1. Gonna have to get a small fluffy blanket for the couch. Soon as it gets below 70 outside they want to hide in the blankets

  2. that's so true! The ears are either up early or that's a tiny one. Mine was a runt though and has never refused any food of any kind whatsoever.

  3. Yeessss!! We tried some bougie food from the pet store (crazy $$$) and she ate it for a couple day and started getting a pink chin. Allergic. Welcome to the wonderful world of food allergies. 🤑

  4. Oh man oh man, your life is over in the best way possible 🥹🥹 he is ADORABLE 🥰 I can’t even stand those ears!! 😍😍

  5. Benji is beautiful and seems to have a sparkling personality! Bostons want to be with their people and they are the sweetest companions around-please give him a hug from me!🥰

  6. They’re stubborn little turds at times. Potty training might be a struggle. They’ll steal your bed, your blankets, pillows, and your heart. Oh, and they snore!

  7. Work on recall early and often. If you can find a treat that he really likes, it will make training sooooo much easier. Don’t be afraid of using a clicker training method. It makes training 10x easier.

  8. Stick to natural or organic foods. Stay away from fillers causes dry skin and possible allergies. I would look into fresh pet or raw frozen foods. Best wishes cute pup 🐶 💕 🙏✌️

  9. Brush his teeth regularly, watch the exercise in hot weather, be wary of over exertion, get his eyes checked regularly for cataracts, make sure the vet checks his heart carefully during vet visits--leaky valves, keep water out of his ears when giving a bath, check his inner ears regularly for yeast infection, keep his toes cut, keep him away from large dogs or strange dogs unless you are certain they are mellow, keep him away from cats--his eyes are extra vulnerable, and BTs are too trusting and are slow to discern danger. If he doesn't eat or poop regularly, something is wrong, if his belly gets a rash, could be a seasonal allergy, keep a supply of aqoquel handy.

  10. Start crate training ASAP! Bostons want to be in your bed, and that is fine (except the farts), but you want them to be comfortable in their crate as well, and beginning young makes a big difference. Also, if he gets pink chin, check his food for poultry. Both of our Bostons could not digest chicken but thrive on fish-based food.

  11. They love cuddling under blankets. Get ready for lots of splooting (we call it froggie legs!) and lots of donut mode (sleeping in a tight circle). Chill for a bit and then zoomies! Great breed. They are smart, train them when they’re young and they’ll listen and be loyal for years. But as I say this, I realize each dog is different and the experience for each owner is subjective.

  12. If you don’t know what it is, please look up “reverse sneezing” - your pup will do this and it’ll sound awful and you’ll probably freak out the first time it happens.

  13. PET INSURANCE!!! Bosties are prone to allergies, heart murmurs, and eye problems. You may never need it but when you do ….,

  14. So cute! My biggest advice is starting the training now, it’s never too early! We missed training our Bostie with some key manners early on and I regret it. They can learn even when they get older but take advantage of puppyhood while you can to get them trained well from the start! Have fun!

  15. Get him plenty of things to chew on so he doesn't chew your stuff. Ours loves toys. Whenever someone in the family gets a present, she gets one two (sometimes regifting her old toys).

  16. As others said, they love to burrow in blankets and covers! Prepare yourself for him to hot box your bed with smelly Boston farts on the regular ;)

  17. Congrats on your cute new addition! The energy in these guys is unmatched. Our guy didn’t settle down til about 2 years old and even today at 5 years old if we don’t tire him out he’s a maniac. But he is the most loving and hilarious little gremlin and I wouldn’t trade him for the world

  18. Patience patience patience. Lol. Ours is very food motivated which made training easier. She just turned two and still gets overly excited every time she sees someone. Anyone.

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