1. A favorite dog park of my beagle is Elicott Creek Island Park in Amherst. Great spot to let them socialize and run around off-leash

  2. Bring Fido is a great app to show you all of the dog friendly places anywhere. I know resurgence and good bar are dog friendly!

  3. I just saw that every Monday Casa di Pizza is doing "Pups on the Patio," which offers a special dog meal and proceeds go to the City of Buffalo Animal Shelter. More info:

  4. I’ve seen quite a few dogs at McGarrets over the years, as well as Goodbar (daytime). Not sure if it’s “official policy” or not.

  5. Lowe's and Value are both pet friendly. I'll bring my pup to run errands if we don't have time / weather for a long walk.

  6. The Intersection Cafe in Allentown is a nice pit stop if you live walking distance. They have real good coffee and espresso drinks (and they have dog biscuits and a water bowl) They're still at an order at the window type situation but they have a bunch of seats out front and I always see people with dogs hanging out :-)

  7. Just went to New York Beer Project last Monday and there were a few dogs on the patio. Also pretty sure you can shop at Old Navy with your dog too.

  8. Romeo and Juliet’s, Chix Mix, Cafe 59 (I think). I usually call places ahead of time and most are pet friendly even if there isn’t an officially policy. However, I think with the influx of dog owners and businesses wanting to make up losses because of the pandemic, more places are dog friendly, even unofficially/just call ahead of time.

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