1. The story goes that this happened during the war and I recall my Grandmother told me that condoms were something sick people use. Maybe that was the attitude back then. Also: Apparently the story is a complete hoax.

  2. If he conceived 1500, can you imagine how many times did he had to have sex? Can’t afford this many condoms on postman’s salary.

  3. Old man ear syndrome. It's like the ears keep growing until they die. If a dude lives to 200 he's gonna be able to flap away into the sunset like Dumbo.

  4. God needs to stop slacking off and start impregnating virgins again. Lazy bastard’s been on vacation for the last 2022 years.

  5. So all the kids on his delivery route need to compare DNA tests with their romantic partner if they grew up in the same town.

  6. This reminds me of that one family guy ep, where a bunch of ppl that look exac like peter show up to his house, and then he remembered that one time he donated sperm after watching hentai

  7. As an ex postman, i can cofirm probably my tour was bugged cause in the morning i found only 60+ years old at home. I did it 3 years, not even a kiss.

  8. Wouldn't be the first time. There's a price to be paid for having things convenient. Used to be; a man had to go to the store to buy himself a pitcher of milk. But men got lazy. They wanted that milk delivered right to the door. Only problem was, the guy delivering that milk ended up fucking your wife. Sure you had your nice cold milk delivered right to your doorstep, but your wife was getting pounded out like a mallard duck... And now you've got your Amazon, the milkman's come back... And none of you are safe.

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