1. He literally said last year that he was done with looking at the NFL and he was committed to Michigan. Not even 12 months later and he is flirting with the NFL again.

  2. Nobody coaches Russell Wilson. He'd also like you to consult him on all game planning and roster moves.

  3. Lucky for them I have a perfectly capable former NFL and Big 10 head coach ready to fill his void, he even has a more punchable face!

  4. I'm guessing it will just be the same thing as last time. He'll interview and won't get the job and act like he didn't want it anyway and go back to Michigan again. There's a reason why he was fired in the NFL despite being successful with the 49ers. Teams don't like him.

  5. Even if he stays having this happen two years in a row has got to put a damper on recruiting. Way too easy for other coaches to use this to recruit against Michigan.

  6. I mean thanks to the portal I really don’t think it hurts recruiting as much as it used to. None of these players are “tied” to coaches anymore. If they are highly recruited and/or highly skilled and choose a school to play for based on a specific coach and that coach leaves, they can go into the portal and find a new program.

  7. High Intelligence Harbaugh knows that GEQBUS can lead him to many Super Bowl rings, as he is the only player to EVER win a Super Bowl in his first 4 years, soon to be first 5!

  8. Especially when it's an older brother who looks just like you. Drunk dad during thanksgiving with his arm around Jim* "Son, I am so proud of that Superbowl you won."

  9. Jim was such a douche to John during the post superbowl handshake. I've always enjoyed watching him lose. Good coach though.

  10. Honestly. If Jim had won that super bowl I wonder if that would’ve satiated him or if in his heart of hearts he just likes coaching in the NFL more than college

  11. Harbaugh needs to either come out and deny these rumors right away or just leave quickly. We can't have another month and a half of negative recruiting that nuked the 23 class

  12. At this point I kind of think he needs to be offered a job (or at least interview) and turn it down, otherwise this is just going to happen every year.

  13. He apparently did that last year when he called the AD after the Minnesota interview and said he's sticking with UM for good. So either that was a BS report or this is a BS report.

  14. after coaches have said shit like "i wouldn't leave to coach at X even for 200 million dollars." to just go around and coach at X for 50 million. Then Harbaugh could say "Fuck the NFL" and there will be rumors of him wanting to be romantically involved with the NFL.

  15. Harbaugh is coming off of the two greatest seasons of his career and the greatest peak for Michigan football in 20 years

  16. Generally I’d agree, but he’s had previous success in the NFL - I think he returns to UM in 2023 because he said he would.

  17. If he leaves, Sherrone Moore should be HC. The big question is if Jesse Minter sticks around as DC or does he follow Jim.

  18. Once again ruining all the momentum making the playoffs gives a program by openly flirting with the nfl

  19. Goddamn you, I know my uncle is going to text this exact thing to me later this week. Why must you put this into the universe?

  20. Mods, can we just pick one of these and sticky it? We don’t need a post every time someone on Twitter wants a click.

  21. Why is everyone taking this tweet so seriously? We seriously think this random Carolina Fox dude is connected with Harbaugh? Also who actually like the Panthers' roster?

  22. Panthers in prime position to get new qb, have a talented physical roster that matches Harbaugh's style, an incredibly weak division with Brady on his last legs, a gm and owner that are flexible, alot of money, and aren't locked down on anybody on their roster. And he played for them in 2001. This Carolina Fox dude is the local team reporter and likely heard this from team sources. There's a pretty good chance if he takes an nfl job, it's this one.

  23. You're joking, right? We desperately need a QB and maybe a WR or two. Otherwise our roster is decent. We got the cap to go after whatever we want in the upcoming draft, and a decent position in said draft. Maybe we trade up with Chicago for CJ Stroud. Yeah that's just wishful thinking, but I bet Harbaugh would fucking cream at the opportunity to coach him.

  24. Taking the broncos job and winning a super bowl would have to cement Harbaugh as the best coach ever, but he would probably choke away the conference final and then leave everyone somehow wondering if he even did a good job.

  25. It must be traumatizing for Michigan fans to go through this every single year. If only Jimbo could leave, but nooo we have till the end of time.

  26. Not really - about 95% of it is baseless rumor (since 2015), with last off season the only time there was actually merit (and Jim was very candid about his openness). This time seems very unlikely to be real.

  27. Kent Hance and Gerald Myers fired Mike Leach for constantly flirting with better jobs (and not kissing their asses). The flirtation had taken a toll on our recruiting but firing our most successful coach in decades was not a wise decision.

  28. This isn’t like dating a girl who keeps texting her ex. The results that Harbaugh brings us outweigh the possibility that he’ll leave for the NFL and the hinderance to recruiting this kind of news cycles causes.

  29. Lmao, sure. Let’s fire our HC who has delivered the only 13 win season in our entire program’s history and back to back Big Ten championships because he’s being coveted by some NFL teams.

  30. Where are all the Michigan fans to tell us this is all “clickbait” and that Harbaugh would never leave Ann Arbor?

  31. He said he’d be back to coach in 2023. I don’t know why people are believing third party information when there’s a direct quote of him addressing these rumors from less than a month ago.

  32. I mean this dude doesn't exactly seem like the most reliable source. Also, does literally anyone like the Panthers' roster? Too much about this tweet doesn't pass the sniff test

  33. As a Stanford and panthers fan this is the greatest day of my life. I don’t even need it to actually happen, this is enough

  34. It's not being refuted by Allbright. Read Allbright's very next reply. He's only talking about the being scared of AFC West QBs/Broncos part.

  35. I mean week 1 he did that interview that was supposed to "put the NFL stuff to bed" ahead of the season and basically said something to the tune of "I looked at the Vikings because I want to win a Super Bowl. A National Title would be great but I really really wanna win a Super Bowl." How any Michigan fan didn't see this coming again IDK

  36. Steve Wilks seems like a great guy, but he was way too conservative yesterday with the game on the line. I’d also rather have the guy who went to three NFC championship games in a row and made a Super Bowl than a guy who was fired after one year as a head coach

  37. Did you just compared Jim "44-19, 1 SB trip, 3 NFCCG trips in 4 years" Harbaugh to Steve "sucked so fucking bad I got fired in my first season" Wilks?

  38. Honestly, if he's interested in the NFL, he should quit the Michigan job. This already fucked up our recruiting class from last year. And the coaching from the bowl game was really fucking head scratching, deviating from the kind of play calling that had worked for us all season. Felt like there may have been something else some coaches were focusing on over the last month.

  39. Remember in 2020 when Buckeye fans were memeing and saying Michigan should sign him to a lifetime contract. Jimmy livin' rent free now.

  40. No, take the Broncos because I would find it funny. As long as our enemies hire someone incompetent to replace him.

  41. Move on from a coach that got us to a 12-0 regular season record, two big ten titles in a row, and in the playoffs two years in a row. Sureeeee! Right! That would be the dumbest thing a team and its fans could do.

  42. I didn't listen to Hairballs post game comments after TCU beat them. Is he butt hurt and threatening to once again pick up his ball and go home?

  43. Broncos, Panthers, and possibly the Texans are wanting to hire coaches. Plenty of teams in the NFL that are available.

  44. Recruiting is a bitch. And in the age of the portal and NIL, it's even more of a bitch. In the NFL guys sign contracts and every one is professionals. No classes. No sleepovers at high schoolers houses. And probably a few thousand free hours of family time in the off season.

  45. It got pretty damn cold here during the winter storm up north but other than that it’s been mid 50s all winter here in Charlotte. Looking at Ann Arbor it’s currently raining and 34 lol, no thanks.

  46. It's the NFL though... For anyone who thinks that Mahomes is going to stay at Kansas City forever, let's just imagine what fans would have said in 2018 if you told them Tom Brady would be finishing his third season with Tampa Bay in 2023.

  47. I feel Jim is a man of his word. He said last year he is done flirting with the nfl and will stay at Michigan as long as they allow him. These are just rumors to dick with recruiting and get clicks.

  48. As a UofM fan living in Charlotte, I'm seriously conflicted. Nah...actually I'm not. As much as I like the Panthers, please stay at UofM.

  49. With the bullshit transfer portal and NIL, you have to take these reports seriously. In the NFL you get a real off season.

  50. The Browns should fire Stefanski and go after Harbaugh. Browns are a better fit for Harbaugh being a midwest Ohio guy (born in Toledo), plus its not a total rebuild job. Browns have a loaded roster that is being wasted by Stefanski and Joe Woods.

  51. What does that say about Russ? A guy who went to the Super Bowl with Kaepernick doesn’t want Russ as his QB.

  52. He's peaked at Michigan. He'll never actually win a title there, now would be a great time to move on

  53. He will be 60 this year. He is loved at MI, and is on easy street as far as big time college coaching jobs go.

  54. As a Michigan fan, I can’t begin to explain how exhausting this is. Before, I would just brush it off, but now he actually seems to want to go back to the NFL. Him doing this is not good for recruiting or the future of Michigan.

  55. Dude's a snake. If you know you'd entertain the openings after bowl season, why say that you're returning to Michigan in 2023, especially when you're saying that in a press conference unprovoked?

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