1. I love that they are able to still see them and spend time without the stress and responsibility of owning them ❤️❤️ very sweet relationships y’all have 🥰

  2. It is nice, the only other family that could take them moved to Reno so my grandma is very appreciative that we took them in. We’re only a few miles away and we also send her photos and videos a few times a week. Lol it definitely puts my wife and I in the lead for best grandchildren. We joke that my grandma gets more excited for us to bring the Bostons over then my cousins bringing their great grandchildren over.

  3. That's so awesome 👌, that you bring your dog's to visit 😀 with your grandparents. They can't really take care of dogs at their age but love their company. It's great all the way around

  4. Yeah that’s why my grandma asked us to take them. She loves them dearly but she was in a nasty accident and was already considering asking us to take them. It works out since my wife has enamored with the girls as soon as my family got them.

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