1. My wife and I went to this church several times when we first moved here but stopped going cause the vibes we got were strange. We’ve met several other younger Christian couples that had a similar experience here.

  2. I started attending randomly last year and have gone roughly 10 times, I don't considered myself religious but my S.O. is and we both have been enjoying the experience. It seemed like a pretty loose group of young people, I'm curious what some of the red flags you observed were so I can reevaluate our Sunday mornings.

  3. when are parents going to realize it could be massively abusive to send their children to an institution that demonizes non-binary genders & homosexuality, particularly if one of their children belongs to one of those groups?

  4. So, this specifically is for Red Rocks Church. The tagged message clearly states Red Rock Church. It doesn’t really matter to me either way. I don’t follow religion. I’ve found it, historically, to be an excusable tool which can be used to kill a shit ton of people, for reasons that make no reason. The world is not black and white. I agree with having a moral compass, empathy, understanding, and compassion. But not at the lessons of a novel that isn’t even allowed to be completely in text because the church, pope, speaker of the house for God says so. One rule to live by. Don’t be an asshole.

  5. Damnnnn, thank you. Man I wish the Bible said Jesus was bisexual. Or a bi-woman. And I’m straight. I just want equal rights for all.

  6. But abuse is an action or inaction. This is a philosophy. Does anybody know of which action or inaction the person might have been referring to?

  7. Seems nauseatingly verbose but at least diplomatic, at least as far as some churches can be. Some can be genuinely mean and hate-filled, downing on trans and people they disagree with and so forth. Like the Westboro Baptists with “God Hates Fags,” “God Loves Dead Soldiers,” “God Hates You,” etc. signs.

  8. I agree with your first statement but I disagree that water is wet. It makes things wet, yes, but it itself is just water. I wouldn’t say look at that wet water. I’d just say look at that water.

  9. That's like saying most jobs under capitalism are exploitative. Some are slavery, some are war crimes, some just lack healthcare benefits.

  10. Every hierarchical system will have predators and psychos using it to take advantage of those below them. Churches are just one gross example that is all over the place and clear to see.

  11. Yeah pretty much. The church I went to growing up called itself "an open church" but would teach that homosexuality is wrong and that god would sent gays to hell in our teen class.

  12. My "Red Rock Church = Abusers" graffiti has people asking a lot of questions already answered by my graffiti.

  13. This is very weird to me. I grew up semi-religious (not baptized nor church going outside of holidays, but both parents Catholic) and within the last few months have really developed a relationship under Christianity and started “sampling” non-denominational churches here, RRC being one of them but not where I stayed. I am in my early twenties, have met several people 20-30s from RRC, who to me as a newer and more private Christian seemed very normal from an outsider’s perspective.

  14. I mean maybe this is true, maybe someone has strong but misguided feelings. We don’t know. I do know that many words that once had strong connotations have been watered down to mean “something I don’t like”. Maybe this is that.

  15. Tabernacles = abusers Mosques = abusers See how gross this is? Stop it. If there’s abuse going on call it out obviously. But slandering peoples’ faith is bigoted and gross.

  16. i've never heard of red rock church before. thanks for posting, OP. if i ever meet someone who says they're a member i'll recognize the red flag.

  17. I hate to break this to you, but all Christian based churches run the same way an abusive husband runs. "You're nothing without me." "I can make or break you". "You should be happy your child is dead because they're in a better place". There are so many actual biblical quotes that if an abusive husband said this and it was used in court, he'd be royally screwed.

  18. And now the Protestants are fighting interracial marriage, criminalizing abortion, abusing gay and trans people, teaching creationism, attacking birth control, lying about global warming, and starting global wars to steal oil and mineral rights because God told them to, so... how's that revolution working out?

  19. I’d take it a step further and paste copies of it all over that wall and spray paint the message over the copies. Leave no room for interpretation

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