1. Ferros in west seneca is my favorite pizza in buffalo. It’s so good. Gino’s is pretty good, olisis is pretty. zettis used to be great but def went down hill. Forno napoli is awesome but it’s more neo pizza

  2. Not blasphemous. Buffalo style isn't the only good type of pizza. Gino and Joe's on the first floor of the Main Place Mall is great. There's another Gino and Joe's on the second floor food court of the same mall, but it's a different owner, and not as good. Zettis was decent, but I haven't been there in at least 8 years to know if it still is.

  3. Agreed, this question is not blasphemous. in the 80's and 90's Leon's Pizza was a mainstay in the Boulevard and Summit Park Mall food courts. It still exists pretty much right in front of the Niagara Falls Airport, although I haven't been there in years.

  4. A lot of times you don't get good reactions when you say anything good about the other pizza. You know how people are with their Buffalo pride. Dont blame them just expecting at least a few lol appreciate the tips.

  5. I hate to tell you this but the Main Place Mall does not exist anymore. The Gino and Joe's on the first floor does still exist as it has an entrance on Main Street.

  6. Ferro’s in West Seneca. They even have Buffalo chicken NY slices that, while not as magical as a slice at some places in Brooklyn, are delicious and plenty good enough to kill the craving.

  7. I like zettis on Maple although it's not close to me so I rarely go. I've been to Slice of NY on hertel a few times and I like it so far although I've only had slices never ordered a full pie. Joe's on Amherst st is good too.

  8. I haven't had Zettis, but my wife's father is from NYC and has a chain of pizza places in Rochester. Our opinion is Gino's then Olisi's.

  9. Gino & Joe's at the Main Place Mall is the absolute best, but they have limited hours so Ginos on Elmwood or Joe's on Grant are second best

  10. Forno Napoli has my favorite pizza in Buffalo. It's decidedly Neapolitan in style, but it almost leans a quarter step towards NYC in some way, and the pies are bigger than Neapolitan often are. Reminds me a lot of the Neo-Neapolitan style you see in some NYC places nowadays. It's not a slice shop style, if that's what you're looking for, though.

  11. Bro Buffalo style pizza is trash. I will die on this hill. There isn’t any good NY style here either. Gino’s and Zettis are both ok, but if you’re used to the real thing it’s not on the same level. I bought myself a pizza steel and started making my own pizza cuz of how much I think the pizza stinks around here lol

  12. Agreed, I will die with you. Best I've found is Jay's Artisan on Delaware, check it out. Pricey but worth it for whats around here...

  13. Truth. And sweet user name. I have been rocking that exact sneaker for like 5 years now. I have a new pair in my closet for when my current pair is finally to beaten up.

  14. I grew up on NYC pizza and have been here for three years, I gave up a long time ago on finding why good NYC-pizza, the water around here and the preference for sweet sauce around here just doesn’t make a decent thin piece of pizza.

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