1. Our dude has been eating Fromm’s Whitefish or Salmon dry kibbles and absolutely loves them. We had to move away from chicken because it was making him super itchy. Fromm’s is a hit in our house

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  3. I got a heeler puppy towards the end of July. The breeder I got him from was using Purina Pro plan. I currently have him on Natural balance chicken and rice for puppies and he loves it so far.

  4. My girl has been happy with Merrick limited ingredient salmon and brown rice kibble. She also has had problems with a chicken allergy and the accompanying digestive upset, so I like this formula because it’s a single source of protein, but WITH grain so I’m not worried about a DCM risk. Sometimes when she’s bored or has spent too much time inside she’s not interested in her food, so she’ll skip a meal here and there (but will always take treats 🙄), but she’ll pretty reliably finish her bowl of this stuff. I sometimes pair it with a couple spoonfuls of Merrick canned food (also a limited ingredient recipe, I think the protein is lamb) or an Orijen freeze dried disc, which she loves, and I haven’t really had any problems with food strikes anymore. She also loooves her wobble Kong toy and puzzle feeders, so I can feed her a meal from those with a high confidence she’ll eat it all.

  5. I second Merrick limited ingredient salmon & brown rice kibble! I often add veg and/or meat to the kibble when I’m cooking, or a scoop of plain yogurt on top to keep things interesting.

  6. Ours isn’t particularly picky, but she does like the stinky fishy foods the best. We feed her Wellness core whitefish, herring and salmon kibble and she gets salmon treats as well. The stinkier the better. It does give her fish breath though.

  7. Have definitely heard some intolerance to chicken might be an issue. It’s not as common as intolerance to beef but I’d give fish a try. Also I can’t tell if you’re using grain or grain free food (I know there’s a bit of debate about it) but if his current dry food has grain, check with your vet if he may be sensitive to it as well.

  8. My vet was telling me grain free can cause heart issues, so was looking for something with grains for sure. My trainer had suggested bone broth to mix in w the kibble and it worked for like a day and then she got sick of it. Toppers definitely on my list of things to try next lol.

  9. We’ve had really good success with Regal brand kibble (US Grains might be the actual brand and Regal is a type). Our super picky heeler latched on to this kibble and it was the only brand she liked, we could even switch up the flavors and she was happy. Only issue for us is that it can be hard to find in stores, we always have to order online.

  10. One of our dogs has a sensitive stomach, and we gave him purina EN (bland wet food, a little spendy but worth it) for a couple days before slowly mixing kibble back in. We give him Costco’s brand for dry food and his issues seemed to clear. We had him on grain free for a little bit and switched him back, no issue. I’m wondering if perhaps it’s a general sensitivity? Also you can mix water with the kibble to help “fill” them up / slow down eating which can also contribute to GI issues.

  11. fromm is our current dogs' favourite, they both scarf it down. they don't have any allergies or sensitivities, thankfully, so they're on the chicken a la veg recipe

  12. I’ve found it really difficult to find a chicken free puppy kibble (ours doesn’t like either of the Pro-Plan options and we’re not going to give her grain free). Ours has had diarrhea with the toppers we tried in order to get her to eat the Pro-Plan. We’ll have a lot more options when she’s grown though, so we’re just cycling through some with chicken to see if there are any that don’t make her itch or upset her tum. So far, she seems to be doing ok Royal Canin puppy food (we’re on day three).

  13. Annamaet Ohana is a chicken free puppy food that my ACD did great on! The company is family owned & operated and helped answer any questions I had

  14. Mine is very sensitive to foods. Chicken is on the no fly zone for her. Makes her sick, throw up, diarrhea. She has been on Nulo Cod that has no chicken by products. We also put a small scoop of Weruva steak frites in. She’s been eating this consistently for about 3 years now and she loves it.

  15. I use Wellness Ocean for my two and it's the only bag they've both agreed on. They also have "bowl boosters" or toppers, so I'll sometimes throw a few of those in there or split a 1/4 can of the Wellness wet between them to mix up their meals. Just make sure you gradually mix in whatever you end up going with so you don't put a ton of GI stress on her and keep her from eating period.

  16. Mine is also sensitive to some foods. She ends up having very loud stomach sounds and throws up. Switched to a prescription hydrolized protein diet through Royal Canine. She loves it and has maybe 1 episode every couple of months now. I stay away from chicken and grain free diets.

  17. My guy was always super picky about his food. He really likes Diamond Naturals- sold at Tractor Supply CO. We feed him either the beef or the lamb one. He actually finishes his bowl every day now! He used to just pick off/on for a few days and now he actually eats it all :-) my guy also has a sensitive tummy and the diamond natural has absolutely helped!

  18. We were on Purina Pro Plan for more than two years and were really happy with it, but lately it's out of stock everywhere and Amazon prices increased by $10 in one month. We are on our 2nd bag of Nutro Ultra and she's been pretty happy with it.

  19. Annamaet Ohana worked great for my ACD pup! She seemed to have a bit of chicken intolerance too and when I switched her to this fish diet everything cleared up

  20. Ive had my 2 yr old heeler on boiled chicken, fresh broccoli, olive oil, fresh herbs and oats since he was 8 months old. Turkey neck, sardines, and peanut butter for snacks. Occasionally a bison bone, which HE LOVES. (

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