1. Agencies receiving federal funding are subject to the Hatch Act, which among other things, prevents employees from soliciting political donations from other government employees. You should report your former coworker to the US Office of Special Counsel and tip off news organizations about it.

  2. Hey now. Let's not forget the lady who forgot to pay for her parking tickets. Those parking tickets are the real issue, not this blatant pay-for-play political corruption and false statements to hide it. /s

  3. I used to think Brown was just a do nothing goof. After this campaign I now think of him as a lying scumbag politician in it for himself like so many before him.

  4. This is one of the best article's I've read on this topic. Credit should definitely be given to the reporter for being thorough. I will say though, it kind of feels more like the reporters notes than an actual story. What I'm left feeling is how can we actually fix this system?

  5. Extra Extra read all about it! The United States government is based on pay to play and legal bribery because money equals free speech!

  6. This feels like PR for a bunch of wealthy people that really want everyone to know they are victims of a system where the big bad mean mayor shakes them down for small-ball money in order to do business with the city and totally not a tithe for access to the socialism that pads their bottom line. Frankly, I’m kinda disappointed to see Charlie Specht’s byline. Should be interesting to see where this goes, tho.

  7. Lotsa people have been waiting/expecting the hammer to come down on Byron Brown for years now. I am among those people. However this is not that announcement. I wonder if this is the ' even up' call ( NFL style) to balance out the reporting on India Walton. It undoubtedly doesn't shock anyone that hinky things are/ have been happening surrounding BB/BURA . However, the BN publishing this piece ON THE DAY EARLY VOTING BEGINS , simply put...REEKS. Reminiscent of James Comey re-opening an investigation of Hilary 11 days before 2016 Presidential Election. Reminds me why I don't subscribe.

  8. I’m not sure I agree it’s an “even up” call. Just can’t see the Buffalo News doing that for Walton, imo. But this does feel like a PR campaign launched by people desperate to look like victims of a shake down and not parishioners making a relatively meager tithe. I’m disappointed that Specht seems to go along with it after seeing through the local diocese’s horseshit so aptly.

  9. This article is pretty damning. Now we are left with a choice of a corrupt but experienced mayor or a well-meaning but inexperienced newcomer. How to choose?

  10. At some point, everyone was an inexperienced newcomer. Maybe give the newcomer a chance to see what they are capable of? I mean, if they suck try a different newcomer in the next election?

  11. I don't see what he is experienced at. Running the city poorly? Nickel and diming everyday residents to pay his budgets. Not fixing the roads? Not investing at all in the east side? Giving subsidies, breaks, and preferential treatment to people who don't need it? Lying to his constituents about dropping out of the race if he lost the primary? Not working hard to get elected because he felt entitled? Sure, he may be experienced. He has 15 years of experience being really bad at his job. I don't see that changing with another 4.

  12. We can tell from the facts in the article that this is a bad thing, and yet people defend it with victory cries of "all legal chump!" and half-hearted "just because it looks bad doesn't mean that it is". These are clearly established bad facts. And an attitude that doesn't recognize that won't bring about change.

  13. Kind of a slimy hit piece. Lots of people donate to various campaigns. You can tell this is going for effect not information when you really have to dig to find out who the heck they're talking about and how much.

  14. It isn't a slimy hit piece. It's well-researched and shows a pattern. The article ends with a perfect quote to put the whole thing in perspective.

  15. The knock against Brown is he's transactional and 'pay to play'. The knock against India is she's inexperienced and seems incompetent at effectively running the city.

  16. Being a good leader means surrounding yourself with good people. India seems like she can do that if for nothing else than her ability to admit when she's wrong and her willingness to learn.

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