1. Unless it actually matters (like he can actually bowl well) id just let him know not to use it next week but give him a pass this week.

  2. One option to avoid conflict and a ruined evening would be to talk with league president at end of night so he/she can address the issue before next league night.

  3. Had it happen last year. We told him (new-ish to bowling at the time) but no one in the league cared enough to enforce it. Guy was averaging maybe 140-150, believe he's gotten a new ball since.

  4. The balance hole and thumb hole issues have both reared their ugly heads on leagues I bowl on. It usually turns into an unnecessarily heated discussion. Usual response from the bowler is "go f--k yourself" or "which p--sy on the league ratted me out".

  5. Exactly. Everyone had plenty of time to prepare. There's absolutely no reason anyone should get upset about it at this point. I think the rule is silly, but it's there, so it should be followed.

  6. Ah so it is a fairly new rule? I’ve learned of it recently myself and felt bad that no one called me out on it when I would no thumb for reverse hook 10pin but that was many years ago. Just got back into bowling and I guess that tule didn’t exist

  7. Our league wrote in the league instructions and mentioned in the pre-league meeting that it is the captains responsibility to make sure his/her team is bowling with proper equipment. We clearly outlined no balance holes or extra finger holes not in use with the exception of house balls. If your league told the bowlers and they still used an illegal ball, they can be pissed, but the score is invalid. Sanctioned leagues have rules for a reason.

  8. If it is a scratch league and people are taking their games seriously, then the rules should be followed more strictly. If it is a casual league, then it depends in my opinion. A balance hole should not be allowed, but if someone has a thumb hole that they don't use, then they obviously are not trying to gain an advantage over anyone so that should be ok.

  9. If it is a casual league and take being casual seriously (slightly intentional oxymoronic phrase used there), then they shouldn't be USBC sanctioned. If they are USBC sanctioned, then they are agreeing to abide by all USBC rules. They don't get to waive them just because they want to.

  10. So I bowled in a 3 person 10 week summer league and it was my first league and one of my buddies let me use his phase 3. Drilled to his hand and I couldn’t use the thumb hole because my thumb is bigger than his, I bowled all ten weeks two handed without using my thumb. I ended up averaging 130.

  11. The one thing to make sure is that people aren’t using a house ball when you bring up the rule to them. Some hardo in my sanctioned league brings up this rule to my teammate whose a 190 house ball bowler, bowls without using the thumb. It’s legal in the rule book.

  12. our league has told us to not even approach someone if they are using an illegal ball but to tell the sergeant at arms or the secretary immediately. there is one exception to the rule and that is house balls are exempt. some people use them for spare balls and they can use them with only two fingers.

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