1. Man these comments are comical lol triple g looked like shit. Canelo won a clear fights. He didn’t knockout triple G but who has? Triple G fan boys just mad cause he lost and can accept he looked like ass.

  2. I'm going to say it because the hype on Canelo is simmering down, Benavidez eats him up and spits him out. Canelo will duck him as long as he can.

  3. I must say. It was nice to see Canelo jab at all. But this fight was barely competitive. GGG making Canelo miss a bunch was funny to watch. A good spar but no fight. Canelo has lost his edge.

  4. You guys suddenly forgot who GGG is? Or that canelo last fight was up a weight class when he is usually the smaller man even at 168?

  5. Lose lose fight for canelo here, he wins it’s an older GGG and now he’s gotta fight _______ insert name there. He loses, oh Jesus Christ he would be buried and we’d all praise GGG. One of those fights that happened out of no one wanting to fight anyone without outrageous money/stipulations.

  6. Beat ggg twice. The guy that said was Canelo's kryptonite that'll knock him out in 6. Mexican style. SMW undisputed. 160 unified, one belt short of undisputed. 175 champion. And disposed and possibly retired GGG or at least forever changed the way ggg will be looked at from here on. Moving on to better and bigger things. Win win win.

  7. Let's imagine a young Cus D'Amato Tyson vs lennox Lewis. Let's imagine a prime Margarito vs Mayweather. Let's imagine a prime pac vs floyd. Let's imagine a non drunk prime conditioned Duran vs SRL 2. Let's imagine a healthy unpoisoned water wilder vs fury. Let's imagine a prime healthy Sergio vs Cotto. Lmaoo.

  8. Is it a spicy take to call 115-113 almost as insulting as Adelaide's bullshit in the first fight of the trilogy? At best I'd call it gentlemanly but holy shit is it also inaccurate.

  9. I actually had this same scorecard, I gave Golovkin the first round, Canelo the next 7 and Golovkin the last four once Canelo got tired.

  10. Canelo never hurt G but G did hurt canelo with something to warrant all that holding. Anyways gg canelo you were the younger guy.

  11. As if the thorough back to school program wasn't enough. Canelo even took GGG's sponsorship and wore the Jordan brand in his face in their final fight. Canelo is more allegorical than conscious rap.

  12. It isn't a Triple H match without a single Pedigree or even a suplex. The game just got too old to pull off those moves I guess.

  13. Hot take, but Canelo is an old 32 and passed his prime as well. Dude's stamina is horrible. I gave Golovkin four out of the last five rounds.

  14. It’s not the model year but the miles. Canelo has been fighting for decades and it wouldn’t surprise me if it started to show.

  15. I’ve been looking for someone also saying this! Canelo looked slower in every aspect. I think he’s declined. It’s not completely unheard of for guys to start declining at his age especially when the have the mileage he has.

  16. He missed just about every loaded up shot he threw, dude literally landed 1 punch in the first round and 2 in the 2nd, was clearly outlanded with clean strikes in the 4th(swing round) 10th and 11th. I'm the biggest GGG fan boy and it seemed pretty clear like a 115-113 or 116-112 For Canelo. Overall I was super impressed with G's defensive improvements at 40 but he didn't let his hands go enough to get the W.

  17. He’s just not a 168lbs guy, he was best at MW. The Canelo of the second GGG fight was something special, if he stayed there and got older and his body matured that last bit, he would’ve murdered the division

  18. I feel like he's turning into a caricature of himself since 2018. Dude just never jabs, stalks, leans on the front foot and waits to counter. I do wonder if the many rounds and weight shifting is affecting him some at this point.

  19. Gave GGG 4 rounds. Nelo was looking like turtle in those final rounds. Y’all really just listen to bias commentary, making it seem this was a complete blowout.

  20. It kind of was, we had the winner halfway through the fight. Everything after doesn't mean much, knowing neither were going to get the finish. From Canelo's perspective, no reason to do anything risky either if you know you've got it in the bag

  21. Boxing's gotta get rid of PPV. College football, NFL, basketball, all these other sports have disappointing games that were overhyped, but when you're watching it on free TV it's no big deal. At over fifty bucks, boxing matches have to be phenomenal for people to feel like they didn't get screwed.

  22. those other sports have billionaire owners who share revenue, boxing doesnt. plus you didnt pay for it and its easy to not pay for it still watch it anyhow. Even tho in some cases you are stealing from the fighters

  23. It's a shame that I have to watch all top-tier boxing fights on mute. DAZN, Fox, Showtime, ESPN, Sky and BT all support stable fighters with the cash cow as the favourite. Such a weird sport for impartial commentating.

  24. Everyone saying please retire ggg after coming up to 168 against one of the arguably the greatest of all time while holding middleweight belts is a bit much. He was fine in last fights, granted not spectacular. This is still canelo ffs

  25. I'd rather he retired while in decent shape than labouring on. One fight too far is always hard to predict.

  26. Are all the people saying they've been scammed by the promo and the fight US or something? For UK with it being £9.99 it's not at all bad honestly. Just seeing two men hugging made it worth that for me, but maybe that says more about me???. How much was it in the states?

  27. 65$ U.S vs 10 euros U.K just to see triple g barely raise an eye brow pre round 8 and hug fest past round 9. gonzalez fight was pretty good I guess.

  28. legit angrier about how cheap your boxing ppvs are and how many aren't even ppv in the UK than I am about your free healthcare

  29. Feels sus. Been watching boxing along time. Both guys probably agreed to make money and spar. Was a horrible fight. Cards were a joke. I had GGG winning 2-3 rounds tops.

  30. Canelo looked like he was throwing with bad intentions tbh. Don't understand cards all night really especially with that judge giving gonzalez only 1 round lmao.

  31. GGG can walk away proud. Disappointed he lost obviously but he’s 40 years old, won a few rounds and didnt get hurt.

  32. with the amount triple g started clinching in those last few rounds it's highly debatable that he wasn't hurt. he didn't get dropped of course.

  33. To be honest, he looks good for a 40year old. How do u think other current top boxers today would look at 40? Probably not better than Golovkin

  34. I remember when G got fucked by the judges, the commentators weren't nearly as outspoken. This was more one sided but still

  35. Because it was in favour of their golden goose. Commentators do whatever is best for the platform profitability

  36. Exactly they were barley saying crap. I can easily say that day is when I stoped watching boxing frequently as before. Moved to Mma which tends to have better judging despite being harder to score.

  37. Look I'm asking this as a casual. What's the key to having a solid chin? I thought neck had a lot to do with it but GGG's ain't that big

  38. I see a lot of boxers, Canelo especially chewing gum, it strengthens the masseter muscles in the jaw-right under the ear and doing neck exercises but I think its mostly something you're born with.

  39. supposedly it's the shape and thickness of your skull mixed with neck muscles. it also might have bearing that better fighter get caught far less cleanly and roll with punches when they do.

  40. Tucked chin, solid neck. Also some people are hard to knockout, and then some other people will take absolutely fatal damage but still remain conscious. Like people who hit brick walls or get shot in the head and are 100% going to die within the next 30 seconds but are still coherent.

  41. like others are saying partly genetic and then neck strength. But GGg was known to be strong af back in the day. Crazy forearm strength and punching power which I think is generics and experience.

  42. I mean he weights 168 pounds, you dont look that muscular, he is more lanky and not broad like Canelo is. But I guess he has good genetics and thick bones, I mean he punches into foreheads with left overhands who nobody does because it can easily break your hand

  43. Seeing and rolling with the punches. Usually GGG is pulling when he gets hit. It's Def some neck and upper body strength. It's also part show- in the previous fights there's no doubt both fighters rocked each other but they do a great job of not showing it.

  44. Half of it is seeing the shots coming and bracing right for the impact. Golovkin rarely gets caught blind and always has his chin tucked really deep, ready to roll shots.

  45. Well the neck muscles and strength definitely help but I think personally it's mostly genetics and your facial structure that's just my opinion I could be completely wrong

  46. In the end, Canelo failed to knockout GGG, who ended his career with zero KO losses and only losing decisively once at the age of 40.

  47. I had GGG winning round 1,9,10,11,12, although I could also give Canelo 2/3 of those rounds, A 115-113 card really isn’t that crazy lmao, y’all trippin.

  48. Yeah exactly, not a whack score at all. GGG was smart to save energy, great game plan given his age and he almost pulled something off with it. Especially smart given canelo’s tendency to gas. Also slightly exposed canelo by making him arguably lose the second half of the fight. Looking back on the trilogy I’ll remember a 40 year old GGG putting in work on/with canelo last few rounds. Smart way to go out.

  49. I'm telling you, a 115-113 is an absolute embarrassment for this fight. It really, in every single way, is simply not accurate

  50. Gives you the check, something to live for when you get old, the lop sided scorecards and the ass whooping. What a legend King Canelo is.

  51. Not going to lie, it must feel so uncomfortable having to wear a whole shirt after sweating your ass off like that…

  52. So years of people bitching about scoring one will now be followed by people bitching about scoring the other way.

  53. As soon as his new trainer was talking about showcasing his boxing skills, I knew the outcome, Should've been "we need a KO early so go wild, because you're old and he's slicker than you already."

  54. This fight was comfortable for Canelo, but it also wasn't massively uncomfortable for Golovkin. Both are very smart guys, high IQ. Not easy to lure them into traps, etc. This is why it was more of a stalemate. While Golovkin was pretty poor, there's reasons Canelo didn't wanna go for the kill and didn't target the body as expected.

  55. Weird take. People forget the first 8 rounds where a stoppage looked likely and g literally didn't throw anything of consequence. Canelo needed a strong finish and didn't get it but the fight wasn't close and g looked outclassed and old until Canelo gassed a bit. Maybe that was G's plan but still

  56. Seems like canelo can't find his way against a good defense, add some fast footwork like Bivol and he faces true difficulty.

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