1. This dude built his village and gave it clean water and power. A dude who builds houses was building Sidhu House in his town and singing songs. Sidhu was like I like this guy. They both made a track together which now has 102 Million Views. He came to Canada as a student lived in Brampton. He made a music video called Brampton it has 38 Million views. MF put Brampton on the map around the world ain't none of you ever doing that in your lives

  2. Once again this sub showing that they truly are the outliers of society. On all other social media platforms, there's nothing but tributes and sympathy for a man who made music with controversial subject matter not unlike rappers for the last four decades who are praised for doing the same thing. Yet here we have comments saying he deserved it and its expected.

  3. Most reddit users are socially inept and don’t have much of a real-world social life. Rap is consumed as a collective, so perpetually online people often don’t understand or relate to it and think its only about guns, drugs, and tits.

  4. Most redditors are pathetic people who hate their lives and react with hostility and pitchforks to everything. Certified haters honestly, and I feel like a loser for even using the site lmao

  5. This is prime example of not everyone can handle success. He had everything going for him. Instead of doubling down on his strength he tried to become a thug by posting pictures with guns and rifles.

  6. Rap comes from the lower classes of society, especially in communities where crime is prevalent and is often the only form of economic development. Rap music covers these topics of crime, poverty, struggle and its no surprise some rappers continue to hang around those circles.

  7. It takes lot of courage and hardwork to stand from the ground and touch the sky, after so many difficulties he made it... "In his words success/fame don't come alone" it also brings lot of dark shadows along especially in short term, which worked against him to ended eventually with this sad event.

  8. Dont try to paint a false picture and stereotype. Things happen in all communities, not just the Punjabi community. Theres scandals and incidents in all politics. India is a whole different level of corruption, you cant compare an Uncle taking off a sign from peoples lawns to a entire system of 1 billion that runs on corruption from the smallest official to the PM.

  9. By chance do you ever listen to metal or rock music? Because there is a certain group of people who say shit like this.

  10. Would you feel the same about country and rock artists? Both genres have many songs about not following the laws and often include lyrics that go against the government, promote violence, and other antisocial behaviour.

  11. I agree. He wore a Turban but misrepresented what it stood for. Instead his song lyrics said something else, he poses making gun hand gestures and him posing with semi automatics. He was trying to change for the better and do good but it caught up to him. I don't feel sorry for him.

  12. So much hate on here. At least give the guy some credit for what’s it worth. Bunch of losers envious of a guy from a small village of Punjab who made a name for himself worldwide.

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