1. Yes? They might have a shot just because it looks like Clemson might be the only competition in the ACC, but they didn’t look overly impressive in any of their wins outside of Miami. Even looking at that LSU game, LSU ended up being a good team but they had so many mental errors that day and even both teams just looked like they wanted to give the game away, kinda reminded me of the 2019 UF-Miami game

  2. I’ve still came across doubters. I did a poll on my Snapchat story asking who was gonna win the first game and like 100 people said LSU would win easily, even though it’s not likely to happen.

  3. FSU was in the first bcs championship, and the last. FSU was also in the first CFB 4 team playoffs and will be in the last as is tradition.

  4. I think Mike Norvell is a good coach to bring up the culture there and put them in a solid position of 9-11 win seasons, but I personally don't think he will ever win a natty. Hopefully I'm wrong because CFB is 10x better when all Florida schools are good.

  5. i mean riley has yet to win a playoff game. nobody is talking about fsu being a championship contender. they are talking about getting to the playoffs.

  6. Our schedule is going to automatically be much harder next year with us going away to Clemson and Florida, add to that an LSU that has improved dramatically and it makes getting through the regular season with only one loss a real challenge. The biggest unknown will be the ACC championship, which I believe we will get into but the possiblity of us playing Clemson in a rematch makes that a huge hurdle as well. Also while our offense is national championship caliber I can't say the same about the defense. However if it improves in the off season I could absolutely see us getting to the playoff.

  7. I don’t think the schedule will be harder. Florida will be starting either mertz or a freshman, and Miami will be a toss up as it always is, no Hartman at wake, we’ve got 2 gimmes, no jurk at BC, Syracuse is always a mystery, then duke while improved I’m not too concerned with at home, and Virginia tech and Pitt.

  8. Hot take: if you like Chick-Fil-A spicy chicken sandwiches more than Popeyes spicy chicken sandwiches then I will be leery of your opinions on other matters in life.

  9. Reverse take: it should be illegal to advertise a chicken sandwich as "spicy" because you added mayo to it. Chick-Fil-A spicy sandwich is spicy because it's built into the breading. Popeye's spicy sandwich is "spicy" because they added a condiment. Chick-Fil-A wins.

  10. We have holes or depth issues at LB, DE, S, CB and our K is not good. To make the playoff we have to go 12-1. I simply do not see how that happens with the roster issues we still have. We have 5 games on paper I already think are tough. Pitt, Miami, UF, Clemson, and LSU. I think until proven otherwise, Clemson and LSU are better than us next season.

  11. I'm in the same boat that it seems a little reactionary to jump all the way to playoff talk. 2 losses but making the ACC championship would be a great season and still progress.

  12. Man I’m still pretty new to CFB and I’m traumatized by the Chicago Bears, so I tend towards the doubtful/reserved side. Let’s focus on beating Clemson and winning the ACC first 😂

  13. Florida State might have to go undefeated in order to make the playoffs. The ACC is the weakest P5 conference by a pretty big margin, and are any of the teams suited to make large improvements? Clemson continues to slowly slide downhill from their amazing 2015-2020 run, and does anyone expect Miami to suddenly be a genuinely great team? However, I will say that a potential FSU win over LSU could really bolster their strength of schedule (assuming LSU is good again next year). In my opinion, realistic expectations for FSU are competing for the ACC title and making a NY6 bowl.

  14. I agree on the realistic expectations. But I think Fsu likely gets in with 1 loss as the ACC champ, although of course it still depends on the rest of the field to an extent- if there are 3 undefeated p5 champs or something, less of a guarantee.

  15. Well they were still kinda figuring things out this year. Gotta take it one step at a time. Hell I didn’t even know if we’d still have the same coach at the end of the season!

  16. And their complete team barely beat OU with all the holdouts we had. I guess I was not as impressed with them as I thought they were gonna roll us.

  17. I think it would be cool if FSU came to Gainesville with 1 loss. I think it would be massively funny if we were the ones to knock them out of the playoff.

  18. It's possible, but remember they went down to the wire against a 6-6 OU team. We were missing our whole offensive line and RB and we still ran the ball down their throat all game. They have a lot of holes to fix.

  19. given that 2023 playoffs will be expanded to 12 teams, we are improving our roster, and finished the regular season 13th this year... it seems entirely reasonable and actually likely for FSU to make the playoffs... 🤷‍♂️

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