1. It's actually 100 feet from the entrance doors, not the polling booths. That's because some locations are in fairly large buildings, and 100 ft from the booths would still be inside the building.

  2. I always thought this was funny too. Like, are you really undecided walking into the polling place, then you see a sign and are like "OH - that helps! I'm def voting for THAT person!!"

  3. Most people will have. This isn't some big persuasion tactic. Campaigns are doing everything they can think of though.

  4. The way I see it, if you arrive to the poles with the intention of voting for Byron Brown there’s nothing wrong with using a stamp or sticker to help you do so. We want every voice in Buffalo counted accurately, not to have India win on a technicality due to folks with a poor understanding of how to write in a candidate. She’s already won the advantage of appearing on the ballot through her primary victory.

  5. My voting place had probably 3 Byron stamps inside the privacy shield when I sat down to vote (left with garbage and stuff from previous voters). I threw them out after filling out my ballot, but it seemed (at best) scummy

  6. The polling places are generally left quite dirty the polling employees generally are elderly people who just chill.

  7. Regarding the update to this post: Well, I mean, if there's going to be a rule, there's going to be a parameter leading up to its definition that people are going to exploit. As your update to your post says, no laws were likely broken, but they found where the boundary was, and, short of it, they apparently did what you describe. If the rule were 50 feet they'd be at 52 feet I suppose. I'd be frustrated I suppose that the advantage exists but I wouldn't be so bemused by it.

  8. India's campaign was also asking for volunteers for outside polling places. I thought that was unnecessary but probably wise to offset any shenanigans from the other side.

  9. Yes, There are people are picking them up for exclusively that purpose. Getting a stamp as a keepsake and voting for Walton. A local podcast is offering 25 cents for them.

  10. Them conveniently forgetting (read: planting) the stamps at the actual voting booths behind the privacy screens is scummy and leaves a sour taste in the mouth.

  11. There’s something gross about shouting at people as they enter the polls no matter what you’re yelling. More so when you’re attempting to get someone to vote for your candidate of choice.

  12. I just want to know how can you use a stamp or sticker when it's specific that it's write in your vote in my eyes those votes should be thrown out

  13. BOE has a number of reports to investigate. Brown folks were literally throwing stamps into the polling place at one early voting location, among other things.

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