1. ASD, ADHD, MDD, GAD, and CPTSD. We’re almost twins lmao. Only thing is I have amenorrhea. I have like 2 periods a year. Life is difficult

  2. I have the same combo of all of them, got a Mirena in and it has been a lifesaver for the PMDD and PCOS. I got lucky enough that it stopped my periods which means that a lot of my symptoms are gone! I hope you find relief from the chaos soon 💜

  3. No PMDD but I do have SAD (seasonal depression), SAD (social anxiety) MDD, GAD, and ASD/ADHD (still awaiting proper diagnosis for both). Why are us women struggling so much whenever change in environment/hormones happen? 😅

  4. I’m not sure if there’s a correlation and I’m not officially diagnosed with either, but a week or so before I come on I’m EVIL. Panic attacks, meltdowns, shutdowns, depressions, harming thoughts. I didn’t respect this was associated with ASD though. Hope you find a way to manage it, I haven’t yet!

  5. Have you tried birth control? Taking only the active pills has helped so much for me to stabilize my mood, and any of the mood swings caused by my PMDD are far less severe and more manageable.

  6. I was recently diagnosed when we realized that I became suicidal every month like clockwork. I had an IUD in at the time and once the diagnosis was made, it had to be removed, as any hormonal birth control method will worsen PMDD. Unfortunately I have SUPER heavy periods so I then had to have a uterine ablation.

  7. Two weeks of every month are just awful for me. I feel like a different person and fall so far behind because I’m so depressed. Then when my periods over i feel normal again and play catch up. I can’t take the pill cause it’s even worse. I recently started taking a dim supplement so I hope that will help.

  8. I realized this the other day. One week before my period I’m depressed and angry, the period week I’m tired and depressed. The week after I’m recovering from literally shedding an entire organ. Which leaves one week out of the month where I’m actually productive and bearable…

  9. Yuuuuup. 😭 The suicidal thoughts every month like clock work were what made me look into it more. Got diagnosed last year. Also started experiencing panic attacks the last 2 years which correlated with when my PMDD starts up every month.

  10. Same, I'm on antidepressants and feel a improvement for sure. The suicidal thoughts were always so heavy before.

  11. Yeah there is definitely a correlation. I haven't been diagnosed with PMDD, but often times on my period and right before I get incredibly angry, suicidal, and often times do rash things I shouldn't (I've ended relationships due to irrational PMS rage that I have regretted later). I don't know though, I already have mental health issues so I assume they just get exacerbated when I am on my period, cause I'm already hanging by a thread.

  12. What has your experience after the hysterectomy? What did it relieve, I’ve been so terrified of menopause becuase PMDD is so bad sometimes. And did your insurance cover it? How did you get it covered?

  13. PMDD is just freaking crazy. How is it that I have suicidal thoughts for days and then just like someone flipped a light switch, it’s gone?! I tracked mine and it would happen every other month which meant that I’d at least have one “good” month with non-suicidal bloat and cramps and all that goodness. The other issue I had consistently EVERY MONTH FOR YEARS was a yeast infection following every damn period. The only thing that has truly help me has been my Kyleena IUD. But don’t get me started on the trauma of having the old one remove and new one inserted.

  14. Kyleena has made my life so much easier. Used to have crazy cramps and take a stupid amount of pain killer before getting the IUD. Birth control helped for a few years but I just wanted something I could leave in me and forget lmao

  15. I recommend the book Period Power by Maisie Hill. She recently discovered that she is autistic, after years working as a menstrual health coach among many other things.

  16. I absolutely experience PMDD. Been tracking my moods and suicidal/self harming thoughts for years now, and it's always the week and a half before my period. The rest of the time I'm anxious and have my off days, but never feel that low.

  17. you’re literally me. i’ve suspected that im on the spectrum for a long time now and i was diagnosed with pmdd in early 2018. it feels like everytime i describe pmdd to someone neurotypical, they seem to not understand how hard periods are for me and how much i deal with. they seem to just say “oh ya mine are so bad too” and just change the topic onto how bad theirs get. it’s frustrating as hell

  18. I wonder if that's also similar to autoimmune conditions? Hidradenitis sometimes involves being sensitive to certain hormones, meaning flares before period.

  19. Yessss…. But all the doctors I’ve spoken with don’t seem to believe it actually exists??? They recommend bc which I can’t take (that’s why I had my tubes tied). I’ve been using an OTC supplement called “Female Complex”, it’s helped a lot! Keeps my hormones balanced a bit more, and reduces my homicidal urges (sarcasm,mostly). Also helps with those hormonal pain fail breakouts.

  20. Yesss. I take birth control for my pain. It goes so bad I’m throwing up and it’s hard to walk. I have depression, so right before my period starts, I always think I’m relapsing. I still sometimes get really depressed before my period

  21. Yes. Diagnosed with autism but doubt I could ever get one for PMDD because most doctors don't seem to think it exists. It only makes sense to me that my autistic difficulties of adjusting to change would extend to my hormones as well. Since I began taking a consistent dose of birth control (skipping inactive pills/taking active ones everyday), there have been noticeable improvements in my mood stability. Prior to this psychiatrists had me on a bunch of meds that only made me feel worse. I'm only taking birth control now and bad days are far more manageable and usually a product of stress, whereas without it I might feel uncontrollable anxiety, depression, or anger for seemingly no reason. I definitely have PMDD and there must be a correlation to autism.

  22. Suspected autism (hopefully getting diagnosed soon). PMDD diagnoses as couple years ago. It's 98% better since I went on chemical menopause with continuous HRT.

  23. I do! I was diagnosed when I was 14. It sucks because I had to go on birth control and I gained 20 pounds in 2 weeks :/ it did help tho

  24. I'm not sure if I have it. I have PCOS, so I have a lot of pain when I'm in PMS and during my period. I've also noticed I have about 1 week out of the month where I feel good and normal, and I am otherwise moody and have PMS symptoms 2 weeks before my period.

  25. I am self-diagnosed autistic (currently working through my professional diagnosis) and was diagnosed with PMDD in August 2021. It has been so debilitating for me, and I suspect it's more PME than PMDD due to other mental illness diagnoses that have come up since that time.

  26. I had really bad PMDD as a young person. Currently I am in perimenopause and cautiously watching the symptoms. But when I was young I used to get really ill, sometimes violently ill (vomiting a lot and such) and I would have a LOT of meltdowns when I had my period. My parents used to call me the "PMS Poster Child." I have also had other issues such as an ectopic pregnancy and bad preeclampsia when I was pregnant with my child. The blood pressure never regulated on its own and I still take meds 12 years later. So maybe there is some connection. I really don't know. I think we are just cracking the surface of how autism is connected to other things we experience.

  27. Yes, I believe I do have PMDD. It seems that every other cycle or so I feel excruciating emotional symptoms.

  28. i'm suspecting i have it!! my meltdowns happen more frequently about 2 weeks before my period starts. my mood is absolutely awful, along with energy levels and appetite. it makes existing feel even more painful than usual! i also believe my mom and grandmother both have it undiagnosed. my grandma is believed to be bipolar and my mom has also always had my same symptoms before her period starts. i'm trying to figure out the best way to go about treatment because ssri's scare me :(. i hope you figure out ways to help and wish you well!!!

  29. i forgot to mention that i'm on birth control and have been for almost 5 years now and it hasn't helped one bit, besides with my hormonal imbalances which is why i started it.

  30. Totally. All my life. Dopamine levels are hugely impacted by hormones. Ngl, I liked surfing my cycle and felt like a normal person for one week of the month.

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