1. Keep in mind - the most they can earn from that offering is $150m (it was for a set dollar amount, not shares). Which isn't going to make a big difference in the grand scheme of things.

  2. Wow it's so great to see so much support so fast. I'm truly grateful for all your support. This is exponential growth especially at this rate, we are about to make history. There is lots of hype and the good news has not even dropped yet. Congratulations everyone, you are one step closer to being rich!

  3. You’re a very sad individual. I hope you don’t lose too much money on your short position. If you actually put your money where your mouth is

  4. So algo gonna try push it down today? If so, more buying opportunity. Account loaded and waiting for open 😁

  5. I don’t think they can. I believe we’re at the start of the cycle. And fomo seems to be hitting. If some of these $2 calls get exercised we’re well on our way

  6. They’ve been brigading that sub since august. I feel sorry for the employees. They shouldn’t be putting up with their shit and stock talk over there.

  7. I have this tingly feeling there will be a gap up tomorrow. But I also have this shitty feeling that I may get hugely disappointed. Either way, I'm fucking holding.

  8. I don’t quite understand the call option situation. I’ve heard others mention call options at $80 being exercised, but I don’t understand why those people don’t just cancel those options and buy the stock at a much lower price instead? Like instead of waiting and buying it at $80 with their option, why not just buy ut at $2 now?

  9. Flew back to my home state and got drunk with my father this evening. Ranted about baby's bullish future and the stock market corruption/manipulation. Probably wasnt in my most articulate state and I think he thought I sounded like a conspiracy theorist lunatic.

  10. We’re gonna go a lot higher and don’t let the fud make you think otherwise. Look at party city (PRTY) which is basically bankrupt but yet up 118% today and another 32% AH. We’re building a lot of sentiment on other subs, stockwits, twitter etc + regsho + gamma ramp = extremely jacked tits 🚀

  11. a part of me thinks the powers that be know that trying to fuck shorts through the same ticker is too predictable and its far more effective to hit it from 2-3 diff ones. Im sure many in jimmy sub already know this as well, leveraging the small float size and tiny share price of 1 while the other is mostly locked up by drs.

  12. i cant blame them really, they been through hell the last 2-3 years and alot of them are hearing that their stores are shutting down

  13. Can anyone find that post in this sub from dumb and dumber where they ride on a scooter for miles? i lost it and want to watch it again because its wholesome af

  14. You know ppl at my workplace are asking me why me is grinning like an idiot. Like hell I'm gonna tell em. It's 1:30 P.M where I live.

  15. I guess if it makes you feel any better I panic bought at $2 (lowest for me) thinking it would be going back to $1.50. Moral now being buy ASAP.

  16. Moment of silence for coke rat c. Hes probably getting bed posts thrown at him and wont get his white powdered covered cheese rations for today.

  17. What’s a realistic price target and plz don’t say phone numbers because we all know that’s impossible

  18. If we start running we’ll probably roll through the options chain so 80 minimum, depends how many people are still buying options calls and fomo once they open new higher call numbers. Or the whole system breaks and gme and bbby have the moass. Who knows.

  19. If you asked me 2 years ago, my answer would've been $50 with a pie in the sky dream of $100. I never would've believed $450 ($483? I forget) was possible. When we got there I thought $1k wasn't unreasonable... then they turned off buying. Point is no one can answer your question. You need to set realistic goals for yourself based on your own position. Someone with [email protected]$20 has very different expectations than someone with [email protected]$2 or [email protected]$5. If your position is big enough to warrant the work, map out your feelings towards every major price action all the way up the chain and ask yourself: can I live with this amount if I sell before it moons and can I live with myself if I don't before it drops? The answers to those questions are going to be the only things left after all this is over.

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