1. I'm a multi-shipper. There are not a lot of ships I won't give a chance. But I don't really like Bakudeku, mainly becaues its pairs up a bully with the kid they bullied and it doesn't sit right with me. It can be written very well, don't get me wrong, but it'll never be my main ship.

  2. MHA and the term 'suicide baited' is the most bullishit thing I've seen. Been both actively suicidal and been told to kms countless times. To say that another person has that much agency over you is an insult. People kill themselves over much more serious things.

  3. I agree the personality dynamics are interesting but their history is so terrible that any relationship with them just has horrible implications

  4. As a kacchako shipper i see why people don’t like it at all, but for me the appeal is having someone who puts Bakugou in his place. BakuDeku normally has Izuku being a massive pushover. Uraraka stands up for herself in most Kacchako fics. also Bakugou being a whipped manwife is funny as hell.

  5. I've written KiriBaku, BakuDeku makes me uncomfortable, while the other’s I'm neutral with. I won't write them, but if they're in a well written story I'll read them.

  6. In my opinion IzuOcha is a ship that’s just kinda boring? Like neither character compliments the other very well and it just feels lame. It’s not a bad ship just kinda meh, which is weird considering it’s supposed to be the canon ship with Izuku.

  7. I love how tododeku and kiribaku don’t have many votes. They’re both relatively harmless and happy ships, so it’s very hard to find fault. The downside is that they can be quite boring at times

  8. I really wish there's more KiriDeku ship fics, i mean in my head it makes more sense that if theyre together they help each other? Like deku learns from kiri that there are friends who wont hurt you and generally be a happy presence in his life while deku is just so encouraging? Boostingkiri's self esteem

  9. BakuDeku - This one I really don't like, but I can kind of see since Izuku admires him in a way. I just don't like it when bullying relationships turn into love though and can't see it changing. I'm more of a fan of fics where Bakugo gets his comeuppance or at least figures out what he's doing is wrong. To work, it needs a significant change of backstory or OOC behaviour.

  10. I'm a bit uncomfortable with TodoDeku simply because of Todoroki's past. Todoroki used to be closed off and emotionally immature. His suffering due to the abuse of his father and his mother (make no mistake I definitely consider Rei pouring boiling water on Shouto's face as abuse, especially since she was considered a safe place by baby Shouto) has stunted him. Sure Izuku went and broke down his walls and that's the part where I feel awkward about when shipping them. Izuku is Shouto's 'savior'. It means that there will be feelings regardless. What I'm worried about is whether or not Shouto can recognize if his feelings are romantic in nature or simply admiration and gratitude. Not to mention there's also Izuku's past to add in on the mix. Izuku might have relationship issues due to what Bakugou did to him in the past. If they get together, it makes their relationship dubious in nature.

  11. It's very close between izuocha and tododeku for me. They're fun to draw and I see the appeal, they're just so boring. I like exciting ships, with drama and questionable dynamics lol

  12. wait i read this wrong & voted for the one i think is best instead of worst lmaoo 😭i was like why is bakudeku so popular & then i realised i can’t read

  13. The only reason I ever have strong feelings about Kacchako is when I'm looking for an IzuOcha fic and see one where Izuku and Ochako used to date but then it becomes Kacchako instead.

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