1. Hello! Welcome! We have a great gay community here. Some bars that the gays frequent are Fugazi and Cathode Ray in Allentown. There are great drag shows at Underground almost every weekend. Whenever Jackrabbit on Elmwood hosts an event you are bound to see gays there too as the owners have many gay friends! Keep your eyes peeled, there are gay events happening at many different bars like Gypsy Parlor. Feel free to DM me and I can send you any event listings I know that are coming up.

  2. Pretty much any bar in the elmwood village or allentown is very inclusive and has a good number of people from the LGBTQ community there. As someone already said Cathode and fugazi are your more typical "gay bars" if youre looking for that. If youre looking for more just a "normal" bar that lgbtq people frequent I go to Essex a lot and theres a good amount of regulars that are and the crowd is very accepting there.

  3. Welcome to Buffalo. Beyond the bar scene, the local arts scene is very inclusive, and “First Friday” (the first Friday of the month) is when a lot of galleries and art venues have openings which can be quite social. Well, not sure what Covid impact has been, but it’s a thing. There is also Buffalo Gay Bingo (a total hoot!), as well as The Buffalo Historical Bowling League (which is primarily, but not entirely LGBT). Google any of those and you’ll find info online or on fb.

  4. I’ve always had a good time around friendly faces at Club Marcella. If you’re down to make the trip to Rochester, check out Equal Grounds coffee shop, Bachelor Forum, and Edibles.

  5. Join the vgl Buffalo league search that on Facebook and you’ll make friends while we play different sports, darts is starting after New Years

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