1. I feel like it's such a hard thing to find YOUR barber. When you find that person that not only gets your hair and how you want it cut, but is a chill person to talk to it's a great feeling. I looked for a few years trying to get the right fit and finally found Ryan in December. Really chill dude with a reasonable price. I'd recommend checking him out.

  2. Can agree that Ryan is great! Knows how to cut hair well and is one of the most interesting people I've ever met (ask him about his book)! He is a little on the pricier side but over all a good choice.

  3. Depends if you’re in the city or not. But you’re going to get so many off the wall replies here. Everyone thinks their barber is the best. It’s all personal preference. It all grows back. Support a local guy.

  4. I highly recommend The Cove and Mill. It’s in a super unique location in a historically significant grain mill. Oral the owner is such a good dude, originally from Trinidad and Tobago, really fun to talk with. Really relaxing vibe with a free beer every visit. Check it out, you won’t be disappointed.

  5. I was hesitant to post this because I love Cove & Mill and it can be hard to get a res on short notice since they are so booked up.

  6. +1 for Crockett and Co. They just moved locations though. Still on Hertel but now at The Monocle. Located at 1235 Hertel Ave.

  7. Dark horse barber studio downtown is the best in buffalo. Its high end, the barbers there can do any cut you want, and everyone there is super cool

  8. Seconded. They’re all super welcoming and legit. The owner’s pup is there sometimes too, and she’s just incredibly sweet lol

  9. Il mulino (with locations in Buffalo, Williamsville and Youngstown I think).. Benjamin is my guy, but I believe all of the other guys are just as good.

  10. Casey at "Your Head" (Eggert & Bailey) is a master barber, was recently featured in the Bflo News.

  11. I go to a small owner operated place in west Seneca. Sullivan’s hair studio. Great guy. Depends what you are looking for whether he’d be a fit for you. He’s more classic than new school stuff.

  12. I've been going to Fade in Full for a few years now. They're on Elmwood across from Mr. Pizza. They're all licensed, and they usually play hip hop videos while they cut.

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