1. But like... does it work? I'm sure it moves, otherwise there would probably be no post, but does it actually move in response to stimuli or does the plant only move it to face what it thinks is the sun?

  2. All biological cells give off an electric “signal”. The sensors here are picking up these signals and mapping them to different movements in the robot arm

  3. It responds to electrical currents. Which is how our brains work. Not sure plants fire on the same level as gray matter but I'm no plantroboticist

  4. Fun fact: more plants die to feed farmed animals than if everyone on the planet were vegan. Their first target would be the meat and dairy industry.

  5. Sensors on the leaves measure electrical current changes which are fed to a microcontroller which drives the industrial robot arm

  6. But why. Why not put some water to water itself to see if is capable of learning or something interesting. Wtf brings a machete?

  7. We have been killing plants for millions of years, for food, for shelter, for warmth. This has been easy for humanity because the plants can't do anything about it

  8. I feel like the scientists were sooo close. What I think they needed to do is add a watering can to the arm. This provides positive reinforcement for the movements. It would be interesting to see if the plant could water itself when it wanted.

  9. Ranged characters will make short work of this boss, as it is stationary and the plant itself is extremely weak to fire. Just stay out of it's reach and lob moltovs at it and it'll all be over. Took me about 2 minutes the first time I encountered it.

  10. What if we put the potted plant on a roomba? We’d finally get that robot uprising we’ve been waiting for with a spicy floral flavor

  11. I want this as my best friend. I cast charm entity on plantchete with my guitar. *rolled dice 20 Plantchete and I walk arm in arm into the sunset. That's where the sun is going.

  12. I'm a little curious how a plant would react if it was given control of an LED strip at the end of a robot arm.

  13. Just wanna line my walls with a bunch of these holding LED candelabras. Like the og beauty and the beast.

  14. "hey I made a robot that has a plant for a brai..." "Give it a knife" "What? Why?" "Better yet, give it a sword specifically made for killing plants"

  15. Why the hell did they decide it needed a machete? If you must give it a weapon, a gun is a much more effective tool. Just make sure it has enough ammo.

  16. I guarantee you could interview every single human being who lived before us about how technology will be used in the future, and not one of them will say "ninja plants"

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