1. Fun fact: In Jojo’s video she mentioned that hasbro is doing pro versions of the most requested parts (hence why we got Destroy’ in the battle set) so we’re probably gonna get drivers like Quick’ and Xtend+.

  2. They’re the new pro series hasbro beys, they’re going to remake like select beys to be closer to the Takara quality

  3. Hey, word got out that Hasbro pro series beys had bad teeth wear with normal use. Can you touch up on this in the video or just tell here if there actually is something to this? (I personally still think it may be TT elitists trying to shit on Hasbro again, but I have no proof as of now.)

  4. No Hasbro does actually use softer plastic than TT so TT drivers damage Hasbro teeth (Zankey showed that in his Engard video). Thats probably why Hasbro is making their own dash drivers

  5. We aren't elitists if the TT Beys actually are better. They look better ( like the anime), function better (have the anime gimmicks), and last longer.

  6. I stopped buying Hasbro a long time ago but if these are any good, I might give em a try. How does the pro series compare?

  7. They are a worlds difference from the regular hasbro beys but I’ve never owned or even felt a takara burst bey so I’m not sure how well they compare there

  8. Not yet, however it could be one they decide to do in the future. They’ve said they’re going to hand pick certain ones

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