1. More examples of bad heroes. As in morally. Like along the lines of corrupt, or abusive ones. Basically the kind that Stain claims to kill. If our only examples are the former Number Two hero and some idiot who can move around like as if he's in a Segway, then Stain's reason for murder just gets even more flimsy than it already is.

  2. The Full Gauntlets were just a plot device so that Midoriya could participate in the movie without doing more damage to himself that'd be weird if they never acknowledged it outside of the movie.

  3. I've gotten so use to fanfiction that I got defensive thinking "yes he is!" Then paused to actually consider your answer and now I'm just bummed because you're totally right. Lol

  4. While I’m not a massive fan of fics with a heavy focus on quirkless discrimination, I do like how lots of fics look at what being quirkless meant to Izuku, while in canon it’s kinda brushed over.

  5. Also I hate how being quirkless isn’t really mentioned ever again I’m canon like you’d think that would change his world view

  6. To be fair, as far as "The danger of villains," goes there really isn't anyone that can hold a candle to One For All's power outside of All For One's purview, and most of his men went into hiding when it was thought that All Might 86'd him. A.M. had pretty good reason to be lax with Izuku's training, as the only real threat to the mantle of the Symbol of Peace was thought to be pushing up daisies.

  7. Bakugo not having to wait until the downfall of society to formally apologize to Izuku. Yeah, it was more dramatic and impactful or whatever but they should have actually addressed the root of their issues when they fought it out.

  8. Joint training shiketsu and ketsubetsu. Only worthless necessity so far i know apply joint training suggestion. I heard in manga it did mention shiketsu consider joint training but never brought up till war arc

  9. What about weapon use for quirkless or at least someone like shinso quirk case in entrance exam ? No matter what i believe ua exam always has imbalance element, so why ua not consider give some access to safe weapon that is usable for exam. At least there are rare case of exam participant that at least train with weapon. Or in some fanfic case quirkless izuku that meet mei early before entrance exam. Mei offer izuku a chance to test mei support item, and mei gets recognition in support course quite big because a hero course student using her support item which means mei gets more access to develop her support item more. Also since izuku is quirkless, mei doesn't have to worry about quirk that backlash with support item

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