1. You use the swing for about 6 months, and in my experience it was totally worth it. Need a shower? Throw them in the swing in the bathroom. Want to clean? Turn on the swing to keep them busy. I used that thing every day.

  2. This. Our swing was well loved. However it took awhile for us to figure that out, because we always put it on a slower setting and he never seemed content. My SIL put him in it and turned it on the crazy fast setting and BAM He was happy and quiet lmao.

  3. We used ours until 9 or 10 months, mainly until he got heavy enough that, while still within the weight limit, it started creaking. Great for keeping them happy while you need to do stuff. And better than the little bouncers because he started leaning out of that earlier than I expected.

  4. Yup. I thought it was a useless extra thing but was gifted one. Baby loved it. Used it at some point everyday 0-6 months.

  5. Unless you’re my daughter and hate the swing from nb to 7 and a half months and then go to daycare and love the swing there lol.

  6. I found both of mine on the local free swap group. It was awesome. Definitely used them multiple times daily for at least 6 months.

  7. Are you going to sit on the couch with them the entire time? Will you not want to be able to do stuff and things while 4-6 month old is sitting in their swing and/or seat drooling and flinging toys around?

  8. What's the difference between just leaving them in their crib, or on the floor in a confided/safe space, and putting them in a swing/seat?

  9. A bouncy chair or swing is a lifesaver. Even for a newborn. Can easily be moved around and is a safe place to put them if you're trying to complete other tasks. Also helps after feedings if they're elevated a little to reduce reflux and spitting up. Then as the weeks pass and they get older they can look around and such, and bounce or swing to keep them occupied and engaged. They also usually come with toys to play with and swat at. I personally prefer the bouncy seat as long as it has shoulder straps.

  10. My sister is not one to splurge on everything, so when she told me that the Baby Bjorn bouncer was a lifesaver early on with her kiddos I added it to my registry. The nice thing about it is that it’s light and you can move it around the house or fold it up and take it with you in the car very easily. She said she wouldn’t have showered without it.

  11. Second this. I got a cheap $35 bouncy seat on Amazon and it was a lifesaver with all 3 of my kids. $35 well spent!

  12. If you were thinking that a baby can sit on a regular sofa at 4- 6 months, you might want to just go ahead and listen to your wife on this one 😅

  13. Um, full supporter of the swing. And no, you can't just set a 4-6 month old on a regular sofa because the whole point is to have them safe and restrained where they can't wiggle fall onto the floor.

  14. Sit on a sofa.. bless your heart! 😂 You will want something safe and sturdy to lay the baby on while you do other things

  15. Not bashing OP here but he is gonna have a major wake up call when baby is here lol my son was a very early sitter at 4 months and he didn't actually "sit on the couch" like a regular person until a bit past 1 when he could easily climb up and down. I can't imagine a 4 month old just chillin on the couch when guests come over 😂

  16. My 14 month old can’t even sit on the couch. Sure, he can sit! But he drives to nose dive off of it the second I turn away. Or climb the cushions and nosedive off the back of it.

  17. Yes it’s necessary in my opinion. It’s also soothing to them to be rocked in a swing. Most babies will not like to be left alone on a playmat while you do other stuff. At 4-6 months they can start to roll so you can’t leave them alone on a sofa. My baby stopped using the swing at that age though.

  18. Need? No. Nice to have? Absolutely. It’s really nice to have another location to put them when doing tasks like cleaning, cooking, etc. You can’t leave them unattended on a couch.

  19. My baby started sitting at 5 months. Occasionally yes he’d topple over but for the most part sitting independently at 5 months. I’d still never leave him alone on the couch though

  20. It’s nice to have, but not a necessity. You can’t leave them unattended on the couch at 4-6 months, they can roll off or flop off and get seriously injured. A longer or swing or seat helps keep baby contained safely.

  21. Tbh you can’t even leave then unattended on a couch at one month. My son flung himself off of ours at five weeks while I was making myself lunch. His dad set him on it when he left for work and the baby wiggled himself right off somehow

  22. I went in thinking I wouldn't use one and by the time my son was 3 weeks old, my husband and I went to Target and bought one. It was definitely useful. In my experience, my son would play on the floor for a short time and then get fussy. I felt like in the swing or lounger that he had, he felt more secure and would stay there much longer without getting fussy.

  23. There are safe options that are simpler and better for motor skills. You want to envision stations in your home. So for us that means we have a pack n play, a bassinet, a fisher price rocker, play mat/activity gym in front of a mirror. We are following more of a RIE/Montessori approach and I’m an OT so I am hesitant to use containers like electronic swings. Container use should be limited to short periods of time because they can cause assorted issues like torticollis, plagiocephaly, and even gross motor delays if baby spends too much time contained. Every family has a different approach and you need to decide what makes the most sense for your parenting preferences

  24. I agree with this! We’re trying to avoid electronic baby gadgets and unnecessary container use. A blanket on the floor is also a perfectly safe place to set a baby for five minutes or a play mat and they can work on motor skills.

  25. I'm PT you saidnwhat I was going to say. We use a pack n play with our baby or just a blanket on the ground. He goes back in his crib for tummy time when we shower. I feel like this has helped him tolerate being put down more too. He's perfectly happy rolling around on his blanket with his toys

  26. With ya 💯on the more RIE/Montessori focused. We’re trying to raise a human who doesn’t need constant stimulation and whose motor skill development isn’t shaped or hindered by interference from gadgets. Now, talk To me when we have a screaming newborn and I might be eating these words 😂

  27. See if there's a Just Between Friends/big community consignment sale/kids consignment shop in your area. I got an almost brand new swing for like 50$ and when I'm done with it in six months, I'll sell it at the next big sale. I personally liked having a swing and a bouncer for those first few months, they like to be able to see you, but you also need to shower/do laundry/make dinner/adult with two free hands.

  28. What I was going to suggest! Or Facebook marketplace/offer up. Very few baby things need to be new (just car seat in my opinion), and if your baby hates it, you’re not out a bunch of cash. A friendly bought us one, but so far my one month old hates it! Prefers to be on a mat where she can wiggle her limbs around. But maybe she’ll love it later on. Second hand is the way to go

  29. We have a baby bjorn bouncer but not a swing. The bouncer can fold down flat and is usable up until 2 as a chair. We don’t use it super often maybe 2 x a week for like 15 minutes since I don’t believe in significant baby container time for motor development reasons, but it’s a nice place to put him if he is crabby or while I am eating I will sit him next to me in the bouncer while is it on the floor at the coffee table. I never leave him alone in there and I don’t let him sleep in it.

  30. I like having a bouncer but did not have a swing. Bouncers and swings are not safe for sleep, and I did not want the temptation particularly with a swing to use it for unsafe sleep, and I didn’t want anyone else to be tempted to use it for that either. Plus swings take up a lot of room.

  31. This was my big thing. I didn’t want anything in my house, that someone else watching my child might use inappropriately. Even if family members agree to your rules, we hear stories all the time of coming home to find MIL with baby asleep in the swing “it’s okay I’m watching her”. Supervised unsafe sleep is still unsafe sleep.

  32. This! People keep getting on my case for not having anything of this type on my registry but I don’t want the temptation nor do I want anyone else to be tempted.

  33. My first wouldn’t tolerate being put down in anything that wasn’t a person or actively moving for the first three months of his life. For us they were insanely worth it.

  34. It's so much easier to be able to pop them in a wee chair for a while , they don't always like being put on the floor, and the chairs may take up a little less room than the play mats if you're taking them in while you shower etc. Also if they are strapped in you know they aren't going anywhere.

  35. Personally i got a used one off marketplace, i figure it'll be useful for when i shower or when i have my hands dirty while cooking. Obviously baby wont spend a ton of time in it as i do want to prioritise floor play during baby's wake periodes but its nice to have the option to put baby into a safe seat close to me and have her be entertained by the motion for when my arms cant be immediately available.

  36. I would be wary of using the swing for a shower — swings are extremely dangerous for babies if they fall asleep. You would need to be doing an activity which you will not take eyes off baby, and would immediately notice them falling asleep and be able to immediately go and transfer them to either a crib, bassinet, or play yard. Maybe you could have a clear shower curtain, but it might be challenging if your head is covered in shampoo and you’ve got to jump out immediately to move baby to a safe sleep space.

  37. Commenting bc both my babies HATED the swing. They were much happier being wrapped and carried or even left on the floor with a mobil or baby gym. With my second I thought it would be safer to put him in the swing than on the floor but out eldest (22mo) just wanted to swing him aka push him as high as he could lol

  38. I didn’t see the need for a swing or a bouncer seat when my son was born either so I didn’t buy one.. that did not last long! Luckily a friend gifted me a swing after about a month and it blew my mind how I managed without it the first 30 days lmaoo! Just spend the extra and get a nice swing, keeps baby content and happy and helped keep me a lil more sane lol.

  39. I was totally fine without it. And those baby seats always seemed completely unnecessary - when baby wants to sit and watch me I just roll him around in the stroller. If you have a smaller space maybe a seat makes sense

  40. I don't know if it's normal in the US or not, but we used a "box" the most. It's sort of a crib but then square or round and for in the living room. We have a mattress in there, and we change the playmats for in it. At first it's on a high level because baby can't stand yet, and later on, you put it on a low level. With that, a baby swing/seat isn't needed. Also, in my country "babynests" are a total hype and I love it too, you can put baby safe next to you on the floor or on the couch, until they roll ofcourse.

  41. Do you have a link or a picture of the box set up you’re describing? I’m trying to picture it but having a hard time. It sounds appealing.

  42. We rarely used our baby swing or seat, preferring to put baby on a quilt on the floor. We actually got rid of them after the first two because we weren't using them; baby #3 never knew the difference.

  43. Glossing over how funny it is to imagine a 6 month old sitting on a couch safely all day, my advice is get the swing. You guys are going to need to get up as some point and knowing they're safely strapped to something facing one direction and they can't roll or flop out of it is a lifesaver.

  44. Just make sure to never allow your baby to fall asleep in a swing. Only a crib, bassinet, or play yard is a safe sleep space. They must immediately be moved to a safe sleep space if they fall asleep in a swing. If you read the manuals you’ll see they are not rated for sleep. This is a common misconception, and puts baby at risk for positional asphyxiation. So technically, the swings should only be used under observation. If you were in the shower, you might not notice baby falling asleep in the swing.

  45. You will get people saying they are indispensable and some who didn't use anything like that. We didn't with our first, mainly lack of space. And sometimes you get a baby who just doesn't like them. Others it is a wonderful item to have and the baby is super happy. Is it necessary...well mileage varies and it's different for different families.

  46. Absolutely not necessary. I never had one for my son. I get that people are saying "Well you can't just hold them all the time." I mean yes, you can, but also they sleep...a lot. And they generally should be sleeping in their crib so you aren't holding them then. You can also get a baby wearing device, which I get you can't usually use until their 3 months old or so, but a swing in my opinion is completely uncessary. Nice to have I'm sure, but not a necessity. Though do not leave them on the sofa, that is not a good idea at all.

  47. Leaving a 4-6 month old on the couch is a fall risk if you are not right there. The swing entertains them (& safely) so you can be in the same (quiet) room doing something else.

  48. I also thought you could just set a baby down... Not knowing that they would want to be constantly held, rocked, etc. A swing mimics that. Some babies you can just set down and they will chill. I will say the majority of the time that won't happen.

  49. When it comes to baby stuff, it's so hard to predict what will work for you, be the greatest thing over, or be a total waste of money. The swing didn't work for us but this

  50. It's nice to have options. Our first played on a blanket on the floor, his play mat/baby gym, or sat in literally the cheapest fisher price baby bouncer that was available.

  51. I think it's worth it. It's nice to mix up where they're sitting - the recline, etc. My first didn't like the swing, but loved the bouncer seat.

  52. So not had baby yet but it is literally the one thing everyone in my life with babies has said they swore by so it's definitely on my list.

  53. We didn't have any baby containers like that for our first baby. We just put him on a blanket on the floor with some toys, or under his activity mat. He was absolutely fine and content to do that.

  54. We only got the baby bjorn bouncer because everyone has said their baby loved it. We skipped any of those large swings, because they seem to be hit or miss (some babies love them and others hate them.)

  55. I think a swing can be a maybe but we couldn’t live without our bouncer. Not only for placing him somewhere safe, it was easy to move to different rooms and it helped him poop with the vibration when he was a newborn 😂

  56. Why don’t you want one? If it’s a money thing, you can try getting a gently used one for much less. I have 2 swings and baby is currently chilling in one. You asked why you can’t leave them in crib or other safe place. You can. But babies get bored, they NEED stimulation. The swing relaxes them. I also suggest a vibrating chair. I put him in there when I want to shower.

  57. If you have any friends that had babies in the last couple years, ask them if they have a swing they want to get rid of. We were given 3 baby swings, a Momaroo, a Rock n Play and numerous baby chairs/mats from friends who didn't want them anymore. Now they're just taking up space in our house waiting to be given to our next friend who has a baby. You'd be surprised how much stuff parents accumulate and will give you for free if you just ask

  58. We never had a bouncer or a swing. Baby is not 8 months old and there have been 0 times where I wish we had a bouncer or swing. She hangs out on her play mat or in her pack n play if we need to get things done. (Or now that she’s mobile she just crawls around and explores the house while we do things). If we have to leave the room we either take her with us or put her in the pack n play depending on why we’re leaving the room (tasks in another room baby comes with us, bathroom baby’s goes in the pack n play)

  59. My first spent a lot of time on the floor on a blanket prior to crawling. But did get a bouncer seat that was super convenient for times that the floor was perhaps not the cleanest (like in the kitchen while cooking). There is a fisher price bouncer seat that is 20 bucks, if you are looking for a cheap option. Used until 6 months or so.

  60. Technically yeah the newborn will sit on a mat but my god it will tell you how unhappy it is to be there. Swings or bouncers help soothe the baby while sitting there. At least that was my experience. My child hated being just set on a mat.

  61. It’s nice to have a constrained place like a bouncer while you’re doing things around the house. My friend even puts hers on the bathroom floor while she showers! If you’re on the fence check out goodbuy gear they have a lot of open box and gently used stuff so you don’t pay full price for something you’re not sure you’ll need

  62. We got a hand me down babybjörn and I bought an off brand attachment for some toys to bat at. It’s amazing. It’s so helpful and my 1st baby loved it and 2nd one is just starting using it. We put them in it next to us on the couch and bounce them. (Supervised only) And it can be turned to use as a toddler seat.

  63. from my own experience after having 3 kids... absolutely 100% yes you want a swing. It was the ONLY way my daughter would sleep for more than 15 minutes at a time (no one come at me for letting her sleep in it, we were watching her) , and it saved my sanity on SO may occasions. Your wife is right on this one.

  64. It’s very very helpful. If she’s going to be the primary carer in the early months, I’d defer to her. Yes, it’s technically fine to set them down on a flat surface, but if your baby is fussy, wants to watch the other people in the room, etc. a swing and/or bouncy seat can be a lifesaver. I put my daughter in hers while I did dishes, prepped bottles, so she could happily watch me. Setting her somewhere flat for that time would make her cry. Also, you should not put a newly sitting baby on a couch without constant supervision and/or a boppy. The floor is better at that age. Just listen to your wife, dude. I’m frustrated typing this tbh.

  65. We have a Baby Bjorn bouncer and it’s fantastic. It takes up a lot less space than a swing, is very portable, doesn’t require batteries or electricity. I am sure a swing would be nice but the bouncer has been great as a safe space to put our baby for a few minutes.

  66. I bought the super expensive nuna leaf and my husband was not thrilled with the purchase for the same reasons you are expressing. My baby hated the floor and we have cats so ensuring 100% clean was tough. My husband ended up loving the leaf more than anyone because he could safely put the baby down and not have to worry about stepping on him or having the cats get all over him. Would a cheaper one have sufficed? Probably. This one goes up to 100+ lbs though and my son still uses it at age 2 to relax in. It is probably our most used item by a landslide

  67. I have a newborn and I have a two in one swing/bouncer. The seat comes off the swinging (arm?) And then we can bring the bouncer chair from room to room as needed. It's been amazing and the plus is we only have one piece of baby gear instead of two.

  68. I found the swing/bouncer combo really helpful. Used it all the time! I could've skipped the bouncing activity center once baby was ready for that. Only used it a handful of times. The swing/bouncer is a good investment.

  69. So for all the stuff like swings, bouncers, play mats, walkers, etc BUY SECOND HAND. That's what we did. All those items are huge helps and some of them really helped with developmental stuff (the walkers were great especially) but buy stuff of of garagesale groups on Facebook. We save so much money, like hundreds of dollars.

  70. My son hated his swing so ymmv. If you get one get it used so your not wasting money on it. You can also get a bouncer. Those are much cheaper.

  71. We have to keep our baby upright for 15-20 minutes after each feeding or he'll spit up. So laying him down in that timeframe isn't an option. Definitely get a seat or swing. I'm sure you can find one on FB marketplace or the goodwill for cheap!

  72. You’ll discover what becomes necessary or not when you have a crying newborn who won’t let you do anything. I didn’t get a swing until my son was about a month old for this reason. And yeah it helped a lot because he didn’t always like to just be set down on the floor.

  73. Why is this even an issue? Sounds like you're being stubborn or stingy? Just humble up and get the swing, it's a safe place to put your babe.

  74. I have an 8 and 10 year old and now we are expecting another baby and we got rid of all of our previous baby supplies... And the number one thing that I want is that damn baby swing. I don't care about anything else except for an electric baby swing LOL. I know it sounds stupid but I call it the life-saving baby swing. You will not regret it and you will thank your lucky stars that you got that thing. That was the very first thing I put on my gift registry and I'm kicking myself that I ever got rid of it in the first place. I consider it a need, not a want. You won't regret it. You'll use that thing all the time. Probably more than almost anything else. From my experience, babies don't like to just lay flat on a play mat for very long. You have them gently rocking in a swing and they'll stay there forever unless they have a blowout or want food. Buy the damn swing 😂😂😂

  75. Please listen to your wife. Babies CRY AND SCREAM. Swings are damn godsends because it comforts them to sleep and they usually STAY ASLEEP. If it’s the money you have an issue with go on fb in moms groups and do the legwork to see if someone will donate it for free. Parenting is hard ESPECIALLY FOR A NEW MOM. Don’t make her life harder by stopping her from buying things that help her.

  76. I wouldn’t say you NEED it, but it’s definitely up in my top 3 things I’ll never skip out on. I’m on my third baby & a swing is a 100% necessity for ME. Especially if your wife is going to be the main caretaker. It’s so hard juggling cleaning, cooking, life & responsibilities while also holding a baby. Mine were good on a mat for about 10 minutes, swinging easily good until they needed changed, fed or put to bed. The motion & feeling of being held freed myself up to take care of the rest of my house. You don’t have to go crazy on one, but even a $30 (US) swing is a great investment for the months you’ll use it. I used mine until about 10 months, but I knew how much use it would get so I went for a higher end swing. Best advice is if your wife is convinced she will need it, get it for her.

  77. You need a baby container so your baby can sit up(ish) and look around but be buckled in. The cheap fisher price bouncy seats work just as well as a swing or fancy baby bjorn bouncer. And they’re cheap enough to get a couple for your key areas so you don’t have to haul them around. I even put mine on the kitchen counter while I wash bottles (supervised and safely of course).

  78. I had a swing with my first and she never liked it so I gave it away. This time I'm getting the Baby Bjorn bouncer, probably used. Babies can use it for way longer and you can get it with a toy bar that keeps them interested.

  79. The swing was a lifesaver for me when my LO was a newborn. However, do be careful! I let my newborn lay on there for a very long period of time so she now has a flat head. 😕

  80. I thought we didn’t need a swing but it is my husband’s favorite purchase. My baby loves it and it has allowed me to take many showers in peace

  81. All kids are different but I’ll say this… based on my experience with my first, if we didn’t still have the original swing and couldn’t afford to buy another one my husbands entire purpose in life would become making a swing before the arrival of baby number two 😂 that thing was a life saver

  82. It's more for your sanity They like to look around and need a safe place to be set sometimes, and the floor isn't always an option

  83. Not helpful but my first son loved his swing until he was too big for it. My second son hated any kind of swing or even the mamaroo. We used the boppy lounger for him in the first months under constant supervision, then a rocker/bouncer seat on the floor. (Boppy’s we’re recalled when my son was like a month but we never left him unsupervised on it.)

  84. I have limited space. I will not be getting one of these. We register for a playpen so figure I can use that or lay the baby down while I use the bathroom/shower.

  85. I have the mamaroo and my baby is known for just lounging in there for up to an hour on the Kangaroo setting speed 3. I would like to brag and say I had a shower this morning it was wonderful even put on some face serum. Didn’t manage to do my hair but a partial win is a win in my opinion

  86. We've bought a bouncer and baby bean bag. My SIL swears by the baby bean bag she got for my nephew when he was born

  87. With my firstborn we used the swing. With this second baby I got a bouncer. I think it’s super helpful to have one or the other! Baby will get bored/fussy in one position for too long, so having another option that’s hands free is great.

  88. I have the same thought. His nursery is right in the middle of the kitchen so if i need to cook or clean i was planning on just leaving him in his crib or a play mat which would be on the floor of his room. And if i need a shower i would just leave him with dad. I won’t buy one until baby is here and i see if it’s necessary. I don’t have a bouncer or swing

  89. So my two kids have been different— one enjoyed the swing and the other enjoyed a bouncer. For me a swing/bouncer (or later things like jumperoo and playmat) really saved my sanity when I came to cooking dinner, taking a shower, and eating while baby was awake but still wanted to be held/wanted attention, etc.

  90. I think it’s worth it because it offers you more places to set them down for a tiny bit. Like yeah she can lay down on her back in other areas but there is a lot of those and only one swing. The swinging motion can give her a different experience and that makes it worth it to me. I try to switch it up for her.

  91. The jolley jumper was my son's very favorite place in the world, between when he could hold his head, and when he began to walk. He needed to be physically busy. He thrived in it.

  92. The jolley jumper was my son's very favorite place in the world, between when he could hold his head, and when he began to walk. He needed to be physically busy. He thrived in it.

  93. We aren't getting a swing or seat before baby's here. I recognize we're super fortunate to have the flexibility to purchase one if we find we need it, but I prefer not to use one if it isn't absolutely necessary. Some babies will need a swing or something to be satisfied, and others will be cool to hang out on a blanket on the floor. The floor is preferable if baby will tolerate it (take a look into "container baby syndrome"), but if they won't you'll end up needing something.

  94. I don’t think it’s a necessity. My daughter is 16 weeks old and the only time she’s in her babybjorn bouncer is when I need to shower or eat my lunch. She also doesn’t like to be in a confined space so it only last 30mins. Otherwise, I put her on the floor as I have the TV playing. So I’m playing with her and once in a while glancing at the TV. My bf does the cooking so it makes it easier to watch her. Tbh, I even managed without the bouncer before since I didn’t want to spend so much money on something she may not even like (and I was right ). We were gifted a second hand one so it worked out 100% for us.

  95. Were on #3 and we absolutely need one, but that's because we have two other kids and no other comfortable, SAFE place to set him during the day. the swing also keeps them contained when they're a little bigger.

  96. they lovee it it’s not a necessity though. but it’s easier to put them down in a swing vs a crib because the swing feels like something to do for them vs a crib just being a little baby cage all they can do is stare around since they can’t move lol so they tend to get fussy quicker. but the swing will keep them content so they’re not crying when your making yourself a sandwich or going to pee or whatever you need to do

  97. Need? No. I would say since you seem to not be a fan of the idea to get a bouncer instead. They are usually cheaper and take up less space and I think is nice to have on hand. I like to use mine when I have to use the bathroom and my baby does not want me out of his sight. Or if I’m reading to him so that I can look him in the face without leaning over him. A pack and play (either a standard size one or one of the jumbo ones) would be better to put them in if you need to have them somewhere safe while you can’t hold them if you think there’s a need for it (pets, place isn’t baby proofed yet, etc).

  98. I had a swing that was never used for 2 kids more than 5 minutes lol and a bouncer seat that was used more often but still not much. I’d recommend the bouncer cause it’s cheaper and more portable… but I don’t think you need anything until 3 months or so

  99. Never used one with my first, probably won’t for this one either. The mamaroo and playmate were the only things used. We had a pack n play but my Lordy did my daughter hate that thing

  100. Yes, it's a nice addition but I'd advice you have a friend lend one to you just to try it out first and see if your baby will enjoy it. My daughter didn't want to stay for more than 10 15 minutes in it. She started rolling/sitting/crawling very early and by the time she was 5 months old she hated being restricted in one place and wanted to freely move around. But again every baby is different, if yours is on the calmer side they'd probably like it

  101. Small babies hate being stationary while alone. Mine refuses to be calm if laid down by himself while awake. Even when he’s on a mat he needs to be entertained by a person. The swing moves around enough that it makes him content. I would never be able to get anything done without it. (Plus they’re only about 20 bucks used and you can take the cover off and put it in the wash) it’s definitely worth it. Plus you can sell it for what you paid for it once baby grows out of it.

  102. My daughter personally loved her Greco swing. It was the only thing she let us put her in if we weren’t holding her. Every baby will be different but I know it was a life saver for us

  103. We bought a bouncer that played music and vibrated. My LO hated it, and either wanted to be held, but more often she just wanted to be down flat on her back on the floor because she liked to flap her arms and legs. She used it twice as a baby, including vomiting in it once. She does use it a lot now as a 2 yo as quiet time/reading spot. If I could go back I would still get one despite her not using it, because if she had liked it, it would have been super useful, plus we are pregnant with number 2 and they might like it. I would either buy it second hand though or borrow from a friend.

  104. Baby swing was my ultimate best purchase. I got one second hand on Facebook. Baby had reflux and it was the only thing that calmed her down.

  105. I didn’t use one. We had a dog and weren’t comfortable with leaving the baby so close to the floor. That said, you need to think about having somewhere safe to put your baby down. We had a tall basinette in the living room to deposit her in as a newborn, and later put up a pack and play in the living room.

  106. I just had a baby bouncer chair and that was enough when I needed to quickly do a task. Or she would play on her floor mat. My house is small so I can’t have all these humongous baby furniture things everywhere - we had to be selective with what we used

  107. I love my baby bjorn bouncer!! We use it so much. So much easier than a swing, more aesthetically pleasing imo, machine washable and holds a lot more weight than others. A little pricey but sometimes you can buy gently used for a lot less. 10/10 recommend!!

  108. Mom of 5.5 month old. I have a bouncer that was gifted and have used it maybe 30 times. I never used a swing and am glad I didn’t have more baby equipment. We play on the floor and I shower before he wakes up/during his naps. I didn’t think swing stuff was necessary because it’s not safe for sleep, but I did buy the bassinet for my stroller and used the heck out of that. I would wheel baby all over and shower with him in there since it was sleep safe. I say skip the swing, especially since you can always buy it later if you think you need it.

  109. Swing or sitter not necessarily, but something. We got Tripp Trapp with the newborn set, babies we know love it when they’re higher up and can interact and don’t feel “left out” as they do when they’re on the floor level and adults are wondering about, for example doing chores or eating dinner etc

  110. Wow didn’t even know this was a thing. We never had one, our son just had one of those mats and he was perfectly content. But reading the comments I’m amazed that this is such a thing. Maybe it’s because I’m not from the US but I don’t know anyone who has that (I’m from Germany btw)

  111. I think I'd wait until you have the baby to get one, honestly. More time on the floor is definitely more developmentally appropriate, but sometimes it is nice to have a break. We had a little bouncer chair that we used sometimes while we ate dinner or if she was super fussy. You can also baby wear them to the same effect though. Most OTs will tell you to limit the time babe spends "contained" so for me, I decided not to get one. I knew if it was available, I'd probably use it a bunch and it would be that much harder to limit her time in it.

  112. Definitely worth it! My babies would fuss unless they were moving. A mat or a bouncer just didn’t do the trick, and they couldn’t stand the swings that went forward and back, only the ones that went side to side. It really helps for when you need a moment, to shower, vacuum, make dinner/lunch/breakfast, do the dishes, clean up the home, etc. otherwise the baby might not let you put them down at all! We only used it until about 6-8 months, but it is SO worth it, similar to a carrier car seat vs a convertible, they only use it for a year or less, but it’s all so worth it. Edit: I just read the part about the sofa. No way in heck! Baby will roll off or fall and could very easily injure themselves! You don’t want them sitting alone on a sofa until they know how to walk and safely climb on and off the couch. That’s more like 18-24 months.

  113. A swing isn’t necessary but we found it very helpful. My daughter wanted to be held and bounced and rocked all the time, so putting her on the floor wasn’t always an option. The swing was nice to pop her into once in a while because it kept her happy for a bit (for example, when we ate dinner we put her in it in the room with us). Also no, baby can’t go on the couch at 4-6 months. I mean. They could if you were literally right there paying 100% attention. But they can’t sit at 4 months and most are only starting to at six and still floppy. Either way it’s dangerous if you’re looking for somewhere to pop a baby down for a moment.

  114. Pediatric occupational therapist here. My baby spends a lot of time on the play mat with a baby gym suspended overhead. She loves it so much and it is a better position for development. Although, too long on the back can result in flattening of the head. Chairs can be a nice alternative. Now that my baby is around 3 months, has better core strength and stability, and gets bored on her back, I’ll strap her in a reclined seat that sways with a toy for up to about 20 minutes - best not to keep a kiddo in any seat or carrier for too long. But I also understand that sometimes you gotta get stuff done and need a place to keep baby safely. Basically, it’s best to place baby in a variety of positions throughout the day, so use both. And don’t forget tummy time!

  115. My husband was also very skeptical about the swing. Less than 1 month in, he admitted the swing was clutch. Our little guy couldn’t lay down flat without throwing up, so unless he hung out in a swing or bouncer, we had to hold him. You need safe place to hold the baby for you (especially if you have a pet like us).

  116. Honestly our swing didn’t get much use but the seat itself did (it detached). Gave her a way to be more upright to see what we were doing while showering, cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc.

  117. I’ve got two one for upstairs one for down. Obviously you don’t NEED it like the baby isn’t gonna die without one but it’ll defo make things easier

  118. We did not have one when 1st baby was born, but the day we were leaving the hospital the nurses said how much our son loved the swing in the nursery and how it helped calm him. Que sending my husband to target for a swing before we got discharged. It saved us the first few weeks and it helped with having a cat so I knew the cat couldn't just walk on the baby and this time around it will protect our baby from a toddler running him over on the ground.

  119. Also gonna go against the grain here. We don't have one and I think you'd do fine without it. I also think it's one of the reasons our son learned to sit so early since if he wanted to hang out with us, we'd prop him up on the couch. If I need to step away, I would leave him in the crib/play area where I know it's safe.

  120. I would get a seat before a swing. I can bring the seat with me. It’s helpful for showers. I don’t feel comfortable leaving my infant in a swing unattended.

  121. I LOOOVE my swing. For both kids. There was a point that’s the only way I got them to sleep. Give them about 20-30 min then move them to bed once they’re out out lol.

  122. Oh yes. My daughter hated being set down unless she was moving in the fisher price swing. It was a lifesaver (she wanted to be held the first two months) but months 3-7 she took her best naps in the swing

  123. Couldn’t live without our bouncer seat. Showering, cleaning, eating dinner, fussy and won’t chill - seat helps with all of these! Also we have a reflux baby who needs to sit up after feedings so it helps with that too.

  124. GET A TWO IN ONE! Swing that has a detachable bouncer so you can take baby where you need to go. Babies are notorious for being pissed at laying down, belly or back they hate it. Swing allows them to sit up at a safe angle so they can see everything. And please don't ever leave baby unattended on a couch, even at 6 months they are sometimes still a little wobbly and they can fall off the couch head first.

  125. I find them to be one of those products that may or may not make your life easier. I have one on the registry in case someone buys it if not I’ll buy it myself

  126. We used our swing a lot until babe was 7 months and started trying to get out of it. Swing on the counter so she could watch us cook dinner, swing in the living room so she napped while we work, it was great.

  127. You can find a bunch of them on fb market place. I got mine as a gift but if I didn’t I would have bought it off of fb

  128. My boy loved the swing seat and we still only got round to using it a handful of times. It was too big an bulky to keep out all the time and then also too much effort to get out and use often.

  129. We have a swing and 2 baby chairs. Fischer price little lamb swing, The baby bjorn bouncer chair and the holy grail - the Fischer price deluxe infant to toddler rocker chair. We have 2 of them and all our kids ages 10, 8, 2, and 5 months all love it and use it daily.

  130. Maybe, maybe not as far as needing the swing. Not for the sittingon a regular sofa lol. None of my babies sat well until they were at least 6 months and even then I wouldn't have sat them on the sofa unless I was literally right there next to them. I had a newborn that was totally content to chill on a playmat, my first was NOT one of these. He was never chill. I wore him constantly except by the time he was 4 months old I was walking like a Disney witch. The swing let me eat, shower and use the rest room without listening to him scream like a freaking banshee the entire time. I highly recommend a sit me up, those things are my jam around 4-6 months. Super affordable too.

  131. It’s not an essential but for me, it saved my sanity. Yes, you can put baby down on their play mat or when they’re older maybe on your couch if you’re sitting next to them. But as a newborn a bouncer or a swing will keep most babies settled for much longer. And a slightly more mobile baby (trying to roll over for example) a bouncer which has a harness will keep them safe while you eat, put a load of laundry on, make a bottle, etc. Especially if your wife plans to breastfeed it will help. I would have to eat over my baby while he was feeding or poop while breastfeeding in the early days, but the bouncer made it much easier!

  132. Bouncy chair was our go-to! Put baby in it any time you needed to just chill for a second. Since it’s upright, she can see what we are doing so is less likely to get fussy. And it’s so lightweight and easily moveable that we could use it anywhere in the house.

  133. We got a free swing from a neighbor - from age 2-4 months LO loved it and allowed my wife and I to eat dinner together !

  134. Try the floor first/as much as possible but a seat is also nice to have. It's also a lot of baby preference... Some love the floor and hate a seat and some are the other way around.

  135. My newborn prefers the baby bouncer (baby bjorn) more than the swing but my first loved the swing. Although, newborns prefer to be held so mine doesn’t last very long in either. A few minutes, tops, unless he’s tired and about to pass out in it.

  136. I had one with my first and she hated it so we never used it. Instead we used a baby lounger (dock a toy) for when I was in the shower and stuff. I’d just lay it on the bathroom floor when showering. Once she was bigger, around 5 months or so, I’d put her in an activity table (skip hop)

  137. Don’t assume that that’s what baby will like. Babies like being held and being able to see you. My baby is 2.5 months old can’t stand being on his back and only tolerated playmat for like 5 minutes before fussing. He also hates baby wearers. I recommend a lounger that you can move around with you. I only have a swing now which gets me by but a lounger is more convenient because you can take it with you.

  138. We had/have a bouncy chair for both of my kids, and they both absolutely hated it and refused to sit in it for any period of time. Completely content on the floor, in the play gym. Even if you spend the money you never know what your kids will like.

  139. The bouncer was a life saver in the first 6 months. So easy to pop baby in with a few toys while I went to the bathroom or cooked dinner. It took up way less space then the swing.

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