1. My partner used to be really confused about why I did that and thought it was by accident. She would always tell me it looked weird and would try to fix it for me. Then her boobs grew and now I catch her doing it all the time. She understands now.

  2. I'm sitting here giggling as I sit topless in bed (it's insanely hot where I live right now), with the comforter under my boobs as a barrier.

  3. Ah yes I call this the whooshing method. I developed this technique in the early 2000s due to a long term partner who shamed me for my flatulence. I was always gassy after dinner. Our routine was we would lay on the couch under a blanket after dinner and watch TV. When I would feel one coming on I would slowly and discretely spread the cheeks. If it was a particularly powerful spicy one I found that if you place a finger over the underwear directly on the "valve" and slowly release the pressure out it would not create a clap but rather a whoosh that could not be detected underneath a blanket. Now I live alone. The happiest I have ever been. In my own apartment where I am free to fart at my leisure.

  4. I mean, I’ve had THE loudest and most manly farts my whole life and somehow I’ve never heard this. Could have saved me from some embarrassing moments in college and my twenties.

  5. I was once very frustrated with a roommate (my cousin) not emptying the dishwasher in a timely manner. I’m sure there were other things going on at the same time. I “made” a YouTube video of how to quickly and properly empty the dishwasher. It got out a lot of frustration and I could be super sarcastic.

  6. Lol I don't do it to the mirror, but when I'm cooking or cleaning, absolutely. Or make up fake dialogue with for the stories I'm writing and have half of that conversation.

  7. Extremely accurate. I do something similar where I turn on the tv and play music videos on YouTube and dance/sing along having whole concerts and music videos. I call this game WORLD TOUR, it's my favorite! 🥰 And I'll act along/provide my own commentary during movies. I bet my neighbors think I'm having guests over all the time when it's really just me and my tv 🤣 I'm 35 but feel forever 15 and loving it.

  8. Grabbing my boobs or underarm cause warm, touch my down there from time to time to check how it smell, see how my butt skin look like through mirrors(its a struggle), doing live concert on my room until I drenched with sweat, stare at mirror for long time especially at night cause for some reason we look extra cute at night. I have so many..

  9. I cannot stare at myself in a mirror at night for too long or I start thinking of ghost shit. Too many nightmares involving mirrors and whatever scary movie I saw that day.

  10. I take pictures of food I make all the time (even when it's something simple), and I feel like I'm just being some lame food blogger or something. But for whatever reason, it encourages me to eat and be healthier

  11. Wait, why smear hair on the shower wall if you wash it down the drain anyway? I thought the point was so you could put it in the trash after and avoid clogged drains?

  12. Girl, I will literally put a tampon in ANYWHERE. Passenger seat of my boyfriends truck? Insert tampon. Parking lot? Insert tampon. School stairwell (I was certainly alone for this one tho)? Insert tampon.

  13. I’ve lived alone for a long time and I realized that if I have anyone else live with me I’ll have to be more cognizant of where I insert my tampons and get dressed lol

  14. I do this too. Not to anyone who exists in real life, just someone I argue and chatter with non-stop. Usually they have a southern US accent, which i attempt with all my heart. I am British.

  15. I have had so many arguments with my husband in my head. He will look at me and ask...so who won? in real life. It was usually him.

  16. I do this all the time driving! Often emotional dumping just to say it out loud but pretending someone is there responding back to me. Always end the conversation with ‘I should really see a professional about this’ so idk what that means

  17. I do that in public. Bump into a door. Excuse me. Pole wasn't there a second ago.. you stupid pole. Car has a flat tire on the way to work... Fuck you stupid ass tire. You could've waited til I got there.

  18. I was absolutely mortified when I learned that nipples grew hair. I found out when I looked in the mirror and saw them just chilling out, being all hairy and stuff. Finding out that women also get nipple hair had honestly made me a lot less insecure about it lol

  19. I've spent a lot of today lifting up my skirt in front of a mirror and looking at the side view of my arse to see if it's getting bigger 🤣

  20. I didn't realize I was doing this in class one day until I saw the horribly uncomfortable look on my professor's face when HE realized what I was doing. (Sorry Terry)

  21. I do this on my desk at work it's probably not that good for my back but it makes my shoulders feel better stupid heavy big boobs

  22. Pretend I am living another life as I go to sleep. One night, I could be a queen. Another, vampire slayer. Or that I am an added character in whatever book I am reading.

  23. I've created my own world in my head. Helps me go to sleep. I also do this when I'm bored. I live in my head a lot

  24. Since I was a teenager, I imagine someone holding me while I fall asleep. I’ve been single for most of my adult life, and I’m fairly certain I’ll never find my “person,” but I still imagine that to help me doze off at night.

  25. This is a habit I picked up as a kid. I had terrible nightmares as a kid (well all the way up until adulthood until I went on anti anxiety meds) and as a way to ease myself into sleep I would day dream myself to sleep. As a result I accidentally taught myself to lucid dream.

  26. One of mine is that I hate showering in the morning so I only shower at night. But if I wake up and want to wear a dress I’ll do a quick shave of my underarms and legs in the sink.

  27. My mom just grabs a towel and a bowl of water. She will get her hands wet and then her legs, shaving cream and boom. Fresh shaved legs without a shower. My roommate saw me do this and was like “wtf are you doing”

  28. I think I spent approximately four years of my adolescence sitting in my sink doing the same things. It was also ideal for plucking my eyebrows lol. I guess I’m teaching my kids to do it too because when they want to be close to the mirror I put them in the sink 😂

  29. That’s so funny I used to sit on my sink every day to do my makeup when I was a teenager / early twenties… I guess I stopped at some point and just never realized until this comment 😂

  30. I thought this was how life operated. But I won't mime, I belt. Kids caught me a few times and I just keep going and add them into the song and dance. It is the norm around here.

  31. Shave my face to get rid of all those little hairs. I mean I do my whole body anyways, but I never hear about chicks shaving their face lol

  32. Spending a sick amount of time squeezing out my ingrown hairs on my legs after shaving. It’s sooo satisfying it’s basically a problem for me. I love hunting them down and finding a good one that pops the entire hair out with minimal damage.

  33. I sleep naked I when I get out of bed in the morning I start cleaning up my kitchen and vacuuming my floor and putting laundry in and folding towels and stuff before I get dressed pretty sure there are others out there that do that too! Anybody???

  34. Samesies. Recently I’ve converted my boyfriend who I live with into a naked sleeper as well. So we’re nude until he has to get dressed for work.

  35. Aim a fan at the downstairs on a hot summer day while changing. Omg, its so refreshing cause its get so hot down there even with cotton panties

  36. I had a Mazda 323 back in the 80s that had an AC vent right at crotch level. I used to hike up my skirt and let it blast cool air down there. Called it my crotch cooler.

  37. Oh my god I'm so dumb I was thinking "why don't you have a ceiling fan downstairs in the first place? We have one in every room" ... Then it hit me 😬

  38. Talk to myself. Like, not full-blown conversations, but little things like "hang on, gotta pee", "guess I better get moving for the day", or "time for dinner!". There's literally nobody to hear me but the cats, but I just don't like long periods of complete silence, and saying something helps to punctuate those moments somehow.

  39. I have a lot of nice lipsticks that I don’t have an “occasion” to wear, so I put them on by doing really glam and extravagant makeup looks… and then I hop in the shower and wash it all off pretty much immediately

  40. I do my own self "tests" with new products or ones I haven't worn much. Just walking around the house with a random lip product on to see how it wears or if I really like the color on me.

  41. Yes! Was waiting for someone else to say this. George on Seinfeld copped shit from everyone when he confessed this and all my girlfriends think it is gross.

  42. Sometimes I just go to my fridge and take small bites of everything for a meal. A bite of ice cream, then some kimchi, then maybe a pickle, or one bite of shepherds pie. I love it. I always have plenty of food, I just love the variety of tastes one right after the other.

  43. I do this right after a grocery run, especially when I’ve bought things I’m excited to try for the first time. Are almond butter and pickled beets palatable together? No. Am I going to eat them within seconds of each other anyway? You bet your ass I am!

  44. Omg, I actually thought I was so weird for doing this lol. I’ll flex one cheek and then the other and just do that very rapidly. Always have, idk why.

  45. 😭 do this a bunch, never really thought about it, and just recently moved in with my partner. He (jokingly) makes fun of how often he catches me doing it. It just feels Right somehow I can’t help it 💔

  46. When I’m too lazy to do laundry and need a clean pair of underwear, I just put a pad on a dirty pair and I’ll just switch pads until I do my laundry

  47. Talk to my imaginary friends and have full blown stimulating intellectual conversations, I also have deep heartfelt ones too.

  48. Talk to myself as if I’m being interviewed or making a video it helps to get thoughts out. I touch myself down there while laying on the couch or just relaxing. Sometimes to check if it smells good but sometimes just out of security.

  49. When its really hot out, I go up to the AC and hold my boobs up to cool off the underside. It feels amazing.

  50. Put my headphones on (because Imma be walking around the house and need the music to be all-around loud) and pretending I make musicvideos with the music I listen to.. so it’s alot of awkward mirror-watching where I just sing and dance and all the weird stuff.

  51. Sometimes when my SO & child aren’t home - I’ll put on something that makes me feel sexy & have a full on pleasure session with myself - I don’t mean a quick O, more like 30 min to an hour to get myself worked up before I’ll allow myself to come.

  52. Don't tell me no one else (including men) occasionally tries out new outfit, hair, and makeup combinations at home and gets into "character"

  53. This is when nobodies home and I know the neighbors are gone during the day but I open my window, blinds and bedroom door and air dry after showering. The nice breeze while fully nude is nice

  54. i look a lot at my abs every time i walk by the mirror. its to calm my insecurities. i feel fat sitting down.

  55. I sometimes like to pose in front of the bathroom mirror while the shower is warming up and pretend I’m a painter’s muse from the 1890’s

  56. My hand is almost always in my pants when I’m just laying down relaxing or watching something. Either playing with my cute little pubes or just resting between my legs for comfort lol

  57. This thread is everything. Currently trying to comfort my dog during a thunder and lightning storm in the middle of the night. Reading these posts has made me laugh and chill right out. Love it. He's doing much better now.

  58. Small boobs here, never knew this was a thing! But I hate when my skin touches my other skin so I always wear pajama pants to bed, and if it’s too hot for them I stick a pillowcase between my thighs.

  59. I tell the dog what he is having for dinner like he is at a semi-fancy restaurant.. “And for tonight, we have a vegetable-based kibble seasoned with a pumpkin reduction.”

  60. Have whole conversations out loud with facial expressions and any necessary emotions (crying, anger, etc.). I feel like it’s probably normal/common…but also that if my neighbors happened to look in a window they’d think I was crazy 😂

  61. I found out yesterday that most woman think about having sex to get them to go to sleep. I thought I was the only one, I’m normal after all. Never thought to ask another woman this.

  62. Smell my underwear… I really like the way my kewchie smells, and I feel like most vaginas have that vagina smell to them but they’re all slightly different🧍🏻‍♀️

  63. I don't flush every time I pee. I'll flush like every 3 or 4 times or if I poop. I feel that flushing all the time is a waste of water, especially if I don't pee a lot. But I think housemates/SO/family would be grossed out.

  64. The amount of odd hairstyles I use to keep my hair out of my face, my hair goes down to the middle of my back, so needles to say It gets in my way more then you might think. It’s not uncommon to walk in on me with my hair in a Cindy loophole hairstyle while cleaning.

  65. Honestly the reason I made this thread was because I’ve been seeing a lot of subs for women that are literally all about being shitty to other women. I just wanted to make a thread that could bring us all together.

  66. I cannot be the only woman alive who sits around reading a book or reddit and finds herself absentmindedly playing with her belly hair or leg hair or whatever. I'm like "why? I didn't even like that I have this hair. Why is this soothing?" And then I just stop questioning it and continue cause it feels nice. Please tell me I am not alone. I have to believe there are many of us.

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