1. There are no definitive sign for being bipolar. A diagnosis is done by a psychiatrist based on the collection of symptoms that you show.

  2. Start by talking to your school counselor. Talking to them a few times a week can give you a break from classes. I smoked during the last two years of high school. I had a pos doctor shoving stimulants down my throat. If I didn’t have marijuana to slow things down I would’ve snapped and killed a gym teacher. So I’m not going to necessarily tell you not to smoke, but the longer you can put it off the better you’ll be.

  3. there are diagnostic tests on CHADD.org and ADD.org with online support groups for ADHD. DBSA.org is good for depression and bipolar info as is NAMI.org. the three diagnosis’s share symptoms and often commingled or “co-morbid.” it’s quite possible to have both. for example, 80% of people with bp have ADHD, and 20% of those with ADHD have bp. Get a diagnosis first as THC in marijuana frequently causes psychosis for people with bipolar. Stress is a trigger for all three conditions. please see a psychiatrist and meditation, exercise and being in a supportive social environment helps, hence my earlier suggestion to join support groups because other participants can tell you if the symptoms match a diagnosis.

  4. Sorry to nit-pick, but I had a close friend with BPD who did not have anger outbursts to manipulate people or cut herself for attention. There are plenty of people with BPD who don’t fit the stereotypes that therapists still, unfortunately, have about them. She did have ups and downs that were triggered by her environment, whereas mine are much longer and are more random.

  5. Thank you for the info, I was just repeating what they said to me. And I'm only 17 so personality disorders can't really be fully diagnosed at this age, or so they said. Thank you for your kind words :)

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