1. Thank you very much. I like to think that my poor traits are overshadowed by trying to raise good people, because they are certainly turning into decent human beings. Thanks again.

  2. Haha good god they have a “Fry Zone”. Is there a particular location? Or could I just hit up the Seneca one because it’s that’s the closest location. And these aren’t for me until she eats three bites and I can’t throw them out because I would have wasted the money.

  3. My wife loves Coles. I haven’t eaten there in ages. We had a few bad experiences there before Covid. I’m willing to drive a bit and they’ve always been high quality pub food otherwise.

  4. i don’t live locally anymore so no suggestion, just wanted to say that’s a great dad move! best of luck to you both!

  5. I wanna say just pizza had some pretty delicious bacon cheese fries. There or casa di pizza. Sorry I’m not more current. I’m in my 30’s and can’t eat that stuff anymore.

  6. Mississippi Mudds in Tonawanda. Not only do they have bacon cheese fries but they have a wide variety of delicious and diverse fry flavors. Dare I say that the fries are better than the actual hot dogs and burgers that headline the joint.

  7. Mustachios Pizza in Kenmore has some of the best food around. Their cheese fries with bacon definitely slaps. Flat steak fries, crispy bacon. It's solid. Ask for bacon extra crispy for a better touch.

  8. The BBC (brickyard barbecue company or some shit, not that other one lol) has some amazing bar food and barbecue with a shit load of great beer on tap. About half hour out of the city, great place to go see the lake and get some great food

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