1. They did have property rights in Europe at the time, thing is not all Native American tribes did, and the Native American tribes were either forced off or got a real shit deal

  2. Someone must have taught him history in opposite. This guy has his shit backwards 😂 Bravo to whoever taught him history. He may think that Jews have started the WW2 😆

  3. Wtf....this has to be the stupidest human being to ever speak in complete sentences. Ugh he sniffs farts 10000% certain that he buys and sniffs farts.

  4. Instead of just talking themselves into circles they talking themselves into being regressive it’s just insane how these people are like this I’ll never understand

  5. I completely literally agree with that the over regurgitated feces that he spews from his mouth. This guy deserves to be on iatpos.

  6. Please, just call them what they are, “Republicans.” As in, “Republicans are continuing the genocide of Native Americans by trying to force them off their land.”

  7. This is a clear case of two bullet theory, one to blow a hole in his knee to get a clean shot of his foot! I hope a runaway shopping cart in his local Walmart knocks him into oncoming traffic.

  8. There's a reason the gop has been defunding the public school for decades...today, they're out to destroy our education system w/talks of crt, book banning, limiting teachers' abilities to teach& doxxing them...

  9. Same fair court that awarded all land to all people including the native peoples…brute force court. All land was fought over on every continent and still is.

  10. I would assume that it's not that they don't understand the concept of property rights, but had a different law system. Can't come from another country saying that there's laws back there and they apply here.

  11. I don’t understand property rights cause I’m a savage. Where’s this guys house, imma go get me some land back 🙄

  12. People keep trying to tell me that just hitting these people when they speak like this is the wrong choice, but I still don't see it. This man needs a proper beating.

  13. ‘You don’t understand property rights, because you’re savages’ you say? I’m pretty sure a sale contract would not be binding if the signing party did not fundamentally understand what it was. It would be termed as unethical and hence void. So maybe you should get the fuck out of America

  14. I've been told to "pack up my teepee and move elsewhere" by someone in Oklahoma. 1st of all we never used teepees we had chukka, 2nd I'm choctaw. My ancestors were forced to Oklahoma. Our former lands was parts of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida. Oklahoma governor and other Republicans wish to disestablish our reservation along with that of the Creek, Seminole, Chickasaw and Cherokee. Stitt refuses to work with the tribes to the point of hurting non natives on the state all the while try to blame the tribes who try and try again to work cooperatively with the state.

  15. How is any of this thought provoking or hilarious? Its the same knuckle dragging word salad thats been said on this subject for over a century. The GOP is getting mighty brave embracing people like this. I knew the bar was already pretty low for Glen Beck and his media outlet but man it just gets worse. The white nationalist and extreme mormon fundamentalist beliefs are really just getting more and more mainstream with Beck and his media personalities.

  16. "This man is not afraid to speak his mind. We need more leaders like him" - The GOP circa 2016

  17. "Took it back". Think about how few people this guy can actually talk to in real life. He must be terrified of sharing his opinions anywhere other than his basement, because real people would laugh at him.

  18. Despite all that we’re still here. Still have our culture and traditions even though you kidnapped our grandparents when they were children and tried to beat and brainwash it out of them.

  19. Wow. As is anything he’s saying is even open to debate or interpretation. Unfortunately the Original Sin of this country is 400+ years of invasion and genocidal warfare.

  20. I’d love for this dude to do an ayahuasca ceremony or a sweat lodge with a bunch of Native American’s that are a lot bigger and stronger than him and have them take really really good care of him the whole time, I wonder if an experience like that would open his eyes to the fact that his hate is so destructive

  21. Bet his granddaddy came from Europe on the boat with nothing and look at him challenging native Americans

  22. I don’t pretend to be an expert, but I don’t believe the majority of Native American tribes had an understanding of property that settlers did. The idea of owning land to them made no sense. Again, not an expert by any means, but I feel as though I know a little bit more than this misfired pullout.

  23. Hehe... Nazi? Don't know that I agree with him, but what he is saying is hardly Nazi. Keep using that and it's meaning will become so watered down no one will care if you call them that.

  24. Kinda funny too how they say they “bought” all those Mexican lands when they kidnapped the president

  25. It's always cringe as fuck when they use terms like "we" and "your". Nobody alive today has anything to do with what happened hundreds of years ago.

  26. Yes it's messed up what he's saying and crazy yes but I truly believe in free speech regardless of how outlandish it is

  27. People actually upvoted this?!?!? People should be ashamed of themselves. I would gladly show someone what a true modern day savage looks like if this was said to my face.

  28. This hurts my ears, he's racist and all but honestly I'd be more surprised if he didn't use native Americans as some stupid fucking excuse and lie to be racist

  29. You're using examples to argue your point. The fact that you cannot find more, of which have very little evidence, and are limited to reading abstracts, I don't have the membership to read these journals

  30. Jesus, you're taking things out of context and implying my statements are 100% literal. It's fucking Reddit. And I'm sorry, using a document based around 19th century ideas is horseshit, especially in regards to Natives and white people determining how allotment go. Bu the 19th century much of Native Culture had assimilated aspects of Wuropean ideals.

  31. But if it makes you feel good to lie and say everyone was as awful as Europe, well, lol, that's some white guilt you need to work on.

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