1. I come from a mixed family and I’m still here! Not sure where people are getting this false belief that we will somehow disappear by marrying other ethnicities.

  2. Lol xenophobic? I missed that one. Nothing wrong with wanting to marry within ourselves. We have the weird luxury of worrying about our complete identity annihilation if we don’t. Unlike other identities that number in the tens/hundreds of millions. And you can’t equate “well there are other Christians also”. We want to marry Assyrians to produce ASSYRIANS. Religion is ultimately faith and a choice. We shouldn’t water down our identity over religion.

  3. Still not understanding this “complete annihilation” talk. When Saint Patrick’s Day rolls around, people proudly celebrate their sliver of Irish ancestral blood.

  4. Anyone who considers us "xenophobic" because we want to merry within our own culture is a racist, plain and simple. If we're xenophobic for that reason, then every culture out there is the same. That being said, I'm not gonna hold it against someone if they want to merry an outsider. After all marriage is a personal thing, and if you fall in love with someone and you think they're a good life partner, God bless.

  5. Wanting to marry within your culture is not xenophobic, but ostracizing those that choose to marry non-Assyrians is not only xenophobic, but it’s also horrendous and unacceptable behavior in the 21st-century.

  6. Those people who accuse us for being xenophobic as if they aren’t xenophobic themselves and their own kind to others. They forgot how others in our region and outside for centuries treated us with racism discrimination and genocides and deportation, starvation, raping and killing , mas force conversions and assimilation into other ethnicities to the point we became a whole minority native Americans are a Minority in their own lands due to colonizers like white European Anglo Saxon who raped genocided millions how a nation bigger than us even is only 6 million today? They forgot how they treated native Americans and indigenous people of America native Americans were said to be 60-100 million people now they are a minority POC like us we Assyrians were 40-50 millions we lost millions of our people they never were in our shoes back home in our native lands how horrible we lived in our native villages etc and the xenophobic we was treated by our neighbors who weren’t Assyrians they don’t know the shit indigenous Christians of Middle East have gone threw in general.yeah those white folks aka British came to our genocide in Iraq Simele massacre and backed out cause we are indigenous and let the government with other donkeys in our lands to continue massacring us.

  7. The more I have learnt about Mandeans, the more I feel sorry for them. Both of us have been forced into the diaspora but unlike us, they are only in the tens of thousands and are scattered in little communities. We are both fighting to survive but while we have the numbers, share faiths with our neighbors and have created large diaspora communities and even when intermarriages occur (which honestly isn't that often) with a group like Italians, the children and spouse are welcomed and integrated into our community. But with Mandeans, they are only allowed to marry within and aren't that many to begin with

  8. Can we also talk about how so many Assyrians are shothanayeh (tribalist), and are prejudiced towards other Assyrian millats, which prevents different kinds of Assyrians from marrying each other in diaspora? To complicate that further, there are some Assyrians who wouldn’t marry an Assyrian from a different church sect. The most ridiculous example I know of is when a guy from the Ancient Church of the East broke up with a girl from the Assyrian Church of the East because they were from two (very) slightly different churches. There are also Assyrians who wouldn’t date or marry an Assyrian from a country of origin different from their own.

  9. Yes, though that instances are now becoming lesser than previous generations , I am certainly against this tribal infighting amongst Assyrians. We are Assyrians first, then only religion and Tribes. That too these tribes are only a feature in Hakkari, and not whole of Assyria. Also not to mention religious tribalists that create more divisions in our community.

  10. i'm assuming this is directed at me? our people are quite racist and bigoted. discuss our community with any other group in detroit for example, albanian, black, arab, mexican, whatever, and the first thing they'll note about us is how bad our racism is. it's a problem. so is dealing with the vestiges of colonization. so is dealing with generational trauma from the genocides and massacres. so is struggling with the loss of our ancestral lands and balancing assimilation in foreign lands. in some cases, there are reasons that the xenophobia exists - like being victims of genocide - that's a pretty good reason for resentment. but, just because someone killed your brother doesn't mean a revenge murder is OK, even if people understand you had a good reason to do it.

  11. 100% YES!! Although I’ve heard a steady stream of racism at every family gathering and knew about tragic stories of my family disapproving of mixed marriages, it didn’t hit home until I married a non-Assyrian. Even then there was a slow learning curve for me to fully understand what was going on. So I jumped on Reddit to see if other families have had similar experiences.

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