1. I still believe they must feel the pain in their sales books to stop provoking with such things, either by mistake (I doubt) or not.

  2. People are literally falling for Qanon level conspiracy theories with this and it’s literally infuriating. Are people that dense to this? Why would literally any brand intentionally promote child abuse? Why would any company want to tank sales when their ultimate goal is PROFIT? Do these conspiracy dumbasses think it’s profitable to appeal to pedos??

  3. Ugh I agree so much. People are overreacting so much if only they put this energy into actual issues ….and not an image of a perfectly fine child holding a bear with some strings on it. Makes me question where their brains are at.

  4. Your right wing people are literally spreading conspiracy theories, commiting treason, selling USA government secrets to other countries, stripping women of their bodily autonomy, responsible for the proliferation of mass shootings, supported an insurrection, villanizing the LGBTQ community as groomers, denying the existence of climate change, denying the existence of police brutality, have more connections to child trafficking and Epstein

  5. Purchased 2 hourglass bags earlier this month before the scandal and now I’m concerned people are going to think I support pedophelia if I post my bag on social media when I’m out with it, should I return while i can or do you think the brand will recover over time?

  6. I wouldn’t be concerned with what other people think. That said, depending on your career, it may not be a good look to carry these bags any time in the near future. Personally, I would return them and purchase one Chanel bag over a trendy bag like the hour glass. If you like the shape, Cartier just released a very similar style of bag. That is my suggestion anyways. Do whatever you wish though.

  7. If you wear any company that makes products that isn’t in Italy or North America, you’re complicit with mega pollution, and child slavery.

  8. I can't believe there are actual people that think this is all ok. It's disgusting and anyone who supports their campaign has extremely questionable morals.

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