1. I scratch my head a lot, it's not picking just nails scratching my scalp. I also like to hold my boobs sometimes because they are squishy and it's a nice like a stress ball.

  2. omg, 😂 the boobs. Yes. Fun bags! I play with them when I get bored, but then I try to be mindful of it so I don't randomly start doing it in a zoom meet 😆

  3. I do the scalp thing too. But I also pick at it too..its a bad stim and ive tried to replicate the sensation with a stim toy but I keep finding my way back to my scalp.

  4. Do you ever get facials? I started going and they really help smooth out the feeling of the skin so I pick less. I'll also try to hold off picking if a facial is scheduled because they will do extractions for me. But I often can't wait.

  5. I literally picked something today just by feel, that was on my upper inner thigh. Whatever came out was solid and kinda freaked me out

  6. HAHAHA I CAME TO COMMENT EXACTLY THIS AND I SCROLLED A BIT TO SEE IF THERE WAS ANYBODY ELSE. At home I tend to play with my pubes (absolutely not sexual) without even realizing

  7. Definitely picking my nose. My sister constantly shames me for it even though I tell her every time that I can’t control it. I also eat my hair, I’ll brush my hand through my hair and eat the loose individual hairs.

  8. My best friend stims by picking her nose (and eating it). We make a great pair because I have a pretty extreme sensory aversion to snot and hate even blowing my own nose. But my ‘gross’ stim is chewing my cheek which would be fine if it didn’t make me gurn like I’m on molly…

  9. I am actually so mad I didn’t know I was in good company for the gross stuff I do. Like, just looking at all these comments holy shit I relate to so many of them. I didn’t even realize it could be an autism thing. I just thought I was gross and always felt ashamed.

  10. Right!! I love this sub so much and this thread is so fantastic! I have been super embarrassed about my "gross" stims and used to just suffer in public then stim like crazy when I got home. I had done a little research before on nail biting as a stim and found some good threads about it but it's so comforting to know that a lot of us have stims that society deems gross!

  11. No need to be ashamed. I think as women we have been conditioned to think we need to be clean and pretty all the time. But men can be nasty and no one says anything about that. Most of them will pee without wiping- how many women do you think you that that? Probably very few as you would feel soggy and damp all day. At the end of the day we all burp, fart, sweat and everything else and there is nothing wrong with quietly enjoying some of our less pretty bodily functions. I get what you mean about not realising it may be an autism thing though.

  12. It’s so bad but I like the feeling of picking off a chunk of scalp that was bumpy. And then it starts bleeding and I’m like, shit, I gotta stop this :(

  13. Cracking knuckles is gross? Shit, I do that all the time... I definitely feel it's a stime for me, and nomatter what I have to crack all of them which ends up being 20 pops or something (generally two for each finger, including thumbs)

  14. I pick my nose (and eat it 🙊). I also pull my hair out and eat the follicle, and bite my nails but not as bad as I used to

  15. picking my nose and eating it is one of the strongest memories from youth. The only reason I stopped eating it is because I moved to a big city and it doesn't taste nice any more.. 😫

  16. Putting my pinky in my ear (I used to put other things like pencils in there which is really dangerous and after scaring myself that I was going to damage my ear I broke that habit). I think I have that Neanderthal gene that makes me produce excessive ear wax so it gets itchy 😂 I also live for a good clean pimple squeeze.

  17. I use a qtip every morning right away - when my ears are still sweaty and there's not enough earwax to be an issue (doctors say don't because most people who do have enough wax that it'll get pushed in and compacted which is bad), but it makes my ears so much less itchy over the day!

  18. This. It’s an everywhere issue for me. I’m like, super aware that I probably look like I’m on drugs when I do it in public but I just. can’t. help myself.

  19. I pick at the skin around my nails/bite it. It bleeds a lot and it looks pretty bad to others even post “recovery” when my skin is better but still very callused. I don’t necessarily enjoy it but it’s become routine.

  20. I pick my skin and pores and ingrown hairs and scabs and scars, I bite the inside of my cheeks and eat the skin, I pick my nose, I bite my finger and toe nails.

  21. I can't help picking my nose. Tissues don't do enough for the gross nose feeling and... Warning here for gross tmi. You have been warned. Every once in a while, there's those long, stringy boogies that go waaay back in your nose and when you pull them out all in one piece it feels so friggin GOOD and then your nose feels so open and clean. I understand this is unhygienic and all, and I'm not proud of it. But it can be a huge relief of pressure and stress for me.

  22. This isn't necessarily gross, but it's something I can't openly do for obvious reasons; unless both of my hands are busy, one is always on my genitals messing around. It's never a sexual thing, but sometimes I do it too much and have to masturbate to get over it. It's a pain in the ass

  23. Omg I do the same thing, with touching myself. Just like, fiddling with the skin folds and stuff. Especially if my stomach is upset, it helps me stay calm, but again not in an even vaguely sexual way.

  24. Yes I have several such as picking my nose and scratching any bump on my skin. I am able to control these things so that I only do it in private most of the time. What I notice most is how absolutely compelling it is once I get started, I feel that I have to "finish the job" at any cost. I remember that as a child I was accused of eating my hair by classmates but the embarrassment made me stop. It only happened during PE when I was feeling my worst.

  25. Biting my nails, but actually continuing to chew the nail I’ve tore off in my mouth, I love the feel of it between my teeth, I chew it until it’s almost disintegrated and spit the remaining bits out. My partner says I’m vile but laughs at the same time ☺️🙃

  26. i am *very bony*. i rub my clavicle and ribs and sternum. i just rub my fingers over them like a stylophone.

  27. Skin picker here! But to the point it causes absolute massacres of bloody scabs. I managed to stop doing it to my face but the pads of my thumbs are shredded. The backs of my arms are in bits. Even if there’s nothing there to pick I will pick a pore until it’s a scab. When I’m stressed it gets so much worse

  28. I pull out my hair so much that I’ve developed bald spots around my hairline . For the last 10 years, I’ve worn a shaved head to help me resist the urge to pull it out.

  29. always grateful for this conversation—i joined in the last one but i’ll join in this one too because #solidarity and also #catharsis

  30. It's very normal for small children to masturbate. I used to hump the PE equipment in school aged about five. Other kids would ask me what the hell I was doing and I would tell them it gave me a 'funny feeling'. 😭🤣 Obviously I had no clue it was inappropriate to do so publicly but I do sometimes wonder why a staff member didn't stop me.

  31. I pick at my skin when I'm anxious, even subconsciously. I used to think I have excoriation disorder until I realized it's a form of stimming. When I'm going through a rough time my scalp, face, and ears end up so raw. :(

  32. I like smelling certain things, like actually put my nose there and smell it. I've had some pp tell me it's gross, so now I try to smell really close but without touching my nose

  33. I love that you started this thread! Let's normalise human behaviour instead of thinking we are the only gross ones and everyone else is perfect. That doesn't do anyone good!

  34. Knuckle crack, finger nail biting, I have bitten my toenails… tried to stop that tho. Used to suck on my sleeves and my hair, but also stopped that. I still like to pick my nose and scratch my head as well as a lot of holding my own boobs since they are comfortable and warm. The stims I stopped were due to a lot of very very harsh discipline from adults in my life.

  35. I'm the same! Chronic nail biter to the point where I get infections on my fingers and I bite my toe nails too, it just feels right. I'm so embarrassed to let anyone know though. Also idk if anyone relates to this but mastrubating? I started at a very young age and it calms me but idk if it's a stim or not?

  36. When I was younger, I used to bite at & eat this scab that I had on my thumb. I did this for YEARS, so it got bigger and bigger. My parents had to make me stop lol

  37. I start scratching my shirt under my left boob. More like the ribs. It feels like kind of a concealed stim but then the the other day the dentist asked me if I was okay while I was doing it so guess not😅

  38. I’m defo a skin picker ! My “worst” one is that I pick at my piercing especially in my nose 🤷‍♀️. Some men don’t even wipe so I’m not grossed out by this group !

  39. Chewing/sucking hair was huge for me as a child but I’ve had short hair since I was a teenager so that was solved. I’m trying to grow my hair long again and hopefully won’t fall back into that habit

  40. When I blow my nose it never all comes out so I take a little square of tp and clean out my nostrils with it but it seems like something I shouldn’t do around people so I try to hide it…they end up being little aerodynamic booger darts lmao

  41. Kinda in a different vein than what most of the others have said, i often find myself idly putting my hand down my pants and flopping my penis back and forth (not in a masturbatory way just a whee floppy thing way)

  42. Picking at and biting nails. And just like regular stimming, if someone physically stops me (my brother is guilty of having done this multiple times) it’s a fast track to being in distress, and possible meltdowns.

  43. Am I the only one here who picks their nose and doesn’t eat it? 😂 Like no shame but wouldn’t it taste really bad?

  44. I don't eat my boogers. I tried a couple times because I eat my scabs and stuff and I did not like the flavor or texture lol. Too sticky and too salty.

  45. oh god same— honestly for both. I thought I was the only one. For the longest time, I didn’t realize both were stimming. I guess it’s still hard for me to tell when masturbation is stimming vs. not bc ive equated them and probably have a skewed understanding now 🥴

  46. I have onychotillomania (maybe not a stim so much as an anxious/OCD behavior), pick my nose a LOT and enjoy unclogging gross things like drains (I think those are related), pull my pubes, and rub my hair against my lips.

  47. Ooh the running hair against you lips is one I used to do so much. I just love the feeling of pulling a flat chunk of hair across my lips. So nice.

  48. I pick any scabs/dry skin/pimples/bumps on my body and eat them. Usually my head, face and arms. I also bite my cuticles and chew on whatever dead skin I can get off. The head one is one I'm trying to break. I pick off some of the bumps/scabs and then my head is super itchy and it leads to more picking and then I wake up in the morning with blood on my pillow from scratching my head while I'm sleeping. It can make it hard to go and get my haircut because I'm embarrassed of the state of my scalp.

  49. One that I used to do when I was a kid was suck and chew on a chunk of my hair. Then one day my elementary school nurse told my mom and she told me not to anymore so I picked up nail biting instead.

  50. Disclaimer im undiagnosed and don't really know if im autistic or not but I pick my nose because I find it satisfying to remove the boogers lol, the same with earwax, im constantly checking for boogers and ear wax, removing it is so satisfying especially when I look at the results. Im not limited to my own body, ill clean my little brothers nose and ears if he let's me, although usually he doesn't because he doesn't like how it feels, he's diagnosed so it sprobably sensory issues. Also i pick at scabs, pimples etc. I also like scratching my scalp and then examining the gross buildup that collects under my nails

  51. I smell the floss when I floss my teeth. It's a really horrible smell when you've not done it for a few days (a build up of rotten food in the crevices your toothbrush can't get to) but it's a weird little compulsion I have.

  52. One I haven’t seen yet is I take out each earring rub my ear then smell my fingers and earring. It’s progressed to having my fingers in front of my nose a lot of scraping any oil I have on skin/scalp too and smelling :/

  53. I love you people!! I relate to a lot of these. My big ones are picking at my skin especially my dry lips. Even with water and chapstick they're so dry. I pick at them until they bleed sometimes. I also used to scratch my dandruff off or scratch my hair part until it bled. I also love to gnaw at my hands (more often my husband's!) I love the feeling of bone and muscle. It's a soft gnaw like a dog with a rawhide. Also not sure if it counts but something my husband does to hype me up and it gets me so happy and dancing he gently pats my butt cheeks in a slow to faster rhythm one cheek at a time. Like gentle pats on a bongo drum. It gets me so excited!! Like winding up a toy and letting it go lol

  54. Idk about gross but I really try avoiding doing it in public. I have trichotillmania so I pull my hair strand by strand. It’s really hard to drop the habit. It started as just hair twisting stim since a kid and I’ve got it down mostly to where I just feel the texture of the hair constantly and don’t pull them out anymore.

  55. I've managed to move away from the habit of nail biting, but I pick at my scalp and twist/peel/pull my hair. Popping pimples on my arms is another one.

  56. I have trichotillomania. I even eat my hair, specially when it has a funny texture... it used to be so bad I got a bald spot on my head and family was noticing. now I do it with my leg hair and it's better bc nobody cares and I'm supposed to shave it anyway lol

  57. I tear my nails instead of cutting them. I tend to do it when I'm stressed or overstimulated. I'll look down and they're all crazy jagged and awful looking.

  58. As a kid I had to remove whatever was on the tip of my tongue whenever I ate something. I'd use my hand, wiped off whatever I thought was on my tongue on my hand or finger, then I'd wipe it the back of my family couch. Or on my pants. I had to, I just couldn't stop it. It would feel like I had like a dead bug or a string of hair on my tongue, and it drove me insane.

  59. I also bite my nails. I don’t ever clip them because they’re always short from biting. I’m always amazed at people who have long nails because they’d bother me so much if I had long nails lol

  60. I recently have been trying to stop biting my nails and the long nails are so annoying. But I also don't like clipping them because then there's a sharp/rough edge and I hate the feeling of filing nails. It actually hurts my teeth to file my nails.

  61. I am a nail biter as well. I also bite the inside of my cheeks and lips. If my hair is long enough I'm looking for split ends constantly and ripping them out. And yes I also have picked my nose since I was a baby, I'm now 23 and still can't stop. It bothers me so much if I have any boogers in my nose and I don't always have a tissue around. 😅😅😭

  62. I tear off my fingernails. I also have a habit of tearing off my nail polish if I’m wearing it. Picking my nose was something I used to do often. Scratching my ears and head is also common for me.

  63. Hair chewing, nail-biting, skin scratching (as if itching something, not to draw blood), all are seen as "gross," which I don't necessarily disagree with. The pandemic helped a lot with nail-biting, since I got really stressed about hand hygiene.

  64. I bite the skin off my lips and honestly usually just swallow it. I hate that I do it because it makes my lips hurt and the swallowing almost feels necessary rather than a conscious choice

  65. Biting the skin off my fingers and nail biting, something I just can’t really help but do all the time.

  66. nail biter for life. Not just biter, but picker. I am in my 40s now but in school i used to sharpen my pencils (by rubbing the same side of the lead down so it was super sharp) and I'd use those to pick the hell out of hang nails and the side of my nails. I used knives to cut my cuticles and trim them. Still do. There are times life gets busy and they actually grow out a little, but even a movie that makes me a little anxious, of boredom, etc and they are gone. Toenails, too, but these days I can't reach them to chew them. Skin picking, if I get a little bump from something, I'll pick that sucker until it's scabbing over for months at a time. Scalp, too, though not recently on that as much. There were times in my past I had sections of my scalp that were just like open sores. I am also a counter, but the counting has to be connected to a movement with my body. More commonly, I will just count by tapping fingers to my thumb. Always in a pattern, always the same number, always have to do it forwards and backward (starting with thumb, starting with pinky). But I'll count to leg bouncing or muscle flexing too in my legs. butt muscle, thigh muscle, knee, calf, foot. Flex, release, while counting the same way I do with my fingers. The fingers people have never noticed, but I have no doubt I annoy the crap out of people with my leg bouncing. I get super restless in my body and have to move and there are times I cannot bounce them enough to help and will shake furniture. When that happens I will sit on the floor which helps, so does foam rolling and percussive massage gun.

  67. Been a chronic nose picker my whole life! Never eaten them tho, never something that I enjoyed. Nail chewing also, well it’s more like nail ripping, one broken corner and it’s over, the top of the nail is coming right off…

  68. Lots of people putting mail biting and chewing here, but does anyone else like, destroy the nail? I play with it between my teeth until there’s a loose bit and then peel the layers of idk keratin? Apart until there’s nothing left. It’s like a tiny puzzle in my mouth

  69. My toenails are toast too, but from picking. I don’t pick my cuticles, I pick at the surfaces and tips of my fingernails and toenails. It’s a compulsion but also, to be honest, I enjoy it and find it one of the only things I do that makes me feel absolutely calm and relaxed. I also pick at my scalp as a “backup”.

  70. i peel/scratch the dead skin off my lips a lot. i wash my hands a lot, maybe too much, so it’s not as gross to ME, but other people who watch my put my hands basically in my mouth all the time don’t know that.

  71. I scratch skin off my scalp, and I peel skin off my fingertips until they’re all bloody. I modeled in my 20’s and 30’s and it was always an issue that my fingers were visibly injured.

  72. Yea picking my nose. I’ve gotten a little bit better at not eating it. Now I sometimes end up trying to feed it to my pets but I’ve also got better at that and try to put it in a tissue.

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