maybe Lee Corso comes out of the port a potty in a jayhawk head?

  12. Getting downvoted but KU’s stadium is an atrocity. Hopefully with more fan support they can play in an FBS caliber stadium

  13. We did our part. Our L to Marshall 3 weeks ago unranked us. And moved our Provo matchup from a ranked religious war to a non-ranked religious war.

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