1. I'm a metal fan myself but I really appreciate these because of how they paved the way for the metal series.

  2. Plastic gen basically prototyped so many gimmicks. Trypio sucked, but it gave us Garuda and Air Knight. Dranzer GT sucked, but it gave us Imperial Dragon.

  3. Thank you! I actually never owned these type of beys back in the day, I always wanted the big solid plastic ones because you could battle them and not break them

  4. As a teen currently who grew up with mfb, I gotta say... Still real god damn jealous that the boomers got these awesome bad boys.

  5. I never really understood how they worked because I grew up in the mfb gen so when I saw it I though "oh hey they are made like gundams or something thats cool"

  6. That is probably my favorite part of the plastic generation, having them on runners and putting your bey together feels sooooo satisfying, with the new stuff it’s kinda just drop in and turn

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