1. Not inherently BPD related, but I have "the view from" and "halfway down" on my knees. As a reminder to think before I react, especially when life seems pointless. It's from my favorite TV show, Bojack horseman, read by a character who commits suicide by jumping off of a bridge, but has doubts as he falls. full poem reads as follows:

  2. Bojack is also my favorite show. It's gotten me through some tough times. I've been thinking about a bojack tattoo for a while and you've inspired me.

  3. My black and white thinking won’t let me get tattoos I’ve always kind of wanted one but am paranoid since they are permanent. I always think “what If I hate this thing tomorrow or next year or 10 years from now?”

  4. I had similar thoughts, in a way having my first one as a practical piece (in place of an epilepsy wristband) helped and from there the others help provide mental stability - in fact the opposite of my concern! Some things and moods may change but those moments and choices last forever, which can be impactful when thinking my about (and sometimes life ending) decisions.

  5. I think the same thing but my logic is that if I can put up with hating my nose I can put up with hating my tattoo. At least a tattoo is something I chose.

  6. I have a crocus to remind myself that beautiful things can thrive in harsh environments, and that regardless of circumstance I can always make it through. Just like a crocus.

  7. Not saying don’t do it and your thought behind it is lovely but I used to work at a men’s prison and I did see this at least once… inmates love their finger tats. Actually they love all their tats.

  8. I have a diamond- the stone, not the shape- because diamonds are tough, and they’re formed through years and years of pressure and turmoil.

  9. Yes. I got the phrase 'Fear is the mind-killer' tattooed on my inner left fore-arm a month ago, shortly after diagnosis, though I had wanted it for months, just about general anxieties. But now it has even more meaning.

  10. I have a big Anubis arm piece because I plan on covering my arm with death related deities due to my chronic suicidal ideation from BPD. So, not really but kind of.

  11. I plan to get “may the bridges I burn light my way” with a hand holding a match once I finish trauma therapy as a reminder to keep my past behind me.

  12. I have a little pitiful looking rain cloud crying rain because I’m always sad and crying lol. I wish I could show you

  13. I have a storm and rain cloud on my temple ⛈ (yes face) and i always „joke“ that this is my weather forecast … i doubt that most ppl get it tho.

  14. I have a Neon Genesis Evangelion tattoo for depression and the creators coping with the loss of his mother. Also I feel my Howl tattoo fits too “A heart’s a heavy burden”

  15. I was thinking of getting a black circle with a white dot in the middle somewhere on my body. It's to represent the recurring feelings of emptiness and loneliness

  16. I have “Stay” on my left fore arm and “Strong” on my left fore arm. And as I’ve gotten older I’ve realized the significance within each word individually and not just as a phrase. I got them when I turned 18. Tried to self tattoo it at 15 with a sharpie/really strong henna ink and a sowing needle lol stay helps me focus when im disassociating/going thru a derealization phase. Strong, ironically, helps me think more rationally and feel more grounded when I’m feeling weak or too angry to control. Helps remind me that I’m strong enough, even when I don’t feel like it.

  17. I have a disco ball tattoo scheduled for September partly because of Taylor Swift’s “Mirrorball,” which feels VERY BPD to me.

  18. lmao i have been thinking about getting something for like 3 years now but always tell myself "nah csac this is just you being impulsive" IMPULSIVE FOR THE LAST 3 YEARS STRAIGHT ON THE SAME TOPIC

  19. Yes - both of my tattoos are related to conditions, one to BPD another to epilepsy, I will have another BpD related one in a couple of months, and another planned for my daughters birth. So essentially all of em have and will be - bar one

  20. The BPD one covers some old scars and is a little tongue in cheek reference to a MBT treatment program I was put in with a born again Christian who kept aligning everyone’s symptoms to the seven deadly sins - particularly me, so to prove it I tattooed them on

  21. My whole sleeve is a reminder of my mental health journey. I gave my tattoo artist loose concepts around song lyrics that resonate with me and she’s created the most beautiful pieces to bring those to life for me.

  22. I do! Its a girl crying with clouds on her head with her brain outside of her head and flowers growing out the brain. It says youll get over it

  23. I have a tattoo on my inner wrist that says “You are not your thoughts”. It was something my therapist said to me that made a huge impact so now I can remind myself whenever I look at my wrist.

  24. I don't know about you guys, but getting a BPD-related tattoo would make me struggle further with separating my mental illness from my identity. Does anyone else feel this way? /lighthearted

  25. It wasn’t intended to also represent bpd because I got it before I knew/got diagnosed with bpd but I have a sunflower on my ribs because sunflowers are meant to represent invisible disabilities. It now also represents to me my bpd. My other tattoos are kind of just impulsive ones probably due to my bpd ahah I like all of them though luckily

  26. Yes, I have 3 tattoos all related to fear. One says "wild and fearless" to remind myself to accept myself how I am. Another says "replace fear with curiosity " and the other is a scene from the little red riding hood with the big bad wolf to remind myself not to be eaten by my fears....

  27. I have three mountain peaks on my arm. They represent my sons and my miscarriage, but also the mountains I've climbed to become the person I am today.

  28. I was considering getting the phrase "every morning there are mountains to climb" for the daily struggles/inspiration. It's a lyric from Grimes's 'REALiTi'. Also considering, "feels like I'm dreaming, but I'm not sleeping" which is from 'Genius of Love'. But that's a little darker so Idk if I should be going in that direction.

  29. Hmm so I have a tattoo that is a black raven and a white raven silhouetted that is kind of bpd related. Basically to symbolize our black and white thinking. There’s also a rose underneath

  30. Hmmm thinking about it,they probably are. all of my tattoos are lettering quotes Lmao that I even forget sometimes 😭 actually the first 2 I got on April fools day, a year apart, without planning it to be that day for a joke or planning for it to be on the exact one year date hahahah

  31. Not directly, but I do have a horrible tattoo I got done when I was 19 in a manic episode. It’s two huge dancing stick figures on my back and one of their heads (that part was NOT my intention) looks like a penis.

  32. Kind of. I have a safety pin on my wrist that is done to look like it’s hooked through my skin. Even with the old school style it’s done in (meaning it looks like a pencil drawing) it’s kinda gruesome looking. I got it done in a not great headspace with the idea of replacing self harm with a tattoo. I tell people it’s related to punk music and clothing customization/creation which is a hobby of mine which is true but it’s not a full truth

  33. no single tattoo that I have captures my BPD, but they’re how i document different periods of my life, different emotional states… so all together, they tell my BPD story pretty well :)

  34. When I got cheated on a few months back I got 3 tats in one sitting 🥴 but they have meaning to me and I relate them to bpd. On my arm I have a lyric in Japanese from a song by Mitski that translates roughly to "my heart is about to burst". Then I got "bite back" on my thighs. The mitski one is just very "me" I guess, in that I feel my emotions, especially love, so so strongly. But then the bite back ones remind me not to let it be my downfall, and not to let myself get taken advantage of

  35. I’m currently getting tattooed to try to commit to no more self harm on my arm! Like I’m actively getting inked at the moment! I have a design post if you wanna look at my recent history. I’ll be posting a finished pic too in the next couple of days when we’re done. I’m pretty excited about it!

  36. Lots of trash self tattooed as self harm. Some large black dots and an ugly girl with ‘only girls can judge me’ are the worst best

  37. I’ve always been afraid of getting a tattoo. But at the same time I really want to get one on my arm or a finger or somewhere I’ll see it a lot because I want a reminder for when I start to split and spiral. Just like, something little to remind me who I am and who I want to be. I’ve wanted a tattoo like that for a decade and I literally think about getting it every week lmao.

  38. I've thought about getting some ink to cover my self harm scars specifically on my left arm, as that's where they're most concentrated, but no artwork that's in and of itself related to BPD

  39. Sometimes I think we get hooked on titles/labels. Maybe a really bad year, month, week or day can cause the same emotions. I feel the push for mental health awareness is swinging so far left that it’s really becoming mental health monotony. Please, don’t get me wrong. I’m all for awareness. Is it becoming too much, that people are becoming “deaf” to the importance of mental health/emotional well being?

  40. Well my cat gets worked up easily. I get worked up easily because I'm dysregulated. She's was partially feral and had a hard time being adopted because she's aggressive. Well she picks moods and recently decided to lash out and gave a me very artistic horizontal cat scratch on my left ankle and one line on the bottom of my foot. It looks intentional, or like SH. I got cat scratch fever and had to get meds for it. It's strange. But here I am. All of my other previous SH has healed perfectly except a deep cross on my left arm. I don't have any tattoos.

  41. I have pikachu on my ankle. It’s electric power reminds me of my anger management issues and it’s a character from my childhood which I believe was the first times I started to build that anger. I had pikachu socks that I loved, now I have a forever pikachu sock. I also have “the lovers” by magritte under my boob. I think it represents my love life. Falling in love blind, not knowing yourself or your partner enough but still pursuing the feeling, later to become a stranger. It has many meanings for me, it’s very special and teaches me to stop trying to make sense of love

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