1. We're so fortunate to have some incredible rescues in this area. I just want to thank you for adopting! I completely agree with everyone suggesting fostering. I think I saw most of the rescues I know in the comments but also there's Buddy's Second Chance and Buffalo Pug and small breed rescue. If you have Facebook they're all pretty active with posting too!

  2. My wife and I foster for diamonds in the ruff rescue. We have a few large dogs of our own. They are a great rescue and have all kinds of different dogs if you don’t want a pitt, though they have those too.

  3. We got our younger dog through Buffalo Underdogs. We met her first at one of the adoption events, fell in love, did a meet and greet at our house with our other pets, and she was left with us that day because everything went really well.

  4. We adopted both our dogs from Silver Linings for Pit Bulls. They mainly have mixed breed puppy litters that were abandoned and rescued from Oklahoma and their fees are super reasonable. If you are looking for a puppy, but that might be a lot of work for a first time dog owner in an apartment. An older dog may be better, which the SPCA is a good place to look.

  5. You should look at fostering through any of the local rescues. No one is going to give you a dog if you're not sure if you want one. Buffalo CARES is a great local rescue. Our first dog was from the SPCA and second was from the City of Buffalo Animal shelter. Both were great dogs, they come fixed and first vet bill included, but if you adopt a dog, you don't get to bring it back.

  6. Also went through NCCR. They typically foster their dogs to get a feel for temperament, and how they feel about kids, other dogs, people in general, energy level, potty training

  7. Second NCCR. I lucked out with a foster from the animal shelter but I know a couple of folks who foster dogs through NCCR. There is also the foster to adopt option with them

  8. I have a beautiful bully breed that I am fostering through Hamburg mutts, lemme know if you're interested and we can set a meet up, she's skiddish at first but very friendly and loving once she knows you're not a threat

  9. I filled out their application and was denied. Married 5 years, teacher, owned house with fenced in yard, no kids, one cat, and a wife with a similarly paying career. Dog was listed as being cat friendly. Denied with no reasoning. I would never recommend them.

  10. Thanks for your suggestion most of family and friends have specific dog breeds they get through breeders and I would love to rescue one! Your username name flair is by far the funniest thing I’ve read in awhile thanks for the laugh!!

  11. I got my dog from Buddy's 2nd chance Rescue. They have an Instagram account and a website if you want to learn more and they keep up with posting the dogs available. They are great and it's local volunteers fostering the dogs. I do believe they have a "return" policy (sorry for crude wording) but they want what's best for the dog so if after a month or so if it's a bad situation for whatever reason they will take the dog back and find the right home for him/her. My dog was still $400, so it's not a shelter discount but if you consider that money is going towards care and rescuing other dogs it's worth it. Highly recommend!

  12. Why does breed matter? If a dog needs a loving home, give it one. Our adopted girl would have a difficult time in a lot of homes, but now she's family.

  13. We adopted our dog back in February from B.A.R.K. They're based in Louisiana, but they truck dogs up to their satellite location in Ransomville. We actually got him because it didn't work out with the family that originally wanted him, and we had the option to have him over for a while before we made adoption official. They actually require that if you adopt from them, if you have any issues that you surrender the dog back to them rather than some other shelter.

  14. No place will give you a trial period. Also, most animals need a lot more than a few days to get used to a new home environment, it can take weeks or even months. You can try fostering to get a vibe of what kind of personality, size breed etc you want.

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