1. If you haven't already, and you'd like a little more competition in the area (and you aren't in one of the small areas that are being built or will be built),

  2. I hope it comes to all of Buffalo so we are not forced to be stuck with Spectrum and overpriced slow service

  3. They told me they’d be building in Elmwood village in August, and when August rolled around they said they wouldn’t be building until next summer. Hoping it finally comes here already.

  4. Holy crap I'm in the 2022 build diagram. That's great since FIOS has never been an option here. How has the service been?

  5. Aside the price, am I the only one that's happy with Spectrum? I get slightly more than advertised speed during days and slightly under during evenings. My connection is rock-solid. Latency is low. They did have to replace line going from the pole to the house as one in place was deteriorating and connection would drop when it rained.

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