1. I swapped to wearing soft bras (like sports bras but soft) during the first lockdown and I've never stopped. So much more comfortable.

  2. This!! I ordered mine off of Amazon, they're like 'bralettes'. I have gained a bit of weight over COVID and this helps with the extra boob I now have. No wires cutting into you, and the straps are soft so they don't bother my shoulders either.

  3. If you don’t mind me asking, what kind of soft bras work well for you? I have tried a few kinds of wireless ones but they’re all not great in different ways

  4. I just want to plug one of my favourite brands Free Label, who created the best soft bras I’ve ever tried, and developed one for folks with cup sizes DD to K - and they have a really wide variety of models so you can see how they fit on bigger busts. Just for the sake of sharing the underwire-averse, sensory-sensitivity garment treasure 😂

  5. Same! I only wear Hanes or fruit of the loom cotton bras. Mine are on the smaller side of things, but I just feel unprotected without a bra. And even the soft ones offer at least a little support for when I need to run down some stairs!

  6. Same! I have small breasts so I can get away with wearing an xl training bra from the kids section. I also really like wearing these Calvin Klein soft bras. It’s nice to feel somewhat supported but also very comfy!

  7. This! It's fine when I'm just laying around my house watching TV, or sleeping. But if I'm doing anything remotely active I need a bra or the movement bugs me.

  8. I agree with this. If I don’t have a bra on, I can’t have a shirt on either. Flopping boobs is only ok if no shirt. Idk how that makes sense, but it does to me.

  9. It hurts I walk or run around with one. I hate them but I don’t like resulting pain of not wearing one more. I use a plain cotton one without any underwire. Underwires are evil.

  10. Yeah, I wear super tight sports bras partially for that reason and partially because I'm not always super comfortable with having boobs. I've been getting rashes lately around the band so I've had to stop :(

  11. I hate the feeling unless its the right kind of bra for me (big breasts for my frame) but unlike others I ABSOLUTELY hate going braless

  12. I'm glad I'm not alone in hating that boob on ribcage sensation. Even just in the shower it can be unbearable so sometimes I end up cradling them with an arm like a damn anime girl. And mine aren't even big!

  13. oh absolutely, i’m also big-breasted and my version of “braless” is a comfortable sports bra, bralette, or cami with built-in bra; cannot handle boob skin on my chest (one of my least favorite parts of sex 💀), it’s an icky feeling and it gets so sweaty! on the rare occasions where i’ve had to go truly braless for certain dresses, i use tape to pull them up and put deodorant and baby powder on the underboob.

  14. I’ve been saying that since I was 15. I also have gotten good at styling and picking clothes that hide my nipples when I need to be a “professional”

  15. Lol my concern with letting my boobs jiggle and nips free is people doing the exact opposite of averting their eyes! 😂

  16. I'm average chested at a 38B and I'm in the same boat, and although I don't particularly have any strong feelings about other people's decisions about bras, I feel vulnerable without one.

  17. I completely abandoned wearing them in high school. The way they press on my ribs causes anxiety. My boobs have been free for over a decade and I heavily recommend it. It took confidence to do so but I can’t wear bras.

  18. Same! Completely braless for 3 or 4 years now and it’s amazing. The feeling of being braless took some getting used to but I was motivated to normalize it haha

  19. For me, I hate feeling my body touching other parts of my body and a bra greatly reduces that sensation. That's actually one of the big reasons I'm working on getting down to a lower weight; feeling my rolls and folds touching can send me into a meltdown.

  20. Opposite, without compression I feel like I’m going to fall apart. I prefer tight sports bras. Even uncomfy ones are better than nothing.

  21. Used to hate them until I got into the right size. Now I wear them all the time, even to bed. They feel like a hug and neither the bras or my boobs move. No adjusting, no slipping straps, no boob slippage, no shoulder pain

  22. I hate bras with a burning passion. I changed to soft, cheap fabric bralettes from Primark and sometimes I go braless because thankfully my boobies are small so I won't get stares :)

  23. Does anybody here have sensory issues if they don’t wear one? I HAVE to wear a bra every single day and a very specific brand and kind. I can’t wear sports bras and bathing suits are extremely uncomfortable for me. Perhaps my chest is just abnormally sensitive but I can’t stand the feeling of my bare chest with ANY shirts. Anybody else?

  24. I am a trans woman. Pre-transition, used to think it was odd female family members didn't like wearing bras around the house.

  25. I literally cannot wear a bra, at all.. They freak me out. Makes my skin crawl. I hate bras! 😂 I tried to get used to wearing one when I was a teen but just couldn't do it. I tried sports bras, underwire bras, even tops with built in bras.. All are way too uncomfortable to me.

  26. I agree with you. They cause sensory overload so I just have learned how to hide the fact I’m not wearing one. Except for when I’m working out.

  27. I hate the feeling of sweat more than bras. So I usually wear a sports bra or bralette. I also have some wire free bras I’m fine with.

  28. I don't wear them. I can't anymore. They're so uncomfortable and even the softer/bralette types make my back hurt by the end of the day (and not from poor fit, trust me). This is easier in the winter when I can layer. In warmer seasons so far I'm trying out a "uniform" of a tank top or very lightweight short sleeved undershirt under a short sleeved button up or lightweight long sleeved button up. I wear loose "unisex" or more "masculine" clothing that obscures my figure and isn't tight enough to show nipple outlines.

  29. I hate not wearing a bra because my tits feel weird. If I run or jump, they even hurt without a bra. However, I only wear sports bras for years now and will never go back.

  30. I didn’t realize this bothered me so much until post-quarantine. Now I can only wear bralettes, and even those have to be off by the time I get home from work.

  31. Slightly off topic, but I’m a trans woman with ASD and I have struggled to find bras that both fit and don’t aggravate my sensory issues. I started a thread for bra reviews in case anyone is interested.

  32. I agree—the torture is not worth it. I’m a D and I am now only wearing bralettes, sports bras, or shirts with built in shelf-bras. That way I have the support and not feeling my boobs touch my rib area which I am very much not used to or interested in.

  33. D isn't a big cup size. Cupsizes are a ratio, and D simply means a 4 inch difference between underbust and bust, which isn't very big (cups go up to Z...) for example a 34 inch underbust and 38 inch bust = 34D. If you're considering a breast reduction, chance is your actually have a bigger cupsize. I would recommend to check out A brat that fits, they can also recommend bralettes.

  34. I hate feeling my boobs move around and don't like my nipples touching the less soft clothes fabric, so I cannot not wear a bra. They have been mildly uncomfortable once, but now that I know my proper size and shape they're fine. I wear a 28E in UK sizes as figured out through A Bra that Fits (to anyone interested, make sure to read the beginner's guide) and my favourite bras are from Comexim, a relatively cheap Polish brand. Padded seamed underwired bras.

  35. I will never wear a standard bra again. Sports bras are the ultimate experience for me; my chest is too large to go bra-less and be comfortable (sensory speaking it is worse) and the support/pressure gives me a soothing effect. I also like the look of them more.

  36. They have been a constant pain in my life. I'm scheduled for a breast reduction next month, and I'm so excited. I constantly feel like I'm wearing a straight jacket. I've also had a lot of body disphoria from it so I'm hoping it will help with that as well. I've developed spasms and nerve issues from how much strain the bigger size bras have. I feel my brain focuses on having that constant strain I'm ready to be done with it. It may be more prevalent because of my sensory issues.

  37. I’m the opposite. I can’t stand NOT wearing one, as long as it’s comfortable… and no straps art twisted. Thankfully I have several really nice bras now.

  38. I hate bra’s and wear them maybe once or twice a month as of late. Cotton bralettes are okay if I absolutely needed. For some reason corsets are okay because the pressure is evenly distributed(?) and more just generally structured then bras. So I guess I am on either extreme but “typical” ones are the worst.

  39. I don't wear them. They're too uncomfortable and after I read a study that they cause sagging because they atrophy the muscles that actually would naturally raise the breasts without bras I stopped wearing them entirely.

  40. I've kept those muscles in shape and "the girls" (36D, so not tiny) still look good even though I'm closer to 50 than 40, and I am a person who needs the feeling of a bra.

  41. they give sensory overload for sure. unless it’s a very high-end bra made to be comfy but even then it’s hard and im broke. unfortunately i also get sensory overload over my saggy breasts sometimes like underboob-sweat so it’s a struggle regardless of what i do >.<

  42. I like them as long as they don't have any underwire. I just bought a new one this week end, almost like a sport bra but not as strong, and made of very soft cotton. I don't feel it at all and it still supports me when I need to. Perfect

  43. I wear primarily sports bras and occasionally my real bra with certain shirt cuts. And when I’m at home that shit comes off and it’s a free for all!

  44. The right one is wearable during the day at work. Sometimes I need to wear one when going out in public, sometimes not. Depends on weather and what I'm wearing. Regardless, bra comes off when I walk through the door. Most of the time it can be found hanging on our downstairs bathroom coat racks because I will literally come in, take a shit and take bra and jeans off.

  45. I have absolutely HATED wearing them. Really hated them. But then I found out that I've probably been using the wrong sizes all along. So I went to the local store that sold underwear and asked for help to find the right size. It has majorly improved my use of them since.

  46. Depends on the day. I own probably 20+ bras. I have super padded push up ones. I have bralettes. I have non padded, wireless ones. I have non padded with wire. I have different styles of sports bras. And sometimes I just go braless. At work I prefer a structured bra but not too padded. I don't like the boobs to move around. Sometimes I like my padded ones cause they make me feel like I have boobs.

  47. I wear carefully chosen bralletes now, others make my spine ache. I still have my regular ones for dressing up to go to dinner.

  48. I hate them, but I'm quite big there so I have to wear one when I go out. I wear sports ones when I do go out, but I still feel constricted and uncomfortable. I also hate when the band starts getting damp with sweat and I have to feel that stuck to my skin, which is every time I go out because of agoraphobia.

  49. I use those crop top looking bras, similar to sport bras but softer material. I can't stand normal bras... They feel horrible. When i still used them, sometimes during sensory overloads i would try to rip the bra off... It would be embarrassing sometimes.

  50. I only like Trusst bras but they went out of business! I need the support, but regular underwire is honestly not enough and usually ends up stabbing me. I've started buying up any I can find online in my size.

  51. The feeling of my boobs flopping around without something is disgusting to me. Only time I'm not wearing a bra is when I'm showering. Bralettes for lounging, ActualBra™ for being out in public.

  52. I love my bras, I have bought the same model for the past decade. Before I found my bra, I thought that I hated all bras. This one is amazing, and I am far more comfortable with it than without it. I dread the day that they discontinue it or redo the patterns. I've probably owned 30 over the years.

  53. i love being free titty. i just need a tiny cover so my nips dont show at the grocery store and such. mainly why i wear baggy shirts and sweaters as a result

  54. I cant do wire bras. I wear sports bras at work and braletts in situations that need a bra. The wire bras press on my ribs and I cant stand it. Finding a good fit is impossible. I do feel in certain situations Id rather wear a bra than no bra because I need the support.

  55. I’m an F cup, and it is fucking impossible to find a bra that fits. I have recently quit wearing underwire bras, because they’re too painful. And the world of wireless doesn’t offer much support. I have the constant problem of having to adjust my bra, which is really irritating when you’re teaching a classroom of high school kids. But I can’t go braless or I’ll be in even more pain. It’s so difficult.

  56. Have you visited a bra that fits? F cup simply means a 6 inch (US size ) or 7 inch (UK size) difference between bust and underbust size. There's a chance you might need a bigger cupsize and smaller bandsize, and the people there know a lot of brands (and several of the mods are autistic themselves so they'll understand) There are also definitely wireless bras out there that are supportive, if they're the right size.

  57. I love them because feeling my skin is the worst, too sticky and smooth. I think there's a small gender dysphoria behind it, but mostly sensory issues.

  58. I haven’t worn a bra in over 5 years and it’s amazing!! Forever grateful for my small titties that don’t require support <3

  59. I only wear sport bras. But that also has to do because I'm a tomboy. Never cared for Victoria's secret sh¡t, these bras look mad uncomfortable.

  60. I wear wire-free bras that are a little on the thick side. I'm fat, so I get them from Lane Bryant, although I wore Just My Size for years. The particular bra I wear has a wide band at the bottom. I have a weird body shape or something, because if the bra band isn't digging into me from being too tight, the bra slides up during the day and the bottom of my boobs start sliding out and it drives me insane. It's especially a problem with underwire bras, but they are uncomfortable regardless. The wide band prevents this boob leak from happening and I don't have to have a tight bra.

  61. i stopped wearing bras years ago and now only wear a sports bra when i have to (work, things with family members) and it’s so uncomfortable the whole time. i think it’s a sensory thing, yeah

  62. Both bra's and braless give me (upper) back pain, I love wearing a binder, but my job is to fysical to wear them to work. So most days I stick with a sports bra and try to ignore the pain it gives me.

  63. I can’t wear sports bras or bras with cups. I prefer cotton bralettes, but even that’s ehhhh. I wish I didn’t have breasts to contend with.

  64. Same. Then I had a lung surgery and after that I couldn’t wear them for a while because I had surgery wounds/scars where my bra sits, and i just stopped wearing them altogether at that point. Almost 8 years ago and still not wearing bras. I hardly have an A cup so I don’t really need them too.

  65. I used to not wear bras but when I gained weight I had to find a solution. I found that cotton bras with no seems work best for me :) Of course that depends on your size, they might not hold quite enough if you have a bigger size. Though it has become easier to find tops that can fit bigger sizes also! Hope you can find a solution that works well for you :)

  66. I can’t stand not wearing one. Standing up and moving around without a bra physical hurts even though i’m on the small cup side. That said i’m very particular about the kind i wear. No wires, no itchy fabric, no shaped cups, etc. they’re almost binder or sports bra-like in a sense.

  67. a few years ago i found a holy-grail solution to this issue: uniqlo sells camis/tanks with built-in “bras,” and they are soooo comfortable. i wear them every day. i’m a DDD, and they’re perfect because they provide just enough support without being too tight and uncomfortable. they also miraculously don’t get smelly in the pits, which is great for folks who suck at doing laundry (me 💀.) since my boobs still sag a little in them, i just wear them when i have on looser tops like sweatshirts, which i do most of the time anyway. i’ve tried other cami tops and bralettes, but i keep coming back to uniqlo. would highly recommend for any others looking for that kind of medium-level support.

  68. I either wear bralettes or wireless bras. I don't like wired bras. It's been very hard to find something that fits.

  69. I wear certain bras depending on my mood, some days I want comfy but I have DDs and lost like 7 stone in weight so I get more sensory overload from not wearing a bra 😅

  70. I no longer wear them. I never liked them and only wore them because I thought it was what I was supposed to do, gotta follow the rules, ya know. But once I got past that bs, I realized I could stop wearing them and haven't looked back since. I believe it's been about 4 years now.

  71. Loathe entirely. I'd rather (and have worn) corsets because then the pressure is even around your whole torso instead of digging in creating those bra-lines from hell in my skin.

  72. I never wear one at home. When i go out, i wear a bralette bc my nips stick out when it's cold. I don't wear underwear at home either.

  73. I don't wear them ever because they do the same thing to me. I am lucky to have a C cup so I don't need the extra support but I know many people who use compression shirts, bralets or Brami tops, etc for the support they need without the digging, chafing, and pinching of a standard bra.

  74. I have small boobs but I can't stand to go braless because my nipples are really sensitive and when they rub against the shirt and poke out it drives me crazy

  75. I'm basically incapable. Whenever i wear a bra i feel like I'm having chest pains, even if it's so loose that it's useless. Luckily I'm small chested and instead get by just wearing tight ribbed tank tops under my shirts cause otherwise the sensory feeling of a loose shirt on my nips is HELL.

  76. Yeah, the pressure of the band makes me feel nauseous. I hardly ever wear them. If I do, normally it’s comfort ones similar to bralettes, but in sizes that actually somewhat fit me (though the “cup areas” are still always a bit small). Unfortunately they don’t make many comfort/bralettes for people with larger chests.

  77. When I was younger, and heavier, I wore a bra 24/7 idk why. It was like it didn't exist. But when I got older and my EDS got worse, and I couldn't stop losing weight, my ribs started getting inflamed ALL the time. Now I only wear one if I have to, like when I'm really active or with certain shirts, BUT I only ever wear bralettes or sports bras, no tight bands or underwrite. It's helped my ribs a lot. My boobs are on the bigger side so sometimes I have to just keep them contained lol I wish I could just let them hang free but they honestly get in the way. Edit: wanted to add some shirts that bother my nips so I have to wear a bra with them, like sweaters and things with thicker fabrics.

  78. To be honest I prefer no bra at all if possible and if I have to wear one I actually prefer sport bra or Walmart has bras that you can take the padding out and it actually comfortable especially the silk ones they have

  79. I stopped wearing all bras unless the shirt is see through then I wear a bralette. I was so shocked by how much more comfortable I felt after stopping

  80. Personally, having my boobs bounce around is sensory overload lol. Regular bras are just a little bit better. I typically only wear sports bras if I can get away with it.

  81. i wear NOTHING but i work with kids so i have to wear a soft stretchy and comfy sports bra or else ill knock myself out

  82. My girls are big, so going braless is out, and bras without lining ain’t it for me. I feel every little brush against my chest without lining to stop the sensation and it makes me so anxious.

  83. I don’t wear real bras I can only wear the training bra type things. I can’t do the underwire and prefer no padding which I can usually get away with since I have a 12 year old boys chest as a 23 year old woman lmao

  84. Bras piss me the hell off, even bralettes and sports bras. I have small boobs so I don’t wear a bra whenever I can get away with it.

  85. I don't like the feel of them but I don't like the way my boobs look without a bra. They are not small and perky and they sort of blend into my torso making me look like one big blob without a bra.

  86. One hour in an underwire bra and I get agitated…. never mind a push up 😖. I am obsessed with bramis, bralettes, and crop top workout tanks. I do like to wear a soft bra throughout the day though.

  87. I hate the jiggle, so I have to wear bras (in public at least). I wear wireless sports bras that have nice thick support straps with no metal adjustment things. I’ve actually been thinking about getting a binder (enby over here) but since I dislike wearing what I have, I’m not sure if the feeling of compression would be too much

  88. i own one bra and will never wear a bra again. honestly who doesn’t wanna see hard nips through shirts though ??? literally abolish bras please

  89. I hate them but have huge breasts and am afraid if I don’t wear them gravity will work against me so I suffer and wear them, even to sleep

  90. Don't sleep in your bra!!! It's SO BAD for circulation! And studies have shown that no matter how much you wear or don't wear a bra, breasts will sag with age... There are other factors a well... Genetics, weight gain/loss, posture, etc. And toning the muscles under the breast tissue (the pecs) is better to keep perky boobies than wearing a bra 24/7.

  91. I like soft bras. Weirdly feeling my nipple get closer to my stomach if I sit down or not sit up as high throws me off . I also do like the shirt rubbing on my boobs . I need like an added layer of protection . Almost every women I know like to free hang tho ! I just have sensitive nipples and it cringes me if they get rubbed my material

  92. My favorite bras right now are from Costco - DKNY seamless bra. They feel so nice, no wires, decent support, but I am pretty small chested

  93. i hate them. i hated them before my reduction, and i still do. not wearing a bra is freeing, and ive only bought bras recently because i dont wanna be jiggling at work LOL

  94. I avoid if at all possible. I hate them, they never feel comfortable and I am aware of them the entire time I have them on. Like a scratchy tight constant signal to my brain.

  95. I only wear sports bras and honestly sometimes I don't even wear those. My sensory issues are more noise related instead of clothing related, but underwire bras and certain types of shoes and socks really piss me off like nothing else.

  96. I cannot stand regular bras, so I wear soft bras. These super soft ones from Auden (Target) are what I go for. They are seamless and unlined, which really helps me because clasps are a big nope.

  97. I wish I didn’t have to wear them, but I’d rather not have my boobs flop around or my nipples poke through. I take them off as soon as I get home!

  98. I stopped wearing them. If guys don't wear them then why should I. I have a small chest though. Only one women mentioned it, no one else seams to care.

  99. OMG SAME !! I can’t believe this is a popular post 😭 I feel SO much better now knowing other people relateee I literally go CRAZY and touch sensitive to the fabric after wearing my bra half the day …the girls NEED to be free

  100. Honestly I hate going without. I only have a B cup but I like the feeling of having them tucked in where they don't bounce around too much or become sweaty or sticky.

  101. I have at least a dozen Hanes cooling comfort underwire free bras because they are absolute bra perfection and I actually prefer wearing them over not. I’m not huge but big enough that wearing one is more comfortable than not. Even when I’m lounging around since they’re just that good of bras. Though I wear sports bras to work so the straps don’t fall down with all my moving around ar my super active job.

  102. I only wear certain sports bras, but anything else or regular bras is a no go. I barely wear underwear unless I'm wearing a dress, but even then I just try to wear dresses long enough that I don't have to worry about flashing anything. Socks I BARELY tolerate, only if they fit "properly."

  103. In general, I do not like bras designed for appearance rather than function. Anything with scratchy lace, underwires, thin straps, narrow band, excessive lifting or squeezing together to create cleavage... just no.

  104. I tried wearing "real bras" in highschool because of peer pressure. It sucked. Sometimes I still miss the Look you get from padding and underwire, but I can't justify the discomfort. Now I wear soft bras from tomboy exchange in my day to day life and have been considering getting a corset for days when I want Boobs and a binder for when I don't.

  105. Personally, my boobs give me sensory issues because one is bigger than the other so bras help a little... It's a weird sensory problem to have considering it's MY BODY

  106. I wear standard full coverage underwire bras. In the size that works (38C), not the size Abrathatfits says (34DD). I do not want to need superhuman strength to do up a bra! I do not want to be crushed to death!

  107. Im a 38G, so my only real choices are to go out braless or with a proper wire/padded bra. I've gotten used to wearing bras all the time, my weirdness with them comes with not accepting change 🥴. So I'll often wear the same bra all the time and hardly wash it, which I know is terrible and gross but it is what it is at this point. Another thing about bras this big is that the band is really thick (mine has 4 clasps), so I'm always adjusting it because that big ass band will easily ride up into your armpits and that makes it really painful and a terrible sensory experience

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