1. That face seems so sweet and innocent 😇 We make our 3 find a “spot”, on a dog bed or section of couch. That is where they stay while we eat! Sometimes when we are done they get a “sample” that goes in their bowls. They also have a rug that they sit on in the kitchen door way when we are making food for us or getting their meal ready! Sent you a pic!

  2. Our Boston Darcy would give us side eye because she wasn’t allowed to stare at us while we were eating. Or if there was a mirrored surface she would watch our reflections.

  3. Bulldozer is usually a patient, Bam-style beggar but if I'm on my bed or couch where I guess she thinks she has an all-access pass, she gets very pushy and tries to just help herself!

  4. Okay that’s exactly it 😂😂 he’s so good at the table but if I’m on my couch? He’s literally jumped up and tried to take stuff out of my hands 😂

  5. We also have one of each…Grits is wedged between thighs hoping for crumbs and Muddy knows floor hovering gets best nibbles…🙄🤣🤤

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